Monday, October 10, 2011

What do experts know about Margate

Quite a bit it seems, just swilling down my breakfast cup of coffee, trawling through my paper the "i" , and I stumble across yet another article about our beloved Margate

The article written by Dominic Prince, describes how "urban guru" Andrew Ashenden, would save Margate.

Not surprisingly in referring to Tesco's plans to plonk a supermarket around Arlington House, Mr Ashdowns suggestion is to flatten the tower block "one of the ugliest buildings, I've ever seen" and create a nice open space.

Not a bad appraisal, but then my home doesn't happen to be in Arlington House.

For myself Arlington House has withstood the last 40 years, all it needs is tidying up and some imagination breathed into the retail area below, not a blimin great ugly supermarket to compliment the already aesthetically challenged Tower.


  1. Even ECR gave up.

    The best hope may be the plan to reinforce Arlington House structure to add a penthouse Mosque with, atop, an impressive skyline dominating minaret.

    The existing floors to be used by the Mosque charity committee as non-sectarian care, convalescent and asylum seeker accommodation.

    Tesco has appointed a Margate Hallal advisor to give guidance on the range of products to be stocked.

    All good. The ugly giant duckling tower block transformed into an even bigger iconic Mosque architectural swan. Thanet gene pool consequently improved by the people moving into the area.

    Time to celibrate and embrace multiculturalism. All good.

  2. What a brilliant comment.

    All the ingredients are in there.

    If a building is not pleasing does it follow it should be demolished ? What about adding to it or amending it ? To another use.

    Another use might challenge Thanet self interested small mindedness. Why should investors use their money to satisfy what sit on their backside Thanetians define as their needs ?

    Shops do have to respond to the market and the market is not necessarily that of sit on their backside criticise the council Thanetians.

    And the commenter has stunned the usual suspects into silence because they don't want to criticise multiculturalism or market forces and reveal their own sit on their Thanet backsides nimbyism.

    Of course Anon 12.31 has to be ECR ?

  3. I'll gladly join in with the anti-Tesco brigade if TDC promise to get rid of Arlington House!

  4. Ah Peter can ye not be persuaded to the possibility of tarting the old tower block up to convert it to an architectural icon ?

    If not a Mosque then how about a converson to a huge domiciliary mounting plinth for the largest ever Tracey Emin neon signage work of art ? Or even both ... an Emin neon signage wrapped minaret to help summon the faithful to prayer.

  5. Imam wrote

    I am most interested in Benjamin Beale and those beach caravan jobs for discreet changiong to sea bathing attire.

    The ladies of our faith struggle with non-segegated reveal nigh all bathing and exercise in this land.

    But upon conversion of Arlington House to the Margate Mosque and all arms rest home, it would be most acceptable for the ladies of our congregation to change into their bathing bhurkas in the security of a Benjamin Beale beach conveyance. And to take of the seas and anything Tivoli Brook may have to offer thereon.

  6. Dale Farm Residents Association said

    Best o luck wid dat idea Imam.

    Our own profile has had recent significant boost what with yer Paddy winning celebrity big brother.

    When Thanet Council offered us Arlington House we baulked at the idea. |We have to protect our own youth from unacceptable influences.

    If, our Good Lord and Maker forbid and yer very own Deity would be one and the same fella, we were to set up Dale Farm multistorey, then our girls would be exposed to the Thanet influence. Next thing they would be getting deliberately pregnant and expecting a free sited caravan and ample benefits from the local council. What happens to our Gypsy work ethic if the Thanet giromuncher apathy sets in ?

    Instead of a good Paddy style punch up on the sands (A suitable distance from yer Benjie Beale wagons Imam) there would be Thanet style sick notes and excuses. Even them Dutchies won't employ em to pick tomatos.

    And yer Benjie Beale wagons mate you would need a good guard on night time to stop the ruddy locals vandalising em.

    And don't employ a Thanet security firm the boss is probably a tory councillor domiciled in South America with a security manager who is also a tory councillor and kitty fiddler. Who can be very myopic when a character "jimmy G" wants to get handy wiv his swan vestas if yer gets me drift.

    Having said that we can do Arlington Mosque a good tarmac entrance at competitive rates.

  7. That's not ECR, that's (P)Rick!

  8. Rick's a star too, but I don't think it's him.

    How about a super casino? Well maybe not, since they put the kybosh on the credit cards.

  9. Rick's a star! Perhaps it's time for that check up for you are talking of the most boring blogger of all time. Mind you, I suppose we have not heard much on the Deal bombing lately though don't hold your breath!

  10. Bring on TESCO its got to be better than any shop in Margate now