Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Mark Barnard Liberal Democratic PPS North Thanet - LOCAL MP STANDING ON THE WRONG PLATFORM

train I am pleased to note that our MP has at last understood that rail users are looking for representation rather than spending his time justifying his expenses.

However this is too little too late!  Why did he not make representations during the consultation period?  Furthermore why did his friends at Kent County Council or Thanet District Council not resist the changes on behalf of passengers?

Liberal Democrats had been lobbying South Eastern Railways about the changes to the timetable as far back as October 2009!  Indeed such was the concern on behalf of railway users and the disinterest and inaction of our local Member of Parliament that local activist Bill Furness gained the support of LibDem Member of Parliament Norman Baker.

Norman Baker wrote to South Eastern Railways asking that they rethink the changes to the timetable.

Mark Barnard, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet, comments:

“It is incredulous that the local MP has shown little or no support for those relying on the rail network for work as well as the many leisure users.

“Liberal Democrats lobbied South Eastern Railways as soon as the proposed new timetable was proposed.”

Following the representations South Eastern Railways stated

“Whilst we (SE Railways) believe that the high speed services will be popular, we accept that for some passengers the new timetable may not be welcome.”

“Rail passengers have been abandoned by Mr. Gale MP who is only now wakening up to the impact of the changes.  His intervention will do nothing to change the timetable which has been in place for several weeks.”

“There is no doubt that Mr. Gale is in election mode and exposing his blatant disregard for his role as elected representative when it really counts. This time he is standing on the wrong platform –The passengers who needed him earlier will not be hoodwinked!”

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  1. How about Roger Gale explaining why he failed to attend a SINGLE committee meeting that discussed the whole concept of the new timetable.

    NOT ONE did he bother to come to and put his views forward so 'crocodile tears', Tony, from him now when he had his chance some time ago.

    More political opportunism froman M.P. more interested in justifying his exorbitant expenses. £2100 on mobile phone calls? Who was he phoning that cost that much and why not get a better deal from the phone company?