Sunday, October 09, 2011

Random points

Another free weekend, somewhat of a rarity for me, and rather irrationally I feel I should put finger to keyboard and bang out some torturous posting about what…….

A scan of the papers has produced little to get my goat, Sunday Times has big bribes scandal in Saudi Arabian business deal, I think so what, it’s generally that way in a country that routinely abuses women ruled by some royal elite.

The Liam Fox thing, seems overblown set against world crisis and I wonder if there is a   as little bit more to this as does the man himself quoted in the Telegraph “I think there are underlying issues behind these claims and the motivation is deeply suspect.

This weekend’s Kent on Sunday has a less than exciting story about schools being encouraged to become academy's.

A couple of blogging related points, one goggles hit counter seems to get more optimistic by the day, I note one blog has tripled it’s audience in a month?, however others counters remain fairly restrained and what happened to Michael Child’s embargo on council press releases, did the council back down, I know when I last spoke to their legal boffin, things hadn’t changed. Is Michael getting preferential treatment?

Still if nothing else, I’ve had another pleasant weekend, vegging out mainly, this afternoon watching “The man who would be King” followed with a Sky Arts showing  Cream reunion (2005) at the Albert Hall, well that’s all, I shall continue my veg out with Channel 4 showing the classic Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, not sure about the story but great pixels.


  1. So Dr Fox does not think it is wrong that he allowed his friend to pose as a government offical/advisor and accomply him on offical trips where no doubt commercial contracts and maybe UK defence was on the agenda. If he cant see that doing favours for a friend is abuse of his position then he should go. He is not the first to do this but he has been caught and the cash benifit to his friend and possible to himself make a bit of expense fiddling look like chicken feed.
    You may also recall that Mark Thatcher uses to earn commisions from from UK construction companies (and also arms contracts) for his part in introductions to asian powers. I cant think he was able to do this without mummy.

    Maybe we should get Prince Andrew back to help Dr Fox.

  2. Well maybe I'm just to mellow after a good weekend, yes good weekend maybe it's wrong to help a friend but I think there migth mire to this.

  3. The Cream concert was great and the Transformers film was a revelation as for Liam Fox I think the papers are hard up for a story if this is the best they can dig up. Yes he has been silly but hardly a cause for a witch hunt. I hope they can find something worth reporting soon like how is the EU going to get itself out of the mire it finds itself in.

  4. Here we go and our anonymous lefty friends digs deep in his records of Tory names or associates who have done friends a few favours conveniently forgetting Mandelson, Robinson, Cherie Booth and co who milked the system to their own benefit. Indeed, which law firm were the first to cash in on the enshrining of the Human Rights Act into British law. No prizes for guessing.

    Liam Fox has been unwise but he is hardly making millions out of his office unlike some we could name but then, why bother. You cannot convert bigots so why waste time trying.

  5. Anon 12.13, you are so, so blind to your own bigotry with your constant anti-Labour rants. And are you incapable of advancing an argument without the insults? Your postings positively drip with the venom that clearly courses your system. And I am NOT the Anon of 08.15.

  6. You either believe that those that seek and obtain public office, whether national or local, do so to serve the public, or you believe that many of them do so to get their nose in the trough and the noses of their friends. The MP in question is on record as being the largest expense cheat in the then shadow cabinet having claimed £22,476 in mortgage interest payments to which he was not entitled. And for some reason in the period 2006-2009 he also climed £19,000 to pay his mobile phone bill.
    I trust that the inquiry will get to the bottom of whether the public purse has been taken for a ride by thses two pals.
    Its a thin line between those MP's that were imprisoned for fiddling their expenses and those that just had to pay it back.

  7. Just where is the venom. As I have said before I have little time for politicians but some folk are so one sided. Why can't you get the message that many of them, probably even a majority, use their public offices to advatantage whether that is favours for friends or helping themselves. Then, even after they step down, they still further milk the system to secure high office, directorships, or EU commissioner posts for which, other than their political connections, they are not really qualified.

    It is not insulting to point out bigotry which, I would suggest, is when one simply fails to see any fault in ones own side. I am not that delusional. Fox is a twit and his strategic defence review is a treasury driven cull. If he goes it will be no loss but he is far from being the worst.

  8. All very smart 8:15 but perhaps we should recall Messrs. Isley, Chaytor, Devine and Morley who were all incarcerated at HM's pleasure with another of our previous illustrious government waiting in the wings. It is not just Tories you know.

    Mind you this trading names is not really that clever and would not be necessary if some contributors could take on board that for every blue finger in the till or hand up the wrong knickers there is a red one doing the same thing. Nature of the beasts.