Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rubbish mounts up in Conservatives winter of discontent

Thanet residents winter misery is being made worse by Thanet's poorly performing Conservative council.

Not only are we subject to poorly treated road surfaces and pavements which appear to have been completely deserted by both Thanet District Council, and Kent County Council but TDC look to have abandoned any responsibility for clearing refuse.

Bignews Margate accepts that waste collections can not be carried out in poor weather conditions but estimates around a fifth of the local population will have gone almost three weeks before their likely to be rid of waste from Christmas.

You would think that, priority would be given to those homes that haven’t had a collection since the Christmas break but not so, Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services is quoted as saying “Our teams are out and about, doing everything they can to deal with the backlog…….” really, I suggest that council wallahs make it a priority to clear those who’ve already missed a collection, since TDC couldn’t be bothered to collect rubbish from one in five homes at the start of the new year.

Assuming that health and safety is an issue, which I don’t doubt, perhaps those unable to do their jobs could be directed to clear the pavements and help make safe for pedestrians and refuse collectors. Perhaps staff who wouldn’t be missed if they left the desks could also be used like those tied up on writing blogging protocols, planning matters, or even those senior officers who managed to blag fat pay increase off the weak conservative administration of Sandy Ezekiel.

Anyway its an ill wind that brings nobody any good and I’m sure rodents will benefit, still at least its reassuring to know that Thanet council has started the year as it intends, and tough titties to rest of us.


  1. yes i thought as you tony as where i live in central margate we have'nt had our rubbish collected for a few weeks now,so on Thursday when the whole road was awash with black bags not collected,i rang TDC and complained and they were collected by 6am friday morning,job done.

  2. I wonder if the refuse collectors will refuse to take additional black sacks of rubbish, which are now mounting up ,or take bins with the lids open(as in the picture) in case they trap their little digits,I know these hard working people would but only if the council would allow them to,this Conservative administration is a right shower, never mind they have new windows and lovely new carpets in the offices at a budget price of about a Million Pounds.

  3. The only thing keeping us from the more serious health impacts of long standing rubbish is the weather.

    It only needs a bit of a temperature increase and we might all want to simply book our turn at the QEQM.

  4. My blue wheelie bin was last emptied on December 7th and ,despite a trip to the tip with paper, cardboard and other items I still have

    1) one full bin

    2) one large cardboard box stuffed full of paper, cans, cardboard, plastic bottles.

    So, do I put the bin out on Monday night for Tuesday's collection with the extra box perilously placed on top/beside the bin/on the wheelie bin with lid closed? Will the binmen take to extra or is it another trip to the tip at my own expense as suggested by our 'Garbage Guru', Councillor S. Tomlinson?

    I pay my council tax but am expected to take what the council should collect to the tip at my expense because the binmen 'deserve a break'. Come off it. Offer the guys a Christmas bonus and get the bins emptied when they should be. OK, I'll allow Christmas day and Boxing Day off but a whole week?

  5. How can you expect the Council to do trivial things like empty the bins, when they are spending 'our' money on becoming property tycoons.

    With Latchford and co setting up their mysterious EKO LLP, no wonder there no money left.

    Just wonder who will reap the benefits of the profits from their 'our' company?

  6. The main roads weren't too bad, but the side roads were in a terrible condition. My main concern though has been with the pavements which remained covered in ice for the week and I'm sure there have been many slips (myself included).

  7. According to a press release it's now black bins as the binmen didn't go out on two days last week.

    Anyone suggest what I do with six weeks of recyclables? I don't see why I should take the stuff to the tip but that looks like the only solution.

  8. Just throw it in the bin like everyone else does. TDC don't give a damn about recycling & are only very reluctantly doing it (in the most half-hearted & awkward way possible) because they've been forced to.

  9. I know one of the local binmen & according to him they ALL just throw the recycling in with the rubbish more often than not (they were all crapping themselves when they heard that one of them had been filmed a few months back but nothing's changed since then!).