Monday, January 25, 2010

Cameron's Kent Tories "commonsense" approach deprives children in East Kent

Unless I am going completely deaf, I understand that BBC radio Kent, are reporting on news bulletins this morning, that Cllr. Paul Carter leader of Kent conservative administration believes depriving children in East Kent of grammar school places as being commonsense or as its describe as moving places I think.

Some background to this issue can be found on page one of this week's Kent on Sunday, also it has been reported in some detail here on Bignews Margate.

Essentially the situation is this, schools in West Kent, have in the pursuit of some might say excellence and others might say league tables been applying a tough selection process designed for and selecting only the brightest students, now this may seem OK but the net effect is children of Kent, who have reached grammar school standard, as laid down by KCC, are finding it difficult to obtain the grammar places despite they having earned the right to a place through hard work and diligence.

Simply put Kent Council is subsidising children from outside of Kent, probably to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds, therefore depriving children Kent, the education that we pay for and they're entitled to (I understand that Paul Carter resides near Maidstone).

Of course most of us, would consider it commonsense if Paul Carter the leader of Kent Council, tried to sort out this mess, where local taxpayer funded schools, act against the interests of the communities that fund them as is the case of those in West Kent. Also you might think Paul Carter would have the "smarts" in an election year to look after Kent taxpayers rather than take the easy option.

Perhaps David Cameron's team might like to have a word with Paul Carter on some of Kent council's rather contentious issues, like millions wasted on advertising, Kent TV which is yet to establish itself into Kent mainstream, health watch, etc. and of course the above.

PS I don’t agree with Kent’s Grammar Schools since they have been consistently cited as favouring middle class kids and have resulted in poorer performance than other areas.


  1. What is Carter & Co really up to in Kent, are they really
    concerned about children , not according to this conservative blog?

    The secrecy of state child seize in Britian

    This is happening in Britain, which we believe to be a free country. As the economy descends into massive borrowing, and as politics turns into a daily farce whereby not even the cabinet can get rid of the Prime Minister, it is clear that power has shifted away from where it used to be.
    Into this void, our enemies, and devious criminals can work their way, and remove our most precious assets from in front of our noses, our jobs, our industries, our freedom to speak, and our children too.
    Policy suggestions -
    1. End the secrecy of the Family Courts
    2. End targets and rewards to councils for removing children.
    Will the Conservatives please add these policies to their manifesto?
    Maidstone Borough Councillor Sheena Williams resigned from the Tory party , after Tory run Kent County Council stole her 4 young granddaughters for Forced adoption
    Elle-May, Ruby, Lacey & Poppy Williams-Piper

  2. What’s really going on in our schools ?

    This is truly appalling and why are we being kept in the dark?

  3. Whenever anyone ever describes something as 'common sense' I get suspicious, especially if they're a Tory. It usually means 'horribly disadvantageous for one group in society, but good for that which I belong to.' That's whether it's a 'common-sense' immigration policy, 'common-sense' policy on crime, 'common-sense' economics, 'common-sense' attitudes towards gay rights and the family, or whatever. If you can't defend something any other way, portray your opponents to be ideological loons.

  4. This seems a bit rich; may be they could stop Forced Adoptions in Tory run local authorities, this could help thousand of children and families stay together.

  5. Having moved to Thanet from Tunbridge Wells, I am aware that there is a problem in West Kent with there not being enough grammar schools for the children who have passed the Kent Test, particulary in Sevenoaks where a number of boys were offered Harvey Grammar in Folkestone this year, hardly a suitable commute each day. However, there are a number of grammars in West Kent which have become "super-selective", admitting by score only and these schools are causing a lot of the problem - many parents from London, Sussex and Surrey are using the fact they can get places for their very bright children at these schools. This is all fine and dandy except where are the local children supposed to go instead? Shouldn't Kent be more interested in educating their own children and not other counties - except perhaps it's because these other counties children are in the top 5% educationally and can help bolster your overall results? Sure would have an effect on your stats for GSCE and A Level results.

    I think moving places towards the West doesn't really address the problem and although pupil numbers have fallen recently in East Kent, the areas they are cutting school places from, Dover, Folkestone and Thanet are now connected by HS1 and would expect numbers to increase as more families move to the area. Will these places be returned to East Kent if it becomes apparant there is a shortage here in the future?

  6. Tony, you can also read our story here:

  7. Its my view that some of those "West Kent" grammars, actually carry on like there blimin public schools

    The Judd School for example refers to itself as being a voluntary aided grammar School when in fact as I understand most of the money comes from KCC taxpayer and I have to say I've not volunteered my tax money so that some school can exclude local kids who've qualified for a grammar School education and set the entry level above the local authorities who funds them just so that a load of South London toffs can get an imitation public school experience!

  8. Kent has got to get its secondary education system sorted out. Its one of only 15 LEA's that still use this system and results in Kent represent the very best and the very worst. The very worst situation cannot be allowed to continue. Some secondary schools are now being established as Academies, (outside of KCC's control) a move which Cllr Carter thinks should now be stopped as KCC's central schools services will not be economically viable. But David Cameron thinks that Academies are the way ahead. He also thinks that the 'Free' schools as used in the USA and Sweden should also be established because they are outside of the LEA's control. This central tory thinking does not look good for cllr Carter's way of thinking.
    It makes you wonder why cllr Carter has right now taken a team of councillors and head teachers to Sweden on a fact finding tour knowing that KCC will have no say in the running of these schools. How much is this costing us tax payers?

  9. Instead of asking why there is this imbalance between West and East Kent and tackling that issue Carter decides to strip E. Kent of places.

    If he really cared about this area he'd ensure more resources were pumped in to raise the standard here.

    Mind you, having taught in E. Kent schools both grammar and high schools, I'm vehemently against selection as it creates a sheep/goats divide that is grossly unfair to those deemed goats. It creates an atmosphere of elitism and defeat that mars both sets of children.

  10. Mr Carter only cares about himself and his business adventures; doing very nicely indeed

  11. Ask yourselves , why has KCC spent £125,000 of our money on 'common purpose' graduates ?

    ( if you dont know what common purpose training courses are , you should google )

    What tangible benefit has this ever produced to the public and why such secrecy ?

    These graduates are entrenched within the Council and have infiltrated all services including our children services & schools.

  12. ( I understand that Paul Carter resides near Maidstone)

    Mr Paul Carter
    Langley Park House
    ME17 3NQ