Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thought for the day – How long has Tony Blair has been telling porkies?

I’ve not trusted Tony Blair since in a matter of weeks after Labour got elected in 1997 he and the rest of his cohorts agreed to end free education, after the months of repeating the rather meaningless bull mantra “Education, education, education”

Tonight I as chomped through a hastily reheated meal I had a quick gander on the latest Blair revelations, in tonight's London Evening Standard, what a shock to discover despite all the public protestations, of dealing with Iraq through the UN it seems Blair had already given his word or allegiance to President Bush, to no doubt kick the crap out of Saddam Hussein, come what may.

I’d like to say I’m shocked but does anyone believe Tony Blair to have been anything but a self serving opportunist.

Evening Standard story


  1. I remember at the time, Thanet Labour Councillor Mark Nottingam (Northwood Ward) supporting Blairs war! bet he will deny it now!!!

  2. I remember watching a documentary about that a while ago. Obviously it did not have the high viewership I imagined it must do. As I recall the US president even gave Blair the option to back out too.

  3. It would be interesting to know how many Thanet Labour councillors supported their leader ?? and how many support the current clown that trys to lead the country now?

  4. Iraq is coming back to irritate the Labour Party.
    The Conservatives are backpedalling
    only the Liberal Democrats can hold their head up high.

  5. Please do not forget that the issue of Thor chemicals was raised by me on the Gazette letters page before the decision to invade.

    I do not recall Dr Ladyman making any reply even though I cited the documentary about the murder of Thor Sales Director Alan Kidger and the matter of the so called powerful nuclear trigger red mercury. All part of the bogus WMD case made to invade Iraq.

    Now who was it took me to task for being anti IRA but yet sending money to support Gorgeous George Galloway's right to speak in the Commons (I do not agree his politics but I do defend his right as an MP to speak out ... "Anthem for Doomed Youth" how right was he ?)

    It was Thanet Socialist Workers Party (IRA supportive left wingers) who replied attacking my position on letters page.

    Tim Garbutt is doing a good job in exposing Thor further. twenty times the acceptable limit of mercury in air 1970s. HSE Inquiry supposedly closing plant re mercury poisoning of workers 80s. HSE report into cause of explosion there two years ago. My earlier FOI exposed that they had contaminated aquifer with mercury and mixed solvents.

    It is maybe interesting that Tim standing alone on a point of principle for which he went to prison found help from Giovanni Di Stefano. Officer in Arkans Serbian paramilitaries. Defender, friend or associate of Saddam Hussein.

    Giovanni is a highly talented lawyer. In a way I hope he is occasionally reading Thanet blogs.

    James Shortt, associate of Belgian international terrorist Jean Bultot at Deal Royal Marines Barracks 1982.

    James Shortt director of Special Training Services Ltd in the 80s in touch with Porton Down and Dr Wouter Basson (Saddams alleged source of WMD red mercury). Basson's Porton Down contact one Dr David Kelly !!!!! (the scientist who correctly said there were no WMD)

    Mark Yates in SHORTT's organisation in 90s. Published by Scotland Yard in 2001 in the press as wanted for questioning in their 9.11 inquiry re allegedly training Al Queda suspects at ENGLISH gun ranges.

    So Kent Police how about making proper inquiries, in spite of the involvement of off duty police, into activity at Stone Lodge Range Dartford and 6th Thanet Range Birchington ?

    And look in to THREE lies in the Admiralty Board of Inquiry report to govt re the 22.9.89 IRA bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

    LIE One .. Concealed concerns raised by RAF Provost re James SHORTT 1980/81

    LIE two ... Concealed reports to MI5 by Brigadier Mike HARVEY 1981 of unsuitable right wingers invoplved at Deal with SHORTT. Well I guess Jean BULTOT (google him) fits that label eh Kent Police ?

    LIE three ... concealed security warning reports re Reliance Security staff related to paramilitary activity based in Thanet.

    So there was a whole long history of cover up contributing to and protecting the eventual bogus WMD case long before Blair was elected. Blair was the mug who fell for it ?

    Now I just cannot think why Attorney General Baroness Scotland has selected Kent Chief constable for a civilian role as her preferred next Inspector of CPS can you ?

    Clearly if he could be persuaded to actually do his duty there would be implications, featuring in criminal proceedings, for the WMD case and the invasion decision ?