Monday, October 17, 2011

Did I hear right?

Not got time to blog however, listening to BBC radio Kent this morning (Monday) I heard that Kent council has managed (sorry wrong word) to lose 25 vulnerable children and young adults on its care, since March this year.

It is suspected that these children have been almost certainly are part of the apparently increasing Human Trafficking crime, forcing young people into the sex trade, drug crime, forced labour.

Another failure of our county council but more importantly society ( which is you and me), however many of us seem oblivious, still it sounds as if Kent Council are at least beginning to react to a rarely reported hideous crime.

Yes i did hear right I've just replayed the early part of this mornings (Monday ) BBC radio Kent breakfast programme.


  1. This is more than just about Kent but a nation wide problem running into thousands of children. Also yesterday one heard of the hundreds of children being detained at ports of entry as the same criminal fraternity attempt to flood our nation with unaccompanied minors.

    Sadly many such problems can be linked to our loss of control of our borders and immigration leading to an escalation in what might once have been regarded as non-British crime. Not so long ago the pervert had to travel abroad, and particularly to the orient, to satisfy their obnoxious taste for under age sex. Now it is available on their doorstep.

    Yes, you are right Tony, it is a society problem and down to all of us. Unfortunately we probably will not have the full debate about cause and result for the old cry of racism will once again be heard from you know where.

  2. Welcome to the real world Tony.

    Perhaps we should start taking the "conspiracy nutters" a bit more seriously.

  3. 09:29 there is no conspiracy here, but straightforward criminal activity. The illegal sex market is huge and growing as society becomes increasingly permissive in its attitudes.

    Tom Clarke is right about it being imported into this country when once it was something found in the Happy Dance Hall in Singapore, but not Margate High Street.

    Many of our near neighbours have long gone down to road of legalised brothels so that the authorities can monitor the situation and check that the prostitutes are clean and of mature age. That does not necessarily wipe out the trade in little girls and boys but it helps.

    More likely to produce results would be proper border controls and closer scrutiny of certain sections of society.

  4. I'm not entirely sure that we can blame labour's crazy experiment in social engineering an extra 5 million random people shoehorned into the south east.

    As I said it us, society, should take the blame and shame for allowing these things to get out of hand.

    I've pointed out more than once how some local newspapers have accepted dubious advertising for what might well be sex industry workers and rather disgracefully they still do, I complained to the advertising standards authority who did nothing ( self regulation in action.

  5. Agreed that society must take the blame, Tony, but a noisy minority in our society seem to be able to stifle proper debate with their range of 'ism' and 'phobia' accusations.

    Immigration is not the sole cause, but it has not helped, and linked to something of a sex obsessed society with little by way of restraints or standards, we reap its dubious rewards.

    How many perversions must society accept before it screams enough. What a strange world where people demonstrate against cattle transportation yet can stand by whilst little kids are dragged of to be perverts playthings.

    Where are you Ian Driver, your country and some small children need you. Ooops, sorry, too busy shouting at lorry drivers!

  6. Nothing new here for KCC, same story just different Cabinet member and Director for childrens services.

    The Guardian reported this via a FOI request 18 months ago.

    Guardian April 2009

    “Figures released by Kent county council, which handled the biggest single influx of suspected victims of trafficking, show that 86 of the 474 children it took into care over the eight month period last year, went missing."

  7. Surprised Tony we think not !

    Hope you dont delete this again .

    Some think they could add a few zero's to the end of that figure just for how many have been trafficked from within the county in forced adoptions over the years let alone how many come from abroad. But of course this has always been kept well hidden but not for much longer, any one who has had trouble with Kent SS or is rightly concerned about them should attend the:

    Blowing The Whistle - Child Stealing By The State

    This is not a conference to discuss the "issues" and "concerns" with children, and to set out a way to "help reform the system", as some MPs suggest.

    This is a conference to expose and bring to trial those helping the State to steal and abuse children. We will name names, departments, authorities, organisations, judges, MPs, police, psychiatrists and more. With the help of those attending, we will expose the real evidence for:


  8. Anon 11.31, maybe you should ask Thanet's KCC councillors what they are going to do about it rather than pick on a lowly TDC councillor.

  9. He/she won't, Anon 05.46, because even on a subject as serious as this, there is scope for cheap political point-scoring by some people.

  10. 6:54 I would suggest it is more about the priorities of our politicians, at any level, and Ian Driver happens to be high profile on the cattle issue. One could have mentioned various KCC councillors more concerned with their leadership challenge, but the fact remains that some of the real issues are avoided. Perhaps because they might inflame the feelings of certain minority groups, who knows?

    On the cheap political point scoring is it not you that reads such into the post because the named councillor happens to be Labour. He was simply chosen because he is championing the animal cause at this time whilst no one seems to be doing so about these unfortunate children.

    One might also suggest that this justifies ministerial intervention rather than even KCC level. After all, it is not unique to Kent and the recently convicted Asian gang who were procuring underage white girls for prostitution were up North. Then some, of course, want to blame KCC in isolation because they are Tories and they talk of cheap politics!

    Surely this issue is bigger than petty politics, the real curse of our nation.

  11. You, Tom Clarke (or Bluenote, Will Lambert etc etc) posting here either as "yourself" or "Anonymous" - which, for the record, does not bother me in the slightest of course - are the only person who is introducing political parties into the equation. And your self-confessed hatred of all things Labour is, as ever, showing through with your attack on Ian Driver.

    You, alone, are stirring this particular pot, and then playing your usual game of posting an apparently conciliatory post - once your hand grenade has been thrown.

    What a strange and sad behaviour pattern.

  12. 07:37, if it does not bother you that I might use a number of aliases, why do you feel the need to mention it every time. Is this some attempt to show how smart you are, perhaps?

    Mind you, if you really were smart you would note some clear differences in style between Will Lambert and I and, as far as I can recall, Bluenote, who had a blogsite, disappeared around the same time as ECR. Be that as it may.

    I totally refute your suggestion on the political hand grenade because, as I said if you read my comment properly instead of your usual cherry picking, this is an issue that should transcend petty politics. As to Driver, he just happens to be high profile locally on the animal issue which is a fair comparison of our twisted priorities, placing furry things before children. One might also point out that, since he has been deleted from the list of councillors on the Thanet Lab site, mentioning him is not attacking Labour.

    I write this more for the benefit of those genuinely concerned on the subject topic than you for, as ever, you will put your own slant in order to perpetuate what you see as your Red/Blue exchanges with me. Whatever amuses you, my friend!

  13. I mention the aliases, Tom Clarke, only because it exemplifies the deception and spinning that you constantly practice. Whatever turns you on, or over, friend.

  14. Presumably always posting as 'anonymous' is being open and honest, free of spin or deception. Don't you just love the two faced cheek of the guy.

  15. At last someone is taking notice and about time too, what kept them so long ?

    There is a clause in the
    childrens act allowing for them to do this if it is in the best
    interest of the economy of our country.
    Child stealing and trafficking for MONEY, for many so called
    professionals, is a gravy train and so they will be reluctant to change
    anything. this is certainly NOT in the “best Interests of children or
    their families. ” Every child matters” well thats what Hitler said too.

  16. It took 15 posts but finally someone mentioned Hitler...guess the debate is over now then?

  17. Once upon a time we used to hang petty thieves now the big time criminals just get elected. At least the thieves used to come at night, and wore masks, now they come in broad daylight and wear suit and tie. Keep your children away from these gangs posing as ' protection services '

  18. James, far from such mention meaning the debate is over it should alert us to the growing potential for another one.

    Indigenous populations increasingly made to feel less favoured than immigrants, financial chaos and an increasing breakdown in faith in the forces of law and order. How easy then for the extremist to promote racial hatred, distrust of the monetary system and the taking of law into the hands of the public.

    Very similar to the situation in Germany which brought the Nazis to power. Further aggravated in this country where those natually on the right feel let down by their current leadership. Many indeed feel disenfranchised as issues they thought they were voting for are ignored.

    If, as you claim, you are a Conservative, you will already be aware of this grass roots swell of disatisfaction. A people failed by Labour and now by the alternative ultimately have to turn somewhere.

    Far from dismissing Hitler comments, we should be taking them very seriously or have we, as a people, already forgotten. Maybe Eisenhower's cameraman did not take enough photos after all!

  19. 07;37, would seem I owe you an apology for Ian Driver's name has today been reinstated on the Thanet Lab blogsite list of councillors. Presumably they have buried the hatchet following his 'tosser' excange with Cllr. Richardson. Boys will be boys I guess.

    PS I have pulled the pin!

  20. Actually, I hope it doesn't go off, Tom Clarke. I disagree with you passionately over most issues, but you do argue sensibly, and with foundation, which is not always the case on these blogs. Of course you are wrong, but...


  21. 11:41, when all said and done it is but opinion and I guess none of us have it all right, or all wrong for that matter.

  22. James, if you check your history Hilter did use the term ..."in the best interests of the child" which is why this government is trying to shy away from using it.Although it really doesn't matter what term is used or by which party, they are all responsible for letting children be trafficked, abused in 'care' and stolen for forced adoption.

  23. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth defender of the common law will be well aware of the commercial liens being placed on her public servants for not doing their jobs, all of whom will be held accountable in the Queens bench.

    For all those that still believe we are all equal under the 'law' please wake up and watch this presentment held recently at the British Constitution Group /child stealing conference.

  24. Usually load of round objects, 10:53, don't you ever tire of this rubbish?