Tuesday, January 26, 2010

“people should be allowed to work beyond the age of 65” Equality and Human Rights Commission

How generous of the Andrea Murray, of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to promote the idea (on Mondays R4 Today programme) of the plucky British worker only too happy to toil till the day they die presumably.

As a working person I must say I cannot really express my gratitude for this new proposed benefit to the working community, since I suffer from what I term reactive tourettes, which sometimes occurs when statements are made by the public sector “professional” classes about the working community as a whole.

Presumably Andrea Murray of the EHRC will receive either a fat taxpayer funded pension or a compensatory pay package that will be, above average and unobtainable in the commercial sector, a case of I’m all right jack.

I’ve no doubt that this idea, will take root, like that other often trotted out for our benefit, that Tories were proud to boast about but Labour have also cited, this countries opt out of the European working time directive, which means millions of British workers have effectively no protection and are forced to work damaging long hours.

Politicians and civil servants really haven’t clue what it feels like to do 72 hours work, in a week, since fiddling expenses, and talking bollix are not quite the same as standing on your feet all day and actually being productive. Still what do I know, I shall continue to have as much respect as ever for the likes of EHRC, I know my place.

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  1. At least living in Thanet you wont have to work for as long as the rest of the S.E. or even England! Life expectancy is 2 years shorter than the average S.E.

    Life in Thanet