Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Points - Labour and the Press New Standards in Hypocrisy

A couple of things have riled me this week one is the rather school boyish comments surrounding Liam Fox and his friend, yes undoubtedly a error of judgement has been made, but is it necessary for the media to have hinted at or implied Liam Fox’s sexuality as appears to have been the case. Gay or Straight who cares? its none of our business, listening to the radio on way home I hear a couple of obnoxious newspaper editors bleating about press freedom, after all the crime their industry has been involved in, the government now wants proper regulation and replace the useless Press Council who have clearly failed to police the crooks.

How caring and worried, the Labour Party, seem over the unemployment figures, the only problem I have, is that these are the same people, who with no public consultation, no thought to the consequences allowed around 5 million migrants to enter the country during their period in office. As a result many schools struggle because children cannot speak English, there is not enough housing, the health system is under strain, and all the Labour party can do is snipe at the coalition, who not surprisingly cannot wave a magic wand. But hey don’t worry, because those responsible are still working, Tony Blair (UN Middle East peace envoy despite being involved in the Iraq war), and Gordon Brown drawing his MP’s salary.


  1. Enoch Powell would be so proud of you, Tony.

  2. 1 39 I think you will find that many senior labour Mp's have acknowledged the damage done to low paid, by mass migration.

    If your inferring I'm a racist I suggest you trawl through this post and then 1500plus others and you will realise your talking bollix.

    When a boat is overloaded you dont call some one a racist for pointing out the obvious.

    If you read this blog you will find many occasions when I've pointed out how migrants have been exploited by Labour friends.

  3. 1:39's comment is so typical of those that shout 'racist' every time anyone attempts to raise the immigration question. Perhaps one of the biggest errors on the issue by the last Labour government was not having a time bar on entry from the new EU countries like many of our neighbours did. Those immigrants are white so it is not a colour issue. It is about numbers exceeding resources.

    Interested that Tony raises the 'so what' view on Liam Fox's sexuality. Whilst I agree, I am quite sure innuendo would have been drawn by the press if his friend had been some dishy young totty seventeen years his junior. That is the world we live in where sex is assumed as a motivation routinely.

    Of course, Fox should go for being so obviously stupid in his judgement but he probably won't. When do ministers ever get their just deserts instantly. Did Prescott lose his DPM job for rooting his CS staff member. No, he just caused his wife acute embarrassment and carried on like nothing had happened.

  4. What a laughably hysterical reaction - from both of you. The point here is that what you, Tony, have put forward chimes almost totally with the arguments advanced over many years by Enoch Powell. Nothing more, nothing less. It may well align with what others think and say too. If you are alleging Powell was a racist, then perhaps you should reflect on where that puts your comments. I have thrown no accusations whatsoever.

    Methinks you do protest too much.

  5. Oh and Anon of 09.19 (or Bluenote, Tom Clarke, Will Lambert...), I notice that your professed disdain for all politicians means that yet again, you have to cover a Tory issue with a swipe at Labour. Your supposedly even-handed approach really is hypocritical hogwash.

  6. It is the racist lobby that dub Powell racist and certainly I would make no such allegation. simply forsaw, and spoke out, on the potential problems we were building as a nation by our move towards a multi-racial society. Indeed, name one such nation that has not had such difficulties.

    As for the ridiculous comment on offsetting a Tory indiscretion with a Labour one, I merely make the point, as I have done before, that politicians are human, they sometimes fail and those failings are not confined to anyone party.

    Of course, Fox should go, irrespective of the fact that others have got away with things in the past. In my book a minister who can show such bad judgement is not fit to be a mininster. End of story.

  7. By the way 2:16, but why is it OK for you to refer to somebody else's comment as hypocritical hogwash when you accuse those who call you a Labour bigot, of being rude. Who is the hypocrite round here?

  8. Methinks 2:-14 is a complete tosser

  9. Indeed, a smartarse tosser no less.

  10. Gosh, what well-informed and meaningful comments. I bow to the erudite and articulate Blues in the blogging population.

    As for Anon of 14.36, if you twist around much more, backtrack, reverse your arguments and spin, you will likely fall over. In your earlier post, you accused me of shouting "racist" - which I didn't - by drawing the link to Powell. Now you say you do not hold the view that Powell was a racist. I guess then your early hysteria was misplaced and your point entirely defeated.

  11. No hysteria simply the application of the generally misplaced view held in left quarters that Powell was racist.

    Whilst I do not hold with the one liner insults, I would have to agree with them that you justify at least the smartarse label.

    By what right do you assume that everyone who is anti-Labour is blue. Furthermore you frequently link me with other blogsite commentators who use psuedonyms. Why, is it impossible for you to accept that so many people do not share your Labour views.

    I am afraid, sir, that you are nothing like as smart as you think you are and you are overly selective in the points you choose to answer. There was much more in my original comment at 9:19 than the racism issue and I did not even mention Powell. As always you ignore that which you cannot counter.

  12. I wonder why people who stick up for scumbags like Enoch Powell want to remain anonymous...

  13. Peter, there are many reasons for wishing to remain anonymous on a blogsite and these can range from holding public office, certain types of employment or simply to exercise one's right to privacy. After all, who is Peter Checksfield, for the name means nothing to me but, whoever, I would suggest you are well down the IQ scale on Enoch Powell.

    Strange as it may seem to you, not all of us share your enthusiasm for nudity but would you expect to be called a scumbag because of it. It also does not take much of a hero to call a dead man one.

  14. Anyone sticking up for him doesn't deserve to be in public office... and by your reckoning we can't criticise Hitler or Bin Laden either because they're dead (& I've no doubt they too had a higher IQ than me!).

    As for photographing consenting adults without their clothes, I don't expect everyone to approve. The big difference of course is that I'm not spreading hatred & intolerance.

    Love & Peace,

    Peter Checksfield (who's proud to be of English, Spanish, Jewish & Antiguan heritage).

  15. Peter, you have clearly never read any of Enoch Powell's books or studied the speech he made that included his 'like the Roman' reference.

    The man spelt out the problems he forsaw, most of which have come to fruition. He did not preach hatred but queried the likely consequences of multi-racial immigration.

    You fall into the trap of so many and deny the debate behind this so called racism label. I am not racist, I have lived and worked with many diffent peoples in various parts of the world. I have also witnessed interfaction hatred and violence in many parts of the world, invariably arising from indigenous populations feeling threatened by alien immigrants.

    If Powell is to be criticised it is over the wisdom and timing of his speech as a senior politician, not its content.

    See you are happy to accept criticism of Bin Laden yet there are many in the muslim world who would consider his cause just and his death to be murder. Depends which side you are on I guess.

    As to your own racial credentials, I am English and have relatives who are Scottish, Irish, Australian, Canadian, South African and Rhodesian but what of it. This is not about race but the over crowding of a tiny island.

  16. Maybe Tony you miss the true concern.


    By what authority did a man print business cards asserting he was advisor to the Secretary of State for Defence ?

    From 1975 to 82 a man clkaimed to be running the "Combat Training Team Royal Marines". Deal Barracks. he claimed that police studies conducted by "Combat Training Team Royal Marines" had led to the creation of his "International Law Enforcement Training Agency".

    He gained access to top secret Royal Navy commuinicatiosn sites and RAF bases and USAF bases. He became consultant on Cabinet Security appointed by his ILETA associate ex cop Brian WARE who was Head of Cabinet Security.

    Then the Sun in 2009 exposed him as bogus former SAS. His military experience was a while in Army Cadets as a schoolboy.

    My MP got a response from Sec of State for Defence that the man, one James SHORTT aka Baron of Castleshortt, never had authority to conduct military training.

    This unauthorized man whose activity was actually against law, then in force, got to the centre of the government security.

    No one wants to know amongst the embarrassed dozy useless Kent Plod because they had officers on his instructional staff.

    No one wants to know at Mid Kent College because they charge large fees for bodyguarding courses leading to qualifications validated by ILETA !

    In 1972 my brother became an ops controller for the Oman War. Although he had been posiutive vetted in 68 the process was done again in early 72 to clear him for role. The process repeated in 73 when the feared "Iraqi Death list" (See Rannulf Fiennes cobblers about post Oman threats called "The Feathermen")

    You would expect that sort of stringency when it comes to Defence of the Realm.

    Oooh I know let's turn a blind eye to the procedures the guy was Liam's flatmate ?

  17. One always knew it was coming and, hey presto, up springs old RC with the Deal bombing not to mention a rather homophobic dig at Fox's possible sexuality. What is the implication there, Rick? If he has gay tendencies he is somehow a greater security risk - my you will be popular with our pink community.

  18. The problem with "Multiculturalism" resides in its definition which I fear Peter has not considered.

    It is the belief or social experiment (unl;awful in UK) that ALL cultures are of equal merit in one land.

    In practice its absurdities are there to be seen by those who will see.

    If the belief system is that all cultures are equal it follows that goes for the BNP too.

    In practice homophobia is tolerated of religious groups. Racism and exclusion is tolerated of religious groups. Denying women equal rights is tolerated of religious and ethnic groups.

    So what does the law and the constitution of our monarchy say on this ?

    Well its says that Independent Ministerial Officers of the Crown hold office conditional that they defend the antient rights, freedoms and liberties of the people.

    The United Nations says that all people are entitled to a hoimeland and a culture therein.

    Constables hold office sworn to the Queen to be blind to difference in order thgat all are equal before the law.

    Yet they acquise to "Home Office key competencies training" like "Respect for diversity".

    They hold office to act sworn no fear, no favour, no malice, no ill will. Yet they attend courses on diversity which are aimed at dividing favour in breach of the office.

    We are a Common Law land. Everyone is entitled to enjoy Peace guaranteed by the Queen and enforceable by all her loyal subjects. You spit on a black man in my honky presnce it is the same as you spiting on me. You breach his peace you breach my peace. We are equal and this country has enshrined that for centuries till meddling social theorist postwar, probably intent on undermining the constitutional monarchy, mounted an unlawful multicultural experiment.

    And we are lied to. How many people know that in about 1650 of 25,500 slaves in Barbados 21,700 where white British ?

    Yet we are supposed to cow down to the nonsense of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and buy into the myth aimed at imposing a collective white guilt.

    Since time immemorial any person putting foot on our land became entitled to enjkoy all embracing human rights at Common Law. The Queens Peace. Stuff Europe. Stuff human rights lawyers and groups.

    equal under the law. Law enforced blind to differnce. All entitled to enjoy peace. All with a duty to maintain peace. Job done. Time for the post war social theorists to naff off and attempt to learn useful skills.

    Powell was not a racist.

    There are only two categories of person. Those of good will and those of ill will. Multiculturalism is a system of labelling people so that those of good will don't communicate with each other. Hitler invented the label hanging idea.

    Jew bad. Black bad, Gypsy bad. Negro unfortunately fleet of foot at Olympics very bad. Freemason bad.

    Compare that to multiculturalist label hanging

    BNP bad (leave em alone they would only carry on to make dicks of themselves)

    Enoch Powell bad

    Racists bad

    Want to know how to catch a multiculturalist out ask for the definition of his belief and what is a racist ?

    If a racist is a person who designates other people by race in order to stipulate or monitor their treatment then it follows every multiculturalist is in fact a racist. QED

  19. Retired, your last comment makes a lot of sense but please do not expect Peter to understand it. Sure he would prefer to stick with his second hand, and incorrect, version of racism.

  20. I don't understand either, but nothing Retarded says makes sense to me.

  21. Anonymous 6:13, I am with you but I see your red sparring partner at 5:15 has ducked out again once the going gets hot. He seems to have a regular knack of emulating the Crickey bird by flying round in ever decreasing circles and disappearing you know where. He has done it to me before now.

  22. I think it is a lifestyle choice, Will!

  23. Will Lambert (or Tom Clarke/Bluenote/the various other Anons here), I do not "duck out" of anything - nor do I intend to rise to your baiting. It is simply that I find deception and hypocrisy - which I see in so many of your posts - impossible to answer and unworthy of the attempt.

    Whether you are an objective critic of the political class, as you claim, or a True Blue Tory intent on Labour-bashing and attempting to score points for your "side", as I believe you to be, neither matters nor truly concerns me.

    Enjoy your weekend, pondering today's news about your wily Fox.

  24. It is the selective nature of your responses, frequently ignoring valid points, that I find odd for someone who apparently wants to enter the debate. However, it hardly matters.

    As to wily Fox, it would seem he was not wily enough, indeed, plain bloody stupid would be more accurate. Wonder why they did not replace with 'bonking Bob, of Bosnian fame. At least he knows what it is like to be a soldier and seems to have his bed hopping days behind him.

    Now I must leave you to go and throw my bank statements in the public litter bin. Sometimes you simply could not make it up, but then, how would you know not having such cretins in the Labour party!

  25. Just got back from collecting junior from prep school for half term to see old anon 8:24 did rise to the bait despite his denial. Well done, Will and co, keep winding up the reds.