Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cameron calls for bulldog spirit

Presumably to side track us from the normal Conservative bull .

In the last week or so I've heard that Tories are to change planning laws on the advice of the construction industry, hardly the most trusted sector of British industry, government department s are to, did I hear this right give away land to developers?, and withdraw human rights.

Cameron wants us to clear our person debts which according to him will just require the British Bulldog spirit, just as well since much of my money is going to to pay down the debts of irresponsible and probably crooked bankers.

Instead Cameron could say to the Banks, stop your near criminal rates of interest on credit cards, so that consumers are not robbed blind or payback the money bleed from taxpayers at similar rates also demanding the parasites in the banking industry stop paying themselves more than say 40 grand a year until their own debts are paid.


  1. Oh Tony, such a cynic...

    The change to the planning laws with this assumption of approval is the most worrying thing for me. I know developers dont like these drawn out battles over their proposals, but there needs to be a proper check and balance on it.

  2. The only thing, of any substance, that I can get from this speech is the call for bulldog spirit.

    Translation: "we are taking you to war".

    The remainder is lies and deception.

    If anyone out there is hurting from credit card or mortgage debt, do not despair, there is a way. But you must do your homework first.

  3. Cynical to the point of hardly justifying comment. Sure I do not exactly adore this government, no cancellation of the wretched Human Rights Act, no referendum on the EU, no total halt to immigration, billions wasted on foreign aid and now Gay marriages, as if that were vital to saving the world, but what the heck was the PM supposed to say. The country, if not the world, is in the shit, not of his making, and a rallying call was about all anyone could have done.

    Years of liberal PC nonsense have brought us to about the same point as Rome was at just before Hannibal crossed the Alps. I am not a conspiracy theorist, like some, but can see the armageddon is now a distinct possiblity. Fingers crossed and pray to whoever your God maybe, even if it's Dawkins!

  4. I am liberal but the human rights act has been used by judges in a perverse way, I have studied it and shouted in anger at people allowed to stay, following criminal activity, as in they had a British wife...children...sorry you are not under threat in your country, and your wife and family are allowed to follow you home.. that when I get pissed off,

  5. Perhaps he wants a bulldog to chase the cat his Home Secretary "spun" - in her deliberately misleading/false/untrue little tale about the immigration case - to support her argument against the Human Rights Act. I realise she is a darling of the Daily Mail population, which has such a hold over Tory policy, but it kinda makes you think their arguments must be weak if they have to resort to this sort of deception.

    Then again, in a week which appears to show Tories reverting to type - the Defence Secretary and his little local difficulty with alleged favours for friends - perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

  6. Of course there were no favours for friends in the days of Blair, Booth, Mandelson et al! What is it with some people that they can only see bad in Tories. Get real,they are all at it regardless of political shade.

  7. 08:32 Perhaps you can tell us a story of some ordinary person who was worse off prior to Labour taking the Human Rights Act into our law. On the other hand I can tell you of many criminals, murderers, rapists, plane hijackers, drug importers and illegal immigrants who have used this act to their advantage.

    PS I don't read the Daily Mail either.

  8. 09.01, I am not suggesting there is no wrong-doing in other Parties. But the news about May and Fox is current; it relates to current events; and the Tory Party currently finds itself in government. I am absolutely confident that you, and many others locally, would have jumped up and down over Labour "crimes" - and no doubt did, and will.

    Your retort - "the others are just as bad" - is lame and you must try to come up with something better.

    There isn't a league table, but I suspect there have been far more Tories than Labourites who have been caught with their hands in the till, a lie in their mouths, or their trousers or knickers down over the years. I may be biased - as you are - but I am thinking of Parkinson, Yeo, Aitken, Mellor, Maudling, Profumo, Parkinson, Archer... I could go on, but you get my point. Then there are the expenses cheats - matched by Labourites, I agree - the cash for questions crooks, and the local transgressors in Thanet too.

  9. Touché,3:42, except that I am willing to accept my anti-Labour bias whereas you seem to have difficulty recognising your own distaste for all things blue.

    You also have trouble accepting that anyone could be anti your beloved Labour without being a rabid Tory. Some of us just despise socialism and all its nanny state control freakery in particular without having much time for politicians in general.