Saturday, October 01, 2011

New look dilemma - Should I stay or should I go

This is a bit of self indulgence, you know the whole business of blogging, who am I to pontificate, I’m not god….

Sometimes delusional as to my position in the Big Society, I feel I do my bit to represent an underclass of middle aged nonentities, and have a mission to inflict views which are unrepresented in the mainstream, probably for good reasons.

Once in a while, I like to think, I’ve put things in the public domain which would otherwise be dismissed by proper media.

Excuse the pompous, prelude to the meat, of this posting, the thing is Google Blogger have launched a new template (framework) called Dynamic View, which presents a much better overall view of the content.

I’d change the format immediately but for the lack of customisation possibilities, admittedly Bignews Margate is cluttered will all sorts on nonsense like the gadgets in the sidebar (Dog woof, and the fish) and links to other blogs which is essential in my mind.

Anyhow not to worry, from a reader perspective if you click here you can have the future, today, as blogger have made available a preview, there are seven different “dynamic “ views, the one I prefer is timeline. however at the top on the left you have several choices, maybe you could, give an opinion.bignews new style

Assuming that Google add customisation such as gadgets, header, etc I will abandon the present layout at the earliest opportunity but for the moment will stay. Thanks to Google who allow people like me a soapbox and a world wide audience.

If you like, you can view other  “blogger” blogs in the new format by adding /view/timeslide etc and if nothing else enjoy the clash.

A couple of other local blogs in the new format

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  1. Tony I looked at the new and prefered the old so I decided lifes to short to bother with change

  2. A lot of peope will be asking the question "should I go or should I stay" since from today you dont have to retire at 65. One or two other new employment laws come in today as well- may even affect Thanet Earth.

  3. 4 54 Don't count on it, you'll just see fresh misery for agency workers 11 weeks on and one off, the increase in mimimum wage will see many firms scamming workers like travel to work cost.

    Some of these crooks charge a fiver a day for a short trip in a smelly van from Thanet to you know where.

    Like the new view

  4. Millions of unemployed, yet they're encouraging oldies to work longer...