Monday, November 15, 2010

Hurrah! Art supremo finally gets gallery to go with job.

turneropensPhew what a relief! after all the years of broken dreams, the blood, sweat, toil and tears an opening date has been announced and Gallery Director Victoria Pomery gets to open the doors of Margate's Turner Contemporary on the 16th April 2011.

The process so far has had its ups and downs not least the original questionable choice of an ocean going gallery, which wasted several years and  millions, due I think to incompetence, costing many millions to the local economy. during the last few years, when Margate should have been reaping the benefit.

Despite KCC trousering some several millions in compensation, from architects, this money apparently itself got lost in county hall because there is no evidence of Margate and Thanet being compensated for the lost years. Unless any of our local tory County Councillors know otherwise, which I think is unlikely, since I've yet to hear any of them speak up for Thanet.

Still at least my neighbour had the dubious pleasure of seeing a test structure for the original design, float off into the sea with in minutes of being positioned never to be seen again.

Anyhow I suppose that next April is a time to look forward to a new dawn. As thousands of suitably brainwashed educated art buffs, embark on a pilgrimage to Margate with great expectations and hopefully fat wallets.

Whatever your views Turner Contemporary is the best show, if not the only show in town for Margate,  unfortunately as part of the build up to Margate and Thanet becoming a global destination, Thanet 's Conservative council took the bold but stupid decision to close the nearby Museums which would have been complimentary.

I had a quick gander, at the programme of exhibitions, the highlight for me will be the exhibition scheduled for 28th January 2012 till May 13th "Turner and the Elements" a major show of Turners works, Brilliant!  and since I'm not to familiar, or er  educated I'll keep  the rest of my opinions to myself, although I have to say I'd like to see banksy but that would be unlikely for this reason he's not only talented, instantly recognisable but popular.


  1. Let hope it contains something more tasteful than the present cabinet chooses to adorn their office walls at our expense.

    Make sure you click on the link and view the picture talk about a picture paints a thousands words this speaks volumes.

    George Osborne chooses Grayson Perry

    George Osborne drew on an unlikely source of inspiration as he finalised plans for the most radical public spending cuts for a generation this summer, it has emerged.

    ‘he chose to line his office walls with cutting edge modern art – including an etching called “Print for a Politician” by a transsexual potter.

    The work is by Grayson Perry, who is also known by his female alter-ego of Claire, who won the Turner Prize in 2003 for a ceramic pot featuring images of child abuse.

    With a purchase price of £14,000, it is one of the more expensive pieces on a list of items from the Government art collection chosen by incoming ministers to display in their Whitehall offices following the general election.

    The list drawn up by Tom Watson, a former Labour minister, shows that nearly £20,000 was spent on transporting and installing the new art works.’

  2. Well done Tony - at least you managed to publish the date of the opening; I watched local news twice on BBC last night headlining that an opening date had been set whilst failing to report the date!

  3. Is Thanet in Kent then? You'd never know it.

  4. Perhaps we could invite Banksy to adorn a few of those vacant retail premises with his cutting edge political statements... it might open a few eyes.

  5. Well the Turner has had its problems but at last the finished product is in sight. Should be a great asset to the area and the exhibition of Turner's work sounds promising.

    Much prefer paintings of scenes to unmade beds myself (with the slight qualification that the occupant could make the latter more appealing) and lets hope there is scope to exhibit our local artists work from time to time.

    Maybe all the pain has been worthwhile.

  6. Anon 10:38 PM.

    Perhaps you should note that your links you request us to click on never work. Back to the jolly old drawing board, or maybe a night school ICT course, what!

  7. I am looking forward to the opening, as you say it would have been nice to have it in place already but at least now we have it to look forward too.

  8. 12 16 links work for me I suggest you check out your computer or whatever you must have some malware on it

    No one else has had a prob

  9. Anon 12.16 it looks like you are the one that needa an IT lesson in cut and paste but you can find this in the dummy's guide to computers.

  10. 3:29 PM

    Thanks for your usual charm and eloquence. Shall not be taking your advice and don't need the boring links anyway.

  11. Boring link or just plain truthful ?

    It just goes to show how little many people care or think of children, too many care only for themselves.

    I cant imagine many 'normal' folk would be interested in hanging this type of rubbish on their walls let alone a politician in the Conservative cabinet.

    Cant wait to see their policy on child abuse it should be a right eye opener.

  12. To each his own, old fruit. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is sauce for one man and all that etc. Have your opinion but don't force it on others, simply express it and accept others may differ.

  13. Child abuse .... each to their own old fruit ??? I dont think so !!!

  14. We were talking about the picture hanging on George Osbourne's wall in the context of being in the eye of the beholder. It was you who introduced child abuse and quite where that came from in a discussion on art beats me.

  15. Why dont you read the article in the firt old fruit

    Could 'hang' a few of these portraits, what is sauce for one man and all that etc

  16. APRIL 16th....WOW just in time for the Thanet District Elections in May. or am I being cynical?