Thursday, March 01, 2007

Labour want to know who I would vote for?
(so do I)

Minding my own business tonight, cooking dinner, I get a telephone call from some lady working for Labour, asking me who, I generally vote for, bit of a thought provoking question.

I used to vote instinctively for any Liberal candidate, and if that wasn’t possible I would vote Labour. In recent years I would seriously consider the Tories, on the basis that they always claim to be efficient mangers of local government (actually I only voted Tory just the once and that was really because I knew one of the Labour candidates to be a complete er tosser).

Studying the casual way that Tories seem to waste vast sums as if it where nothing, has made me see the error of my ways. New labour, though have become just like the Tories, the thing that gave Labour such a landslide back in 1997 was the sleaze, the feeling Tories where completely arrogant and immoral. 10 years on and Labour have us fighting a war without public support, offering unlimited gambling opportunities for everyone, ministers having casual affairs and the possible crime, of selling Honours.

Here’s another question just what have the Labour party done for us in the last ten years, about as much as the Romans, in that period, bugger all, apart from minimum wage nothing for the working person at all. Labour have worked hard, to pour money into the health service, most of it, is wasted, example GP’s get more money and now only open 8 hours a day mon-fri. Consider the negligence over the migration issue, anyone in the construction industry, will be acutely aware of the exploitation of foreign workers, who are paid peanuts by construction companies, yet the Labour government did nothing to anticipate the problem, or protect peoples living standards.

In England under New Labour our children if they wish to attend higher education, have to pay, our pensioners have to sell their homes to pay for treatment in care homes, whilst in Scotland this is all free. I find this nothing less than contemptible, why should one part of Britain sub the other and Labour expect us to sit back in England and support Gordon Brown just because it’s his turn.

I might vote for a party that offers me an English Parliament; I have had enough of Taxation without representation. I used to know who to vote for, 10 years of Blair all I can think is, what a waste.

Coming back briefly to the lady on the phone (who unfortunately got full benefit of my opinion), there is no political party that I would feel comfortable voting for anymore, not even the Liberals since they dumped Charles Kennedy for old Minger. I honestly don’t know whom to vote for anymore.


  1. Having been a millionaire up until yesterday, the natural party for me was the Tories. No, Labour. Er.

    Anyway, now I'm having to shop at Netto, the natural party for me would be Labour. No, Tory. Er.

    Actually, I've always been inclined towards the Mingers, and am desperately hoping that CK will dry out in time for us to give him another chance!

  2. Have you tried the Jobcentre, see if they have any vacancies for Millionaire Media Moguls if you don't ask, you wont get.

    You might as well stick to Tesco and their Value range the breads a bit stale, orange juice v.good, spaghetti ok.

    I think CK did a damn site better job "relaxed" than old minger sober.