Saturday, October 15, 2011

iOS 5 “bull…..”

Hyped up

No doubt the new Iphone, is blimin marvellous but I have to say for a company firmly placed in the quality end of the market, their new operating system is not as it should be.

They claim to have taken the iphone/pad operating system to a new level, which in my case has proved to be the basement, a long winded process to install, while irritating is not unexpected, however unlike the seamless transfer of information from my original 3gs to 4, this “upgrade” didn’t transfer my apps and added a half hour to the process as I trawled around for a solution.

Asking another user, what their experience was the work “bull….” summed up the experience losing not just music from their phone, they claimed it had also exited the computer. Not sure that they’ve resolved the issue as a friend was going to nose around their PC for the missing files.

Admittedly I’ve not had much time to play with the hyped improvements, but my first impression is that there not all that. One example the camera from the locked screen, was not accessible until in my case I had asked someone, who told me you have to click the home button twice for it to show, trivial until you want to use the camera quickly.

Apple enthusiasts will of course think I’m a miserable old git (guilty), and feel that apple are doing us a favour, however apple are looking to grab a fair bit of business by persuading us to store information in the icloud, although you get some space free, no surprise there are options to buy more space to store photo’s etc.

If you haven’t already upgraded you Iphone, I would wait a day or two unless you’ve got nothing spoiling for an hour or so, until such time as online support groups have more answers.

PS The new notification doobry firkin, seems to have no wish update me other than with weather info, so much for the hub updating me on the latest tweets, facebook, email and texts, still I suppose that might well have more to do with my “Billy no mates” status.

billy no mates


  1. i CANT BE YOUR MATE COS i HAVE NO iPhone Tony but I can be a virtual mate via blogger

  2. I can't speak for the iPhone but Apple computers has a tradition of beta testing new software on the punters.

    I used to let the 'apple fanboys' sort out the teething problems before updating anything myself. Now I hardly bother updating anything, it all still works just fine.

  3. Upgrade went ok for me but then again I do jailbreak my devices so am used to manually re-installing apps and settings.

    PS go into settings, notifications and move all things you want that are "not in notification centre" to "in notification centre" so the notifications will appear in the slide down notifications :-)