Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rupert Murdoch should we know who he shares his nights with?

Sorry not the most wholesome thought and not for the squeamish, but maybe we should ask the question, since Murdoch's papers, continue to poke and pry into the lives of those it considers noteworthy.

Murdoch's News International company, already tarnished by a mountain of evidence of sleaze and corruption, from it's News of the World paper, looks to have learnt nothing, I chanced upon an article from Monday's Sun, it speculated on Prince Harry's relationship with a waitress, which of course is none of our business, or Rupert Murdoch's.

I understand that Mr Murdoch is not a supporter of royalty and neither am I, however if Murdoch wants to change things, we live in a democracy, we can discuss and make the case for change.

News International, newspapers, have in my opinion frequently wrapped themselves in the Union Jack, when it suits but have had a long history of intrusive reporting, trivialising the Royal family.

So what's the big deal, well, whether I like or even Murdoch likes it, the Royal family, are constitutionally part of the government of this country, so until such time as that is no longer the case, it would be nice if News International could show some respect for a British institution and cease the continual corrosive tittle tattle and endless banal revelations such as young bloke albeit Prince tries or gets leg over, so what!

No doubt the journalist Pete Samson, the editor and the proprietor of the Sun would claim some dubious public interest argument in disclosing, Prince Harry's private life, however I'd see this "story" as at best nothing to do with us the public and at worst a potential threat to security of the royal family and by implication the UK.

The press and media continue to insist on self regulation, which thus far has never worked, while continuing, generally in the more squalid newspapers to publish vile stories of no merit or genuine public interest.


  1. A free press is an essential cog in the machinary of our democracy and, as such, I would hate to see it regulated. Like Tony, I abhor the constant exposure of what should be other people's private lives, but it sells newspapers.

    An element within society get some kick out of reading of the exploits of celebrities from princes to footballers, particularly who they are currently squeezing. Not my scene, but where would one draw the line with restricting such reporting. Should any person or section of the communitity get special exemption from having their love life reported on. A dangerous path to take I think.

  2. Tony, why are you reading this trash?

  3. Mrs Me reads it I Just happend across it as I sometimes glance through, so I can feel superior, a delusion I know