Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death, Snooping, Spy cameras, Flood and a Fiery end - on offer for one night only in Margate

Tomorrow night, a unique and little publicised event takes place, that few are ever party to.

Hidden away, on the third floor of a bland characterless building an exclusive group of middle aged busy bodies will meet, they will be divided some will make proposals on topics as diverse as snooping,  disposal of the dead and Flood, others will then make constructive comments on these proposals.

In reverential attendance, will be deferential officers, only to willing to assist your elected representatives, I am of course referring to the Thanet District Council's Cabinet meeting. Most likely the only witnesses in attendance of this quaint product of our democracy, will be the one poor local journalist, who drew the short straw and the odd crank. (often me).

I for one will probably not turn up, having had grief on my previous visits, barred due to what the council called "an incident"  (a TDC Porky, I think since an employee pointed to his routine as being the reason) also being mauled by the barb tongue of one tory boy scout with all the personality of a robot, ironically the same muppet who frequently drones on about being polite.

Still don't just send letters and comments to blogs and papers, you have a right to attend these meetings and some councillors actually welcome interest from the public, although as an institution Thanet Council has an attitude to scrutiny on any level.

What else can entertain you tomorrow Thurs 11th,  in a week in which TV has already given us the resurrection of Vera Duckworth and death of Jack. And yes all those topics mentioned at the top of this post are up for discussion.



  1. may be you should take this little lot with you Tony you might actually get some where especially if they discuss anything to do with education ! plenty of snooping spy cameras and a fiery end all objecting to the LIB/CON party supposedly in control


  2. Tony you ae wrong, they are not all 'busy bodies'. Some are doing it for self interest, self promotion and no doubt to help their friends whoever they maybe.

  3. BORING I wont be joining you Tony on acount of staying in to watch some paint dry. You go and report back to keep the rest of us up to speed. ENJOY.

  4. It may reassure readers to know that I played a small part in stimulating the changes in the invidious legislation that first appeared as RIPA under the former government, which in its original form was very similar to laws enacted by the Chinese government to spy on their citizens.


    As it exists in its revised form today, I can't say that it holds very much more democratic appeal but it is the law of the land and is now, rather more just and accountable than the first attempt to drive it through Parliament, which thanks to the Lords, wasn't successful.


  5. they should pay some of the taxes back to the people to attend after all the councillors more than likely wont bother turning up unless they are paid expenses

    might encourage people to turn up and find out whats really going on in their name they might even learn who is really running the council and be in for a shock

  6. The Telegraph
    Warning of new era of surveillance state

    Despite moves by the Coalition Government to row back intrusions of privacy, a new wave of monitoring risks making the spy state greater than ever.