Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Housing benefit why some of us can sleep at night and some can't

why are we still payingMost of us accept that housing benefit above a certain level is untenable however some air-head liberals have no qualms and consider there is no limit.

Spotted in the Metro London's free daily paper was this story of a family put up in a £2.5 million home, according to the report although this accommodation was temporary the family could now return to their original home, but appear reluctant. I wonder why? why they don't return home and why I pay taxes to fund this sort of nonsense.


  1. Divide and rule is a favourite trick of the establishment. If we want to frustrate our controllers we should not care too much about such blatant examples of this ploy being exercised.

    Much more serious is the impending global depression, by design of course, which threatens to decimate huge swathes of the world's population and could quite easily lead to world war, at least, that is the plan...

  2. At last someone else who can see through all the claptrap being deliberately put out there to confuse and distract people.

    Talk about smoke & mirrors , its more like thick smog.

    To the rest, at least take a good long look and listen to these outstanding gentlemen, if you dont want the truth then theres not much hope. And you might as well go back to watching Ann Widdie-com prancing around a dance floor.


  3. Leaving aside the world wide conspiracy theories for a moment....what you say is true Tony, not in this specific sense, but in the sense of fury expressed by people on the doorsteps during the election campaign earlier this year. The most common complaint was from the groupof people who work hard, are just outside the help of benefits, and asked why they should work and pay taxes to fund others, non contributory life styles. The Labour answer to this seemed to be to extend reliance on benefits to more and more people, on hbigher and higher incomes, so they got advantage from the system. But the truth is we all cannot take out; there has to be a balance between those who take out and those who put in. Where the line is drawn, and who wins and who loses is what is happening now. To make working always better than not working is a pretty good starting point, in principle, and refusing to pay over the top to support those who do not work, and thus contribute, is a pretty good follow up position.

  4. Chris, I can understand that hardworking people would be angered by this Islamic surnamed lady living in the lap of luxury for free, but that is precisely the intention.

    This is nothing but cheap propaganda designed to stir up Islamophobia in the hope of gaining public support for further intrusions in the Middle East. A more extreme and costly example of this happened in London in 2005 and is about to be re-examined by the high court. Not that we will be any nearer to hearing the truth of what really happened that day.

    What is happening right now in Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq is most definitely not "conspiracy theory".

  5. It is better for people that can to work but with 13,000 not working in Thanet for one reason or another its difficlt to see where this amount of jobs are going to come from.
    An expanded airport may create hundreds, a few more shops a few more hundreds, Turner led tourism maybe another hundred. Anybody got and ideas?

  6. It really boils down to what constitutes a civilised society combined with a balancing of books.

    Of course, a country should care for its aged, infirm and abandoned young. It makes sense to offer support to people who temporarily find themselves out of work through no fault of their own. The operative word, however, must be temporarily for it cannot be right that some able bodied people live on such benefits for years.

    Forget all the conspiracy nonsense and Islamophobia introduced by another commentator. There are plenty of examples of indigenous British families living in relative luxury on benefits. One such was recently reported in Anglesey where the father gave up his £30,000 a year job because they found they were able to live better on benefits. That has to be nonsense.

    A country also has to balance its books and cannot continue indefinitely paying out more than gets in. This holds even more true if the harbingers of impending global recession are to be believed for, it was because we did not boost our reserves during the good years that we suffered so badly when recession came.

  7. Anon of 0959, I was very careful to link my comments to the general response on the doorsteps, which had, in my memory no Islamaphobic links. If there were any links to race, eastern europeans came in for most comment, because they tend to be the dominant visible group in our area.

    It would be wrong to confuse racism with the general point of working people's anger at those who, in their view, play the system.

    Other commentators are right, in the sense that right now there may not be enough jobs out there. However, if the majority of people on benefits had a part time job, with a reduction in benefit entitlement would we all be better off? In a crisis, dont we have to really think the unthinkable? Its a crisis simply because the only thing which is absolutely clear to all is we cannotgo on as we are....

  8. Perhaps I should have just left it to Laura......

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    .by Laura Sandys on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 2:37pm.Laura Sandys MP highlighted the real struggle that low income families in Thanet face during a debate on Housing Benefits in Parliament.

    Thanet has the second highest number of low paid workers and throughout the election, Laura met a lot of families on low wages who highlighted the injustice of them putting in a hard day’s work whilst others seem better off on the dole. In a bid to put an end to this unfairness, Laura pledged to stand up for the hard working people of Thanet and put an end to the previous system.

    Laura pressed the Government to ensure that never again will we have a system where it does not pay to work. During the debate, Laura stated:

    “It has taken a lot of courage to address housing benefit. It has not been done early enough, but the coalition can now deal with what has become a ludicrous and highly inflationary system.”

    “The current situation has fundamentally distorted housing in my area. The average wage in Thanet is £17,000 and housing benefits for the unemployed stand at more than £8,000 a year. Most working families cannot compete in that market.”

    “Our system is broken. Those who want to work know that work does not pay. Those who work get less than those who claim and those who do not work often receive the most.”

  9. what a load of Yah-Bull-On for all those non practising freemasons out there if there is such a thing

    how many people are still being bullied in our universities/schools/colleges by the cp brigade ?

    maybe Cllr Chris wells would be so kind as to answer this one ?

    yes divide and rule, slight of hand call it what you want all that happened is one puppet has been replaced by two CON/DUM's

    wouldnt it be better if all the mp's involved in the expenses scandal were imprisoned for fraud as anyone else would be and the money paid to these parasites put back into the community then we could all sleep better at night ?

  10. Chris, perhaps I worded my response incorrectly, I did not mean to imply that anyone was angered because this woman had an Islamic name. My point being, that splashing such an article across the front page of a commuter daily is the kind of underhanded tactic used by the powers that be, to create division, in this case racial/religious. Of course, like you, I hope that most people will not buy it, and your evidence points to the fact that not many do.

    It may have escaped some people's attention, but there is an ongoing military campaign spreading across the Middle East. This is documented in some very old white papers, available on-line, as being an integral part of the plan for a New World Order, a global corporate fascist government under the direction of a few, very well heeled, psycopaths.

    Folks we are in *SERIOUS* trouble and only by enlightening ourselves to this hideous global agenda do we have any hope of a future for ourselves and our children.

    The lead up to the second world war was almost a carbon copy of what is happening now. Aside from the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank and Nixon removing the dollar's gold backing, Bill Clinton's repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act has put us on this current path of destruction. That act was put in place after the Great Depression to keep the gamblers away from high street banking, Clinton got rid of it in the '80's and look where we are now; there is an estimated 1.4 quadrillion dollars of derivatives debt being stuffed in the proverbial 'kitchen drawer' and out of sight by the powers that be. It is only a matter of time before this debt will come back and knock the global economy for six.

    The global money supply has been deliberately reduced by 40% since the 2008 'credit crunch' for no other reason than to cause a depression; in the 1930's depression that contraction was a mere 33% and look what happened then. At least in the Great Depression, a great number of people were rural and in touch with the land, but still a great number starved. How would we survive today, when almost everyone lives in urban areas and has no clue how to grow food.

    Sure, there is plenty of money being printed but it is not being released into the economy, rather it is being used by the insiders to buy up failing banks and businesses and to consolidate everything into the hands of the few; a corporate dictatorship, in other words.

    If you rely on the good old BBC to keep you abreast of what is happening in the world, I urge you to consider looking elsewhere. George Orwell's 'Ministery of Truth' was in fact born of his time working for this establishment during the last war, his book 1984 is a chilling warning of what the establishment have in store for us. We can prevent it if we educate ourselves and push back against what at first sight may seem a formidable foe, but is in fact made up of an army of creepy, inept, but devious control freaks.

  11. In that case, Chris, I am pleased that people are not buying it. The public really are a lot more sophisticated than our controllers give them credit for. Bluenote excluded, of course. ;-)

  12. Bluenote

    Re Conspiracy theory.

    Strange how some people seem to know the big picture whilst ignoring the small detail.

    Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and it is also a time one of the few remaining allaged perpetrators of the holocaust is involved in legal proceediongs in Hungary. He is suing the head of the Simon Wiesenthal organisation. A case to watch. All the more topical as we remember those whose sacrifice secured our freedom.

    Another case to watch is the Ballymurphy massacre case attempt to obtain a retrospective Article 2 Inquest.

    These two cases share an historical context. Starting if you will with Aims of Industry 1942, the plans to absorb SOE in MI6 1944, the creation of stay behind networks in Europe postwar, the Unison Cttee for Action, GB 75, The Bilderberg conferences, Operation Clockwork Orange, The Force Research Unit, Hail Force, T Force, Operation Paperclip, the Vatican ratlines for escaping nazis.

    Say it one submission and it attracts the label conspiracy theorist.

    But those small parts of the context in which I was charged with duties, the fact is in trying to access open court I was helped by two figures of anon's hated "Establishment" Roger Evans MP (Tory minister and barrister) and Jonathan Aitken MP (In spite of his alleged Pinay Circle connections)

    Who refused to get involved ? Huw Edwards MP and Stephen Ladyman MP.

    So it was two tory MPs who stood for the pursuit of determination of truth in open court and two labour MPs who dodged the column.

    Go figure.

    Life can be full of surprises like this week Gerry Adams appearing on board with the idea of the 11 Royal Marines murdered at Deal Barracks 1989 also having a retrospective Article 2 Inquest.

    On the subject of rented property there is confidence emerging at Bolton I think because a new housing assn is buying up derelict ex council housing and renovating. The idea of a national private landlords tenant's reference service appears to have achieved an 80% reduction in anti social behaviour without a social worker or copper in sight ... merely by imparting the reality that if an antisocial tenant gets evicted they will face troubles in conning their way into another tenancy.

    Cameron has a huge problem to sort out and it is folly to deny it.

  13. Retired

    As you addressed your comment to me I will respond but let me start by saying that you always impress with the extent of your detail and research.

    I do not dispute that there are official cover ups from time to time though I would suggest that they are less frequent since the Freedom of Information Act. Perhaps, what concerns me more is how some of our elected MPs seem to feel they are somehow above the law.

    We have had those charged with expenses offences seeking to claim parliamentary privilege whilst, in the Woolas case, many MPs seem to be questioning the right of the judges in the matter. It has dangerous potential, not disimilar to some of those third world regimes we criticise, when the law makers seem to wish to exempt themselves from compliance with those very laws.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, I probably have more faith in our democracy than you appear to show and I think those that offend its principles are in the minority.

    I most definitely concur your final statement that Cameron has much to sort out. Let us hope he is afforded the time and space to do so.

  14. Strange how all these advocates of the peoples insight into the establishment conspiracy, all hide behind anonymous labels. Could it be fear of the knock on the door by 'big brother' if they identify themselves in any way or, is it just because there are more cuckoos than normal in Thanet!

  15. This is a bit rich coming from someone who is hiding their identity or are they also afraid of a knock at the door from taser carrying state officers, nothing to be afraid of there then !

    ‘Strange how all these advocates of the peoples insight into the establishment conspiracy, all hide behind anonymous labels. Could it be fear of the knock on the door by 'big brother' if they identify themselves in any way or, is it just because there are more cuckoos than normal in Thanet!’


    ‘Notwithstanding the foregoing, I probably have more faith in our democracy than you appear to show and I think those that offend its principles are in the minority.’

    I don’t think they are in the minority

    Students Riot In London, Storm Tory Headquarters

    Have you seen the signs saying Tories put the ‘N’ in “cuts”

  16. Supreme court rules expenses MPs must face trial

    Highest court in UK dismisses argument that expenses issue should be covered by parliamentary privilege rather than legal system


    very interesting in that ONLY 3 have been hung out to dry

  17. Isn't it wonderful! A relative handful of left wing extremists, wearing face masks, use the cover of an otherwise peaceful student demonstration to create mayhem and suddenly this is indicative of the impending peoples rebellion.

    Even the Labour party have disowned these people and, if I might quote from Luke Akehurst, Labour NEC member, 'not all the enemies of the Labour movement are on the right.'

    As to the advocates of the forces of facism taking over the world, have they not noticed a place called China. A massive, fast growing economic and military giant which, last time I looked, is about as far from the extreme right as you can get.

  18. Very placid and reserved police force operation , I suppose it wouldnt have looked good if they had tasered and beaten middle case children who may have along with their parents voted Tory only a few months ago.

  19. Forget all your left-wing-right-wing tory-labour nonsense, there is only one ism and that is FASCISM.

    Today's China is a product of the same forces that created Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and just about every war since the Napoleonic, at least.

    All this commie right wing labour tory liberal claptrap is thrown out there to keep us fighting amongst ourselves instead of figuring out who the real enemy is.

    England was once the most free nation on earth, and how she flourished! But that was many, many moons ago.

    The USA has enjoyed such freedom more recently, and look at what she achieved! But once the central banks worm their way in and start leeching the life blood from a nation's people, there will eventually be left nothing but a husk.

  20. What total unadulterated horse manure!

  21. Anonymous said...

    What total unadulterated horse manure!

    Fri Nov 12, 11:09:00 AM

    I can see this is going to be an uphill struggle.

  22. Fri 12 Nov 03:03 PM Suggest you don't even try it and save your energy. I just don't buy all this greater conspiracy stuff and there are loads of isms. Mainly invented by New Labour but we have ageism, sexism, racism, socialism, communism, and, now thanks to Harriet, even ginger rodentism. That's before you even start on the phobias!

    Think we all need to lighten up a bit.

  23. Yes, we are living in a fascist police state , just that most do not have the ability to see it and play right into their hands !!!

  24. The last commentator is surely a comedian. A police state indeed! Have you seen the modern police? Half of them are little girls, half the rest are vertically challenged and some of the remainder wear bifocals or ladies underwear.

    These are not big. tough. working class coppers anymore, there's no Reagans or even George Dixons. No, it is intelligence led policing, largely non confrontational and is more about hitting targets than clobbering villains.

    What exactly is to be afraid of, all you police state advocates?

  25. "What exactly is to be afraid of, all you police state advocates?"

    I don't think anyone here is advocating a police-state, merely commenting on the fact that we live in one and that it is becoming more severe by the day. A police officer's stature has nothing to do with the fact that our civil liberties, as laid down by the Magna Carta, have been eroded to the point where that fine document is no longer recognised in a court of law. Even less so as we come under the control of the European Union, which incidentally was Hitler's baby during WWII, and resuscitated in the fifties by a bunch of Nazi war criminals upon their release from incarceration.

    Oh yes, there is plenty to fear from a police state, whether staffed by half-pints or not.