Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thanet council completes tough major project.

Viewers of Meridian's tonight programme, will have been reassured, that Thanet council is, on the case. The culmination of a significant policy change, is here for all to see. Whilst other councils dither Thanet council has shown that it has what it takes, were major issues need action.

Yes Thanet council in a brave move, have cracked that age old problem, what plants to use in a drought, yes artificial ones, now all they have got to do, is come up with a plan for the Marks and Spencer building, and regenerating, the lower high-street and the old town. Let's hope any plans or ideas they do have are real and not artificial.

I must say these flowers looked really rather good, as I cycled through Cecil Square yesterday afternoon.

Oh can you sort out the traffic, before you allow any more development, around Westwood.


  1. How sad that cheap plastic flowers is the cheap nasty TDC solution, when others might have thought about a bit of water catcment?

  2. May be sad but perhaps they will keep them all year round, in fact I notice in Broadstairs and Ramsgate they seem to have there christmas lights up all year.

  3. Well B'Stairs and Ramsgate own their lights, Margate doesn't. Although they did try to claim ownership after a generous local business man paid for them.