Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Benefits reform has to work

Working people have increasingly taken the brunt of funding Britain's work shy free loaders,  when Labour came into power in 1997 they were going to bring in welfare reforms.

As with Tuition fees they (Labour) adopted a right wing agenda and took the easy way out.

Instead of getting dole cheats off the sofa, and out of the bookies, Labour decided to expand the economy which is why mass migration has been a key part of Labours recent rule, most new jobs going to foreign nationals.

Its a real tragedy that reform has been left to the coalition, at this time, for this reason we are in a recession, 13 years of heartless Labour has left workers, in construction, agricultural, hospitality industries with reduced earnings and fewer opportunities as Labour let big business ruthlessly exploit east Europeans and screw down wages and conditions.

Labour had years to reform, they didn't, probably because they didn't want to offend the left wing dinosaurs, in the party, who in the last six months have emerged from the dark.

Rather than make any significant improvement to this countries fabric Labour eroded any improvements in Education, Health, Transport etc. by a significant degree through a mismanaged economy.

There really is no choice but to reform welfare, people like me work long hours to keep afloat and look at those we know could work but wont, enough is enough, I remember watching a couple on telly the other week, getting a free home and 26 grand a year, the women stared into the camera and claimed the money was for her children, I nearly cried, then I remembered the many weeks I've been working 60 plus hours to fund her time in front of Jeremy Kyle.

The tragedy is that many do want to work but clearly some don't, Labour had 13 years to reform welfare in better economic times, it could have been less painful but Labour were too busy looking after themselves.

Blair Brown and Milliband have a lot to answer for, really.


  1. But you see Tony old chap, this has been their (the real, hidden government's) cunning plan all along. Ship the manufacturing jobs off to a low wage country, make everyone dependent on the welfare state, and then force them into low wage government jobs; big brother snoopers, cannon fodder etc... job's a goodun!

    Anyone who can't or won't do that will eventually end up in a 21st century work house or debtor's prison, working for Chinese standard wages and living in a dormitory.

    Not that I can see it getting that far; Their (the global power elite's) cunning plan is starting to fall apart at the seams as people less blinkered than many on here are waking up in droves.

    Thank God!

  2. We can all go round in circles argueing the toss until the cows come home on this issue like many others on this blog.
    But none one can deny the fact that the Con Lib Dem coalition are doing very well at the moment politicising people against them which will achieve more in the long run than trying to win a current arguement against them.

  3. The first poster is absolutely correct.

    Ask yourselves do you really believe that millionaire politicians tell the truth or care about the so-called middle classes let alone the lower working classes.

    The plan is very clear to completely destroy society and turn everyone against each other and for their own ultimate benefit only. full E.U hence U.N. control.

    Why dont they leave the poor alone stop scare mongering via the media.

    It should be compulsory that their expenses scandal is sorted out first and the money paid to their banker friends returned they are the real spongers.

  4. I saw the writing on the wall when Blair got to power you cant create thousands and thousands of Public sector jobs without at some stage tHE CROWS COMING HOME TO ROOST. Huge public sector pensions have to be paid for but not by those that gave them away but our children andour childrens children. I wonder what the situation would have been if Brown had joined with the Liberals would wehave already been into a double dip?

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  5. it is wonderful that you have bought into the Tory propaganda of the feckless scrounging poor as have the Lib dem leaders. I'll tell you what lets punish them as much as we can while we let the millionaire corporate monkeys go free. Those who have had the benefit of the last ten years should walk away free of course they should they have nothing to owe society! Why should they? Chuck of them out of our cities and out of our communites that is the least that they deserve!

  6. Blah blah blah "work shy free loaders" blah blah blah "dole cheats" blah blah blah "free home and 26 grand" blah blah blah "Jeremy Kyle". All that was missing there was "plasma tvs" and you'd have had a full house.

    You've bought into classic divide and rule there. Call yourself a Liberal? You sound like someone who's escaped from the comments section of the Mail. Disgraceful.

  7. "Comments section of the Mail" blah blah blah

  8. Tony, you may be interested to know that we are no longer in recession. We came out in January 2010.
    Tony tell us how and where you think all these jobs for the 'workshy' are to be created? Thanet alone will need 5,000 and that does not include the 8,000 on disability or the many soon to be added to the unemployed.
    All the regeneration initiatives in Thanet in recent years have failed.
    And you only last week were praising the investment made in the High Speed rail track.

  9. When you have met people in their late twenties who never work, when you know people are taking the Mick you just wonder why am I working to keep those inluxury

    That paul lafarge has not got a clue typical middle class tosser I wound say

  10. Anonymous 11:22

    No longer in recession? That is correct. We are now in a global depression. Don't be fooled by manipulated industry figures, the corrupt insiders can tell us anything they like.

    Anonymous 12:06

    Don't be celebrating too hard. Anyone with more than two bob to rub together is going to be the target of this new army of government snoopers.

    We are all being led down the garden path by the central banks, IMF & UN. Let's not squabble among ourselves, if we screw our loaf and pull together we can defeat this thing.

    Here is a good place to start:

  11. Mr Flaig, you may have missed the news, but your Party is in Government now, in coalition with the Tories. Why not post about what is going to happen - if you can weave through your Party's lies, back-pedalling and broken promises, rather than keep going on about Labour. They are no longer in power; according to your (via the Coalition) Prime Minister they are yesterday's people. So why not stop being anally retentive and move on. Post about the future and your Party's plans. Or perhaps you are scared they will change or be withdrawn as soon as you write about them.

    Cue Flaig comments about Labour activists/apologists/ whatever or attacks on anonymous posters.

  12. I do think Tony is posting about what is happening , or at least what needs to happen if we are to recover as a nation socially and economically. Forget all the nonsense about cunning plans. We need to get people working, getting some pride back into their lives and, overall, paying our way as a nation rather than living on tick.

    It doesn't really matter whose fault it is, or was, it is how we go forward that counts and maintaining the present status quo is not an option. Sadly, Tony Blair was elected on a wave of euphoria, much like Obama, and, in the same way the promise was hollow. I honestly believe he meant well but the process, or maybe the team, was flawed.

    Personally I would like to see a Con/Lib/Lab coalition of the best talents but, since that's not going to happen, we have to make the best of what we have got. It might help if those most responsible for the mire we are in gave it a chance instead of constant sniping.

  13. Nonsense is it?

    Have a look at your next energy bill and see if there is a deduction for CO2 tax.

    Despite the whole CO2 global warming hoax being thoroughly debunked and it's proponents discredited, someone appears to have not informed the government of this fact. And I'll tell you why. Because that tax is going to fund our new world government, the U.N., whether we like it, want it, need it or not.

    So let's all pull together under the democratically elected government that you seem to think we have and line the pockets of the bankers still further shall we?

    Some of the job creation schemes being proposed throughout the Western nations for the ever growing legions of unemployed are something akin to the East German stasi. An army of uniformed government revenue collectors and enforcers of ever more draconian rules and regulations designed to part us from our hard earned and try to keep us living in fear. Not all, I grant you; some will provide cheap labour in the private sector (if such a thing still exists) and drive wages down even further, which will affect you too, I'm afraid.

    Of course it is so easy to dismiss the warnings, that I, and others like me are trying to impart as "nonsense" and "conspiracy theories". Why don't you take the trouble to do a little research for yourself? I can promise you, once you overcome the initial shock of realising that we are telling the truth, you will begin to find this research increasingly compelling.

    That's all from me Tony. I'll let you get back to your bickerfest now. ;-)

  14. Ever wondered why we are in such a mess just compare our government puppets with a true leader

    Both Abraham Lincoln & JFK planned to issue their own money without interest charges - both got a bullet for their efforts. The government borrows money from the Bank of England - 'of' meaning 'without' = The Bank without England. A franchise of the Bank of Rome. Privately Owned. Have a guess who owns it! - 'rome' ....?

    Dont agree, think its all conspiracy ?
    please stop watching the and do some research .

  15. Tony, I sincerely hope you have a strong constitution for, if there is a conspiracy locally, it is by the very advocates of such as they seek to take over and ultimately destroy the blogs.

    Look back over months of posts, not just your own but around others, and time and again the thread of bankers, establisment, police state, facism and even global warming exponents taking over our lives is evident.

    Trouble is they are so repetitive and boring that they ultimately seem to drive away other commentators and cause the very bloggers themselves to fall by the wayside.

    You remain, perhaps, the only surviving Thanet blog that attracts comments in dozens or more and all the old 'people's revoltion advocates' have now found you. They seldom answer or follow the flow of debate but just launch in with their boring theories. What sad, sad creatures they must be, locked away in their darkened rooms, barely able to peep through the crack in the curtains lest big brother is outside, as they bash their keyboards.

    Whether you post on tuition fees, or train times or the latest Harry Potter movie they are in with their wild theories. Don't let them get to you for to lose Bignews Margate would be a tragedy.
    Too many have already succumbed!

  16. MPs pocket rents from homes paid for by taxpayer

    MPs may be making thousands of pounds a month renting out London properties renovated at taxpayers' expense, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

    looks like some are terrified the truth is getting out

    please lets not go back to discussing x factor just when things are getting interesting

    is it not right that everyone is entitled to a view after all nobody is forcing anybody to read anything may be it is the narrow- minded who should leave ?

  17. We are all in this together!

    Really well look at this list of millionaires in the cabinet

  18. Yes Anon 1:29 & 3:15, the politicians think it is in the bag and are not even trying to hide their, relatively petty, pilfering anymore.

    It's the big boys that are getting nervous, I believe they thought we were a lot more dumbed down than we actually are.

  19. 1:29, 3:15 & 4:26. They didn't need to think you were dumbed down for it is all too self evident. The only people you lot need to worry about knocking on your doors are the men in white coats.

    I just can't wait for the revolution, yawn, or is it perhaps jihad. You are about as mad.

  20. Personally I think 1:29, 3:15 & 4:26 are all one and they same person. What do you think, Rick?

  21. I have to say a lot of cranks make comments on this site and I have to say some authors appearance makes my heart sink.

    A week or two back one of my regulars decided to bombard the site with about 20 bore ish comments of which a couple were intercepted by google as span which of course they are albeit hand made spam but flippin spam all the same.

    Still that aside keep it coming, I particularly like Labour activist who when challenged always starts with the Mr Flaig stuff, clearly the guy is a complete banker and if you ask a bit of a runt.

    Anyway I've just had my first hot home cooked meal in a few days and am perfectly chilled

  22. Tony how do you explain the crisis now hitting Ireland and probably Portugal, having already hit Greece and Spain? Is it all those British workers earning a crust in those countries? Britain is not isolated from all this and may have to support Ireland to the tune of 6 billions.

  23. Hmmm, perhaps the "Mr Flaig" stuff is because it's your NAME. Never thought of that, did you?

  24. Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece are hardly in the same financial league as UK, indeed, it is a bit like comparing Gillingham with Manchester United. It is to the shame of our previous government that we have fallen into the same debt state as these minnow nations, down entirely to irresponsible spending and making no provision for the well heralded world recession.

    No, Britain is not isolated from world downturns and it is only right we should help our smaller neighbours. Just a shame that Brown left us in such a poor state to do so.

  25. I don't much care for these old buffers' opinions, I suspect one or two may be freemasons (the puerile personal attacks would indicate that), but Bluenote is only a 'useful idiot' who should know better. If I have lifted the wool from the eyes of only one reader of these comments, my time will have been well spent.

    And no, 6:51, we are not the same person. (Who the 'ell is Rick? lol)

  26. It makes my heart sink to think that it is the cranks that are running the show including freemasons and common purpose graduates causing mayhem within the society whilst protecting their own.

  27. Interesting comments by Anon 8:53PM.

    Refers to 'old buffers opinions' but how does he know they are old buffers. Why should Bluenote know better. Does the writer know something about Bluenote the rest of us don't?

    Then there is the claim that the three earlier commentators are not one and the same person. How does the writer know that at least two of them are not, assuming of course that he is one of them?

    And then he asks who is 'Rick' knowing full well who Rick is, if, as he claims, he regularly comments
    'to get one convert', for Rick comments in the same vein seeking followers of the conspiracy cause.
    Sometimes as Rick, or Retired or Anonymous but always in the same unmistakeable style and content.

  28. Mp's should look into the mirror before preaching to others about reform

    House of Commons ‘Food-Taster’ Will Cost Taxpayers £500 a Day


    Perhaps MPs should eat big macs now that Ronald M has been drafted in to write the new health policy.

  29. 8 53 Re freemasons I mentioned freemasonary in relation to Kent Council and no surprise found a threatening letter in my inbox and doormat within hours.

    For those who don't know I would suggest that freemasons are an anti- democratic anti- competition orgnisation a closed society that invites criticism and those I know who have joined have had one purpose in mind taking short cuts and cheating business rivals

  30. Spot on Tony !!!

    Who do they have a duty to first the public they are supposed to serve or their Freemason chums ?

    Freemasonary or secret societies shouldnt be allowed within government, the courts, the police or NHS , or any public positions of trust.

    Better watch out for the men in white coats Tony they are probably also Freemasons

  31. Bluenote is showing his ignorance, Spain is not a financial minnow (67% size of GB) and Man U is a financial disaster waiting to happen with enormous interest payments.

  32. Same old, same old by 9:09

    Listen matey, I didn't cause this economic chaos, the central banks did. So why are you having a go at me? If we stop this petty bickering and turn our attention towards the real culprits of our current predicament, we may begin to move forward.

    And a belated thanks to Tony Flaig for generously allowing comments from all sides to be aired on his blog. That is after all what fair and balanced debate is all about.

  33. Anon 11:01 AM

    You responded to my comment made at 9:09 and asked why I am having a go at you. I simply asked you a couple of questions and made no reference to the financial mess whatsoever, or the attribution of blame.

    Perhaps you would like to read it again and answer the points raised rather than introducing 'red herrings' and side tracking.

    Oh, and by the way, I do not mind being civil to each other but I am not your, or fortuitously anybody elses, matey! It is not a term of endearment I use.

  34. If we stop this petty bickering and turn our attention towards the real culprits of our current predicament, we may begin to move forward, matey!

  35. The (privately owned) central banks, matey.

    Those who control the purse strings, control everything, provided they can keep the slaves in ignorance of that fact.

  36. Well, there you are then, old boy. There is no way we are going to present a united front for I am afraid I do not suscribe to your bigotted and jaundiced view of who is responsible for our predicament.

    In my book it is entirely down to thirteen years of Labour mismanagement with the dreaded Brown playing the lead villain both as Chancellor and then PM.

    You fight your own wars with the bankers if you wish but count me out. I know who has ruined my country but, in case you don't, has it not occurred to you that we had banks long before we had the Labour party and we did alright then.

  37. There we go with the insulting, personal attacks (again). Sounds to me like you must be ailing in some way.

    For anyone else, willing to broaden their horizon on this matter, this documentary does a pretty good job.

    The secrets of Oz (1hr50min)

  38. This is what the FM & CP have lined up for us if we dont get our act together and fast, who else do you think will be dishing out the punishment ?

    This is the road we are being led down whilst many are busy bickering about which corrupt party is at fault, they ALL are.

    Is this what you want for your children & grandchildren?


  39. Poor demented old chap! Your life must be a total nightmare if you really believe all this rubbish. Do you know people spouted the same things on Hyde Park Corner when I used to go there as a kid with my granddad and none of it has come true.

  40. 6.55pm

    Poor demented old chap ?

    It really doesn't pay to keep insulting yourself dont you know that curses are designed to come back to the sender ?

    Why dont you cheer yourself up with a bit of light relief before the masonic satanic ceremony the rest of us know as christmas.

    Masonic shop

  41. 6:55 said:
    "Do you know people spouted the same things on Hyde Park Corner when I used to go there as a kid with my granddad and none of it has come true."

    It has been in the works much longer than that, and in case you haven't noticed, we are currently £5 trillion in hock to these shysters.

    All we need to do, as a group of nations, is take back our sovereignty and refuse to pay the debt. Most of the debt is fraudulent in one way or another anyway.

    To allow this thing to continue unopposed does not bear thinking about.

  42. Sorry, that should read £3 trillion (with pensions)

  43. One for KCC ???

    Monty Python and the Freemasons

  44. The Common People

  45. Doesn’t this apply here right now !
    John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have a laugh at the IR laws