Friday, September 12, 2008


I've a busy weekend which will probably keep me away from the keyboard, so top urgent I have despatched a grovelling apology to Adem of Thanet Bloglist (who as it happens to be a damn site more polite than myself).

Here is the text of my email "Hi Adem

I'm on my knees as I type this and not because I've broken my chair, my apologies for my outrageous attack on your good self, and the Thanet bloglist,

If I had sack cloth I would be wearing it now, Again my sincere apologies

Cheers all the best tony flaig"


A new website has been launched SAY NO TO CHINA GATEWAY with links and information about this hideous development which will ruin Thanet, for ever if you don't get involved.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Perhaps someone can also start a Facebook group on this? They seem very popular, & also get many younger people involved.

  2. I agree with Labour Party MP Steve Ladyman "The Gateway is needed for jobs and will go ahead come what may"

  3. Well its unlikely he would object

  4. Facebook group set up ages ago. Please paste the link

  5. Organising meeting about China Gateway tonight, 7.30, Red Halll, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Broadstairs, tel 01843 604253.

    Do come if you want to find out more about the proposal and help to carry the campaign forwards. There will be leaflets etc for you to take away.

    Best wishes
    Christine Tongue
    01843 604253
    11 Grosvenor Rd
    CT10 2BT

  6. Oh, I forgot, Christine Tongue is having another of her meetings, Lets pickle thanet in aspic and watch all the youngsters go and find work elsewhere. This happened in the crofting land in Scotland. A few blinkered old far** killed off an entire community. Hurray, welcome to the Nimby garden of england.

  7. Like most I would like to see jobs attracted to Thanet particularly since Labours negligent border control has lead to a rather untenable situation where foreign workers are driving down earnings and for what so that corrupt Labour government politicians can appease the lowest elements of the business community.

    Particularly worrying is that some South Thanet Labour appear to be singing for their supper, if you know what I mean.

    If any of our trusted politicians who have had business dealings with either CGP or Directors could quote any facts about employment then us cynics might actually back them.

  8. While you are at it, why not complain about East Kent Access - Phase 2, carving great swathes across Thanet farmland, to improve the A299 and A256 at Cliffsend. No-one seems bothered about the loss about all that farm land...

  9. The anti china gateway clique are using scaremongering and are obviously not interested in facts. Thanet urgently needs jobs, our youth leaving full time education want a career,There are so many regeneration initiatives underway, windfarms, manston Airport, Ramsgate port,China Gateway, new hotels, yet C Tongue and crew are just not interested. What is their agenda, because caring about the future and creating employment certainly not of interest. I suggest they get a life and allow other people to get one.

  10. Museums closing, countryside being concreted over, developers building flats wher one house used to be, public spaces and buildings being sold off to prop up failing council budgets - why is anyone puzzled what my agenda is? I just want to live in a nice place where local politicians are committed to the public interest - and don't assume the only jobs on offer round here should be low-paid and industrial.