Monday, January 04, 2010

Not only is the economy doing well, so is KCC’s Kent Highways says Labour Minister

saltquestionmark We’re all used to Gordon Brown’s extraordinary economic view, which reflects little of the reality of Britain's economy outside the bloated self serving public sector, but tucked in the Kent on Sunday (page 8), a rather extraordinary claim from Labour Transport Minister Paul Clark, who rather sportingly bigs up Tory KCC’s Kent Highways with this statement “… I haven’t heard any reports of salt running out. I also think there has been better co-ordination for services generally”paul clark

I doubt whether Paul Clark, actually ventured out early on the morning of December 18th and I am sure he was not one of the hundreds, if not thousands of Kent commuters who for some reason found main roads like the M2 blocked, which most of us trapped for some hours thought was due to a lack of salt on the carriageway.snowjoke

Mr Clark also later claimed “Every step was taken to ensure Kent’s roads were kept clear.” I should image I’m not the only motorist who is convinced that much of the Thanet way and the M2 up to the Medway towns wasn’t treated on 18th Dec 09 in time for the daily commute (it didn’t look good this morning either (Monday).

For Paul Clark MP and Kent Highways please note that by 5:30am  the M2 London bound is pretty busy. And just for Paul Clark take a gander at this story on Kent on Sundays website KCC admit it may run out of salt

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