Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Points - Labour's last chance and its all about sleaze

Just how desperate are Labour, well if Councillor Mark Nottingham’s latest posting is anything to go by, pretty damn desperate, and how far will they go, well in this instance Medway.

Nottingham’s dredged up a bit of scandal from Medway as Medway Tories expelled one member after having been cautioned for curb crawling. This has nothing to do with local Conservatives and every thing to do with how low Labour have now sunk, one minute it’s Class warfare, next it’s looking after bankers and business men then bribing low income families with laptops, Labour are prepared to go as low as necessary to win the next election.

Ask yourself this has Mark Nottingham, Clive Hart or any of Thanet Labours party spoken out, over Blair’s Iraq adventure and apparent porkies, Mandelson’s interference in Royal Mail, or the judicial curb on the right to strike at British Airways no, not blooming likely is it, eh Mark? and lets not even go down the road of pending investigations into Labour ministers expenses fiddles.


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  2. Tony, you continue to attack local politics from the point of national politics. We need to get away from this falllacy. Mark Nottingham is right in highlighting that other Tory Councils take a dim view of their members bringing the Party into disrepute. He also contrasts this with the situation in Thanet where we we have a Leader (2 Standards raps) and a Deputy (1 Standards rap)whom the Conservative Party locally are quite happy to tolerate. It is a fair comment.

    (Sorry about the previous deletion; was about to make a Goodwinism.)

  3. No Bertie, Mark Nottingham is attempting to draw a parallel between a specific form of unacceptable behaviour with the Conservative group here in Thanet.

    Perhaps one of many stories on Labour misbehaviour elsewhere might show what a trivial and unpleasant device this is.

    Four more Labour councillors in Stoke-on-Trent have been pulled in for questioning by police as part of an ongoing corruption scandal in that city.

    The move follows the arrest of Labour elected Mayor Mark Meredith on March 6 on suspicion of misconduct in public office and complicity in corruption in public office.

  4. It all goes to show what low standards local councillors have and should not be trusted. They must be questioned on the motives for everything they say and do whether they are in Stoke, Medway or Thanet.

  5. Dr Moores, its not just Labour councillors in Stoke. This was reported in the local newspaper in March.

    "A TOP councillor arrested on suspicion of corruption in public office has resigned from the Conservative Party.

    Councillor Roger Ibbs has tendered his resignation from the national party less than a week after being arrested.

    Mr Ibbs had resigned as leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council's Conservative and Independent Alliance group and portfolio holder for children and young people's services following his arrest on Friday"

    Its easy to find examples of errant councillors in all parties, why bother to play this childish tit for tat game?

  6. Gun Range Enforcement Action by Council

    Why didn't TDC shut down the 6th Thanet Gun Range ?

    Ask your fellow tories Simon.

    What happened when Complaint was made, re 6th Thanet range activity, against tory Cllr HAYTON ? The Standards Ctte sat. They took a nil action decision. Some time later, through a slip of TDC solicitor, it emerged that Standards had sat whilst the 6th Thanet range complaint evidence file was withheld from them.

    Full Council was lied to when it was moved to take nil action re HAYTON.

    East Kent Maritime Trust. How many years without filing the annual return to the Charity Commission ?

    Why did it take me to phone the Charity Commission to inform them about the £267,000 Butler legacy that EKMT had not declared to the Charity Commission ?

    How, under Charity Law, could trustees with unlimited personal liability (Cervia deterioration) just quietly remove themselves as trustees whilst a deal was struck with the Steam Museum and TDC ?

    Quietly slipping into the night yet again tory Cllr HAYTON former trustee EKMT.

    And I believe more recently no headlines when he left Kent Police Authority ?

    In Stoke the Police are doing their duty and making arrests.

    The Affront to Pubic Conscience re Police and Council and 6th Thanet Range goes back to 1972. It was consented for .22 rifle range.

    For quarter of a century police issued firearms certs in excess of the .22 calibre including to Thanet tories and police members of that range.

    The habit of being above the law is addictive to certain personalities who seem attracted to Thanet tory membership.

    But the bigger beasts always scent it.

    So who else used that range and enjoyed being above the law. A situation created parochially by the big corrupt fish in the small Thanet pool ?

    The answer seems to be getting an Attorney General to throw Britain's first black Chief constable a lifeline to a civilian sinecure position.

    I do not expect tomorrow's abuse of process action to go beyond the specific incident. Legal aid solicitor I think won't want to try seeking funding to take on forty years of Kent Police and Thanet Council corruption and the matter of how their corruption was exploited by more dangerous beasts.

  7. the issue to me is one of misdirecting people from the real concerns that effect our lives mark has picked on an incident that has no relevance to us in Thanet

    since mark is a professional politician its no wonder that he never has anything of substance to say

  8. Tony, the point was that elsewhere local polital parties will not tolerate councillors whose behavoir is not acceptable. In Thanet anything goes.

  9. No you are twisting words,Tony is spot on,especially about the imposter Blair..

  10. At least these things happened.. Eurocrat Mark Nottingham normally makes things up about anyone he thinks is conservative. I think its well known now that he has a large chip on his shoulder, due to the fact that he knows, that New Labour will soon be HISTORY! Good bye something for nothing society!

  11. Bertie, Thanet Labour councillor Mark Nottingham makes a so-called living from working in European politics. He is the person that likes to mix national and local politics, not Tony F. I don't believe that you really think that national politics is not connected to local politics, I just think it suits your agenda to have us think this.

  12. Peter Willis or should i say bertie biggles just has a personal problem towards the local conservatives anyone with half a brain can tell this by his attitude he also thinks that he knows best regarding everything he thinks we are all daft

  13. Tony
    Happy to answer your questions anytime, but I did ask you a while ago as to when you had ever criticised a Lib Dem and as far as I know you've not answered that one and as the election comes along I expect you will continue to work for the Lib Dems and good luck to you on that.
    As to my post there are cllrs of all parties who will get up to no good - what matters is how they are dealt with. I praised a Conservative leader in Kent for his actions, and didn't pass comment on Nick Brice who we can all agree was in the wrong?
    You can interpret it as you like but I think you're missing the point, possibly for partisan reasons just like Simon Moores who definitely is & who then throws in a red herring rather than addressing the low standards of Thanet Conservatives.

  14. Cllr Nottingham? who is he, he either turns up late , leaves early, or is a total 'No Show' at council meetings that he was elected to attend, roll on may 2011.

  15. Dear Mark

    The way I see it is that joe public is frankly sick and tired of Labour politicians like yourself tax payer funded or subsidised sitting on the fence or indeed as one must suspect in full agreement of taking away workers rights as with BA, not even fairly treating postal workers, agreeing with Blair's possible illegal war in iraq, sitting by passively as a great British Company Cadbury is sold off, with many jobs likely to be lost and apparently financed in part by RBS the taxpayer funded bank what a blooming scandal.

    Also as I said recently no one knows what if anything your Local Leader Clive Hart stands for unless its the odd flower bed in Cliftonville, why not man up a bit and tells what if anything you and your Labour colleagues actually stand for apart from petty posturing at TDC.

    Wake up smell the coffee. Just what separates Cllr Mark Nottingham or Clive "photo opp" Hart from the average tory apart from smaller TDC Cllr. allowances not a lot I think!

  16. PS Mark I have been critical of the Liberal Democrats, but as you don't seem to understand unlike you I'm a not paid party employee, therefore my views are personal and represent an independant mind and not one with half an eye on paying the mortgage.

  17. Very well put Tony, you made some exellent points. I too support the Lib Dems. Labour in Thanet is worse than the conservatives as they do nothing - yes they pretend and have pictures taken with flower beds but they do bugger all.

  18. It all a LIB/LAB/CON they are all in bed together , some times literally !

  19. Tony
    You say above

    "I have been critical of the Liberal Democrats"

    where? when?

    For the 3rd time will you answer the question when have you ever criticised the Lib dems? If I gave an answer like that you would give me short shrift and quite right too.

    As to your questions in your post I'm not giving your evasive answer

    "I have been critical"
    here are some direct answers

    Iraq - the majority of Labour group opposed this, I'm unaware of any of them making a secret of this. My view is mistakes were made but I do not believe there were lies as you accuse, in opinion polls that's the view of about a third of the population.

    Royal Mail, I supported the postal workers and visited their picket at Ramsgate as did Steve Ladyman MP. I know may other of my colleagues were suportive too and have opposed Post Office closures (including me)

    On BA I'm unsure what you're referring to on this - but will answer if you're clearer, the last strike ballot or something else?

    So you are wrong on your made up accusations Tony and you should reconsider why you have to resort to inventing things to try and make some imaginary point.

    As to my blog know it is primarily a local one which looks at Thanet and Kent. Look at the last 25 posts and only the one on foxhunting addresses a national current issue. Go back further and you will find the same 10% or less of posts are on national politics, and almost every post has a local reference/context. But hey why worry about facts when you've got prejudices?

    As to criticising the Labour Party you only have to go back 5 posts to find that

    and my comments on Derek Draper. Why didn't you bother to do that Tony?

    By contrast neither local Conservative bloggers Simon Moores nor Ken Gregory have ever to my knowledge criticised top cameron advisers Steve Hilton and Andy Coulson for their aggressive and bulllying conduct which has been established in the courts for the first one and at employment tribunal for the second one!

    You could have done some research and checked your facts rather than just rant your prejudices, as I say you only had to scroll back 5 posts, but why let the facts get in the way Tony eh? eh? eh?

    There are other criticisms of the Labour Party if you want to bother to look but I'll not hold my breath....

    You are a Lib Dem attack dog Tony that's fine, but don't try and have it both ways and pretend you are "independent" the 2 positions are contradictory and this posts shows you will just make things up
    - hypocritical as that's what you try to accue me of.

    I'd ask you to reflect and acknowledge your facts are wrong, and to finally show any evidence of you ever criticising the Lib Dems on your blog. You seem to be unable to answer this simple question.

    If I I was writing in your style I could gratuitously add some unpleasant personal made up facts about you, but I'll not go there and you shouldn't.

  20. ww,

    A website set up by a very brave lady called Teresa Cooper who was sexually abuse in a Kent Children Home, and who has written a couple of excellent books about her experience's at the hand of the ' care system'

    There is a list as long as your arm showing how many councillors from all parties who have been charged or convicted of sexual crimes against children.

    Isn't it about time all councillors had CB checks, after all they are supposedly 'corporate parents' ?

  21. Mark get over yourself, cite one issue for instance in which your leader Clive Hart has stood up for anything other flower beds etc.

    I'm no Liberal attack dog, just an individual who happens to be a liberal, you on the other hand are a paid professional political functionary end of - oh except I'm helping to pay your salary and would rather I didn't