Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Labour in disarray? And a bit of Clarity from Michael Child

Is it me or are Labour in disarray, on a national level Labour's new union appointee, Ed Milliband, has as yet to impact on any level, OK he nipped off, on, er paternity, and this time got his name on the birth certificate, but you'd think anyone with a bit of ambition or any idea, would have put some sort of stamp on his party as to its direction.

As leader of the opposition, Ed's making some of the Conservative failed opposition leaders, look damned good including Ian Duncan Smith, William Hague, and perhaps the worst even making Labour's most uncharismatic and inept leader Michael Foot, look good, if nothing else these guys had personality.

Labour has been reduced to name calling, the construction of the Con-dem tag is about as good as it gets and of coarse blaming Liberal Democrats for giving the country a stable government, locally I see "Local Labour" run by Cllr Clive Hart, has little to offer although it looks like they managed to send from the Thanet bunker a minor attack* on Tory leader Cllr Bayford.

Apparently from a quick gander, it seems Conservative leader Cllr Bob Bayford might have made a grumpy comment about councillors being elected to make decisions, and Thanet residents lacking basic language skills, no surprise really, a typical offensive Tory view, if true, one might say.

Still as entertaining as it is to read of Bob Bayford's offensive remarks, it hardly contributes to any knowledge as to what Labours own views are on say proposals to tart up Margate seafront.
An item raised on Michael Child's weblog Thanetonline is the near invisible "consultation"  by TDC, on how or what sort of Leader is appointed to run the council, two choices a leader appointed for 4years by councillors or a Mayor elected by we the people.

Imagine the fun, if us mere mortals could vote for a Mayor, you could I guess have Labour's Cllr Clive Hart as Mayor, with a majority tory group, brilliant!

Still whilst we don't know what Local Labour stand for these days. apart from a photo opportunity, and a bit of nimbyism, we do know that a dedicated blogger, like Michael Child does a good job in trawling through the nitty gritty of Thanet Council to bring to light items, the council appear to deliberately wish buried, no press release no mention on their consultation pages and no mention in the local press, or even our local parties Labour and Conservatives

Whether Labour have a mature and business like approach is debatable, still if they want to make any head way in next years local elections or not get trashed, Thanet's Labour group are going to have man up and get a few policies, pointing out rude remarks made by conservatives is not going to get anyone elected.

PS. What's happening with Labours professional politician Cllr Mark Nottingham? He seems quiet on the blogging front.


  1. It's the Muppet Show! Yaaaay!

  2. Sorry, Mr Flaig, you need look no further than your own Liberal Democrat Party for complete disarray. With your Business Secretary Vince Cable today signalling he may vote against the tuition fees policy he, as Secretary of State, is introducing, you look a complete and utter mess.

    I know you cannot break yourself away from your fixation with Labour, but, as the Americans would say, you must wake up and smell the coffee. Your Party - not Labour - is in power now. Your Party is making decisions, albeit on a leash jerked by your Tory masters, driven not by economic necessity but by (Tory) ideology. Your Party is the centre of attention.

    You need to be addressing the woeful hypocrisy that your once decent Party is now practising. Labour is not the news of the day.

  3. .....Labour is not the news of the day.....what an interesting thought. Presumably Labour is quite happy to not be the news of the day, and not have to explain why government now, of whatever political colour, is having to make difficult decisions which Labour hid from the electorate for as long as possible, and now shies away from responsibility for.

    Is that the cry for the forthcoming district elections? 'Not me guv...' On the other hand perhaps waking up and smelling the coffee is about electorates remembering Labour's ruination of the nation's economy at a national level. Do you really want those who supported all that in power locally? Yesterday a bankrupt country; tomorrow a bankrupt council?

  4. Sorry Labour activist 2 59 "My own personal instinct, partly because I'm the secretary of state responsible for universities and partly because I think the policy is right, my own instincts are very much to vote for it but we want to vote as a group."

    Seems a frank appraisal, by an honest politician, not something you'll be too familiar coming from a party that was quite happy to take votes from working people whilst considering them to be "bigots" Gordon Brown

  5. This post is about Labour in disarray and something of an ominous silence from their ranks. Where is their leader and where is the opposition?

    Perhaps their most significant step this week was to hold their new policy forming forum at Gillingham FC. Think about the irony of that decision for a moment.

    Once Gillingham, under decent and charismatic managers like Tony Pulis and Peter Taylor, scaled the heights all the way to the Championship. Now, under the current neanderthal, they are languishing in the lower half of the second division. Is this not reminiscent of Labour under the charismatic Blair and now today under the little brother who got the nod when fourth choices were taken into account. The leader that the majority of the previous cabinet ministers, MPs and party members did not want.

    That is not just disarray, it is chaos!

  6. I know it is difficult for you, Mr Flaig, as "anonymous" could be anyone...but I am not a Labour activist or a Party member. My only association is to vote for Labour in elections. As for "honest politicians" are there any or many of them - in any Party? Certainly you have few in the Liberal Democrats - a party now distinguished as the worst for lying, breaking (signed) election pledges, and breaking policy commitments.

    Speaking of politicians, I see Mr Wells popping his head out of the woodwork again. Sorry, Councillor, but even pundits generally sympathetic to the Tory Party agree that the cuts and decisions you are making are driven by ideology and NOT economic necessity. I know it's your continuing lament, but everyone knows it's a lie.

  7. I see Wells is out on the hustings already. And with Flaig's constant anti-Labour posts seeking to divert attention away from the LibDem failings. The Condoms, sorry Condems, must be desperate.

  8. Bit of an irrelevance really, seeing as only 1/6th of new legislation is 'debated' in the Commons. The majority of decisions are made in Brussels by a bunch of unelected commissars, and unless we are extremely careful, they will only be passing on diktats handed down from the UN.

    Please take the time to listen to Lord Christopher Monckton explaining all of this to Alex Jones, yesterday. (mp3 5.3MB)


    Sorry for the cross-post Tony, but I consider this is a very serious business, largely ignored by the mainstream media.

  9. Ah well Mr Flaig, come next May the LibDems will disappear from local government and in 2015, when today's students will be voting, they will disappear from the from the UK political map completely.

    PS. I voted LibDem in the last election, but never ever again!

  10. 03:45 Just who are these pundits normally sympathetic to the Conservatives who know that the cuts being necessary is a lie?

    Britain was on the brink of financial disaster with the biggest budget deficit in the G20. That is the fact and the steps being taken by the coalition are gaining approval from the IMF, our trading partners and the markets. That is what is important for the long term future of this country and its people's employment.

    Make no mistake, Labour, if returned to power, would have been forced to make similar cuts which is why there is so little being heard from the opposition benches in parliament. They have nothing to say because they have no case to present.

  11. Sorry 03:45 but if you are a Labour voter who is publicly supporting the Labour cause on the world wide net, as you are, then you are an activist.
    Probably most of us who comment are not members, in terms of paying subscriptions, of any party but we are activists by declaring our support.

  12. I'm not sure I agree with you 4.25, but if you are right, then we are all activists. And that includes Bluenote, who has traditionally tried to claim he is just a middle-of-the-road moderator, but who is clearly a Tory activist.

  13. 4:10 PM If all the people who say they voted Lib/Dem in the last election had really done so then we would have a Lib/Dem government with an overwhelmingly majority.
    Every where you turn from Facebook, to Twitter, blogspots to local papers and even on local radio interviews there are Labour supporters claiming they voted Lib/Dem and will never do so again. Trouble with idiots is they think everybody else is one as well.

  14. 04:34 PM

    Hold on there. I have always said I am on the blue side politically mainly motivated by a hatred of socialism. If that makes me a Tory then fine but I am not a councillor.
    As, I hope, a reasonable person I can see both sides of a case at times but would not claim to be a moderator. Where ever did you get that absurd idea?

  15. 3 45 since you don't have the balls to use your own identity then firstly I don't believe a word posted on the subject.

    secondly the "Mr Flaig" stuff is as ever misplaced arrogant, and theatrical its Tony unless you happen to be a complete banker

    Perhaps the thrust of my post was the vacuous leadership of the Labour those recently past and those now in charge, who apart from trading schoolboy insults like yourself have nothing to offer whether its your local labour bod say Cllr Photo Op or your clueless leader Milliband

  16. The Sunday Times Youguv polls for last week show 40% Tory, 40% Lab and 9% LibDem. LibDems have lost half their support in just 6 months. Labour does not need to get its act together for a while yet unless the coalition collapses.
    And normlly the vote at local elections are anti government regardless of local policies, so for this not to happen in Thanet the sitting councilors must have served the community well.

  17. Bluenote said:

    "That is the fact and the steps being taken by the coalition are gaining approval from the IMF, our trading partners and the markets."

    Of course they are gaining approval from the IMF, that is who is telling them to do it. The IMF are not our trading partners, they are a bunch of criminal thugs who do the dirty work for the owners of the private central banks after left-wing governments have created an impossible debt for the nations they are supposed to represent, under instruction from the very same private central bankers.

    Financial slavery, old chap. It is so elementary, a school kid could understand it.

  18. Sorry, Mr Flaig, but being anonymous doesn't make me a liar. You are insulting to your detriment, but then given the Lib Dem capacity for lies, cheating and deception, I can see why you behave as you do.

    As for calling you Mr Flaig, I am sorry that you confuse politeness and a lack of familiarity with arrogance. You are wrong.

  19. 6 10 its my view you are a complete and utter tit but since you choose to be anonymous none of us are any the wiser,including I suspect yourself

  20. I think you mean only a child like mind would swallow your version!

  21. For info, the previous comment on child like minds was directed at 5:29 PM, the great exposer of the wicked banker's plot. Don't you just love nutters!

  22. I see 5:29 PM is misquoting me as usual. I said the IMF, our trading partners and the markets, that is three separate entities, not that the IMF are our trading partners. I know it is difficult for you at times but please do try to pay attention and get things right before you respond.

  23. I am sorry, Mr Flaig, that you choose to add to your reputation as an insulting and offensive individual. But it's your blog, so who cares, eh?

  24. OK Bluenote, point conceded, but the IMF are still a bunch of thieving criminal thugs. They've pulled the same stunt over the whole world (except in Iran), remove the blinkers and you will see it for yourself.

  25. Bluenote, a organisation called the X foundation is prepared to lend the British government £17 Billion interest free. It does look as if the capitalists at the top of the captilast pyramid have made so much money out of this global crisis I am beginning to think the conspiracy theorists may have a point.

  26. 7:39 & 7:45 In case you haven't noticed, we are on the verge of a global financial meltdown, for and by the central banks. They will also be the ones to offer the solution, which will be a unified world currency, controlled by them (of course) through the BIS and will involve a serious devaluation to boot.

    This is a scary scenario, especially if the new money is chip only.

    I foresee this newfound global power and control being short-lived, however, as people across the world awaken to this evil agenda.

    They really ought not to have relied on such a gaggle of totally inept creeps to carry out their cunning plan... lol

  27. Tony 9:52, those at the top of the pyramid are not capitalists mate, a free market capitalist knows that he needs to play a fair game in order to get return business.

    No, those at the top of the pyramid are psychopathic criminals and their plan is to enslave the planet financially.

    Check out infowars.com for the latest up to date news and intel. The podcast address is:


  28. The Madness of a lost society


  29. Annon, 10:18 yes point taken, A free Market Capitalist playing a fair game can be just as much a victim as everyone else

  30. Annon 10:47, excellent video. As I am writing this I see gold has hit $1391.50 and ounce.

  31. It should go a lot higher, as should silver, but actually the currencies are all going down.

    Another good clip: