Sunday, January 03, 2010

Resolutions and political dreams

At the start of the Christmas break I had the idea that I would post some well argued and thoughtful pieces, since I’ve not achieved this previously, its no surprise that I have succumbed to a soft sofa and responsive remote.

I could have made a new years resolution, but view these things with cynicism still its my intention to be short and too the point more than previously.

I noted that Stephen Ladyman MP was apparently “Dreaming” in his regular column(more a box) in the Gazette last week, I couldn’t bare to read it, elsewhere his colleague Gordon Brown (according to the media) is dreaming up a nightmare Class War.

And I’m thinking just who do Labour represent they’ve seem happy to look after bankers, industry bosses, public sector and of course welfare bludgers, bent MP’s Ministers and of course Lords and my conclusion, is its me and working people that Brown’s at war with.

Just look at Local Labour I can recall we’ve seen Clive Hart fearlessly taking photo opportunities in defence of flower beds, buildings or coastal views but never outside a Jobcentre or maybe a post office supporting working peoples.

Anyway happy new year one and all.


  1. Such a short memory, Steve Ladyman was pictured outside the postal sorting office with the striking postal workers offering support.

  2. Sorry Tony but you're absolutely wrong again.

    I appeared alongside Steve Ladyman in the Gazette supporting local residents fighting to save St Peters Post Office and with fellow ward Cllrs. Linda Aldred & Doug Clark we led opposition to closure of Approach Road Post Office in Cliftonville West.

    Along with our MP and fellow Labour Councillors across Thanet I/we fight non-stop for jobs on the Isle.

    I like you Tony and I understood and forgave your partisan attitude during the Dane Valley by-election but please, please do try to be a little more accurate in 2010.

  3. Tony thank god I was worried ladyman was waiting for a urgent letter its a pity he didnt question mandelsons hostile attitude to postal workers

    I like you Clive but come on just look at the damage done too ordinary men and women of this country by Labours unplanned economy, or foreign policy in Iran or Afghanistan