Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How about sorry Mr Fuller

eveningall Two stories concerning Mike Fuller, Kent’s Chief Constable appeared in Sunday’s, Kent on Sunday in the first on page9 Mr Fuller is an apparently confident Chief Constable who believes himself capable of being the head of  the Crown Prosecution Service.

Second story is the aftermath of Kent Police’s rather controversial heavy handed policing at the  Kingsnorth climate change  protest, which shocked many of us, lawyers representing police boss Mike Fuller admitted at least 3 people including eleven year old twins were wrongfully stopped and searched and admitting that an unspecified number may also have been unlawfully stopped.

Now if Mike Fuller is the right man for the CPS, it would be nice if he could personally say sorry, for some the excesses of Kingsnorth, I’d like to think it would show a bit of responsibility and ownership, of actions taken by those under his command.

Still whether or not he apologies, the chances are he will get the CPS job, since Baroness Scotland attorney General has recommended him for the post, although not all of her employment choices have been without er …. hiccups.


  1. There is an Abuse of Process action listed in, I think, Thanet Magistrates Court. It is being brought by a member of the family who went over Kent Police heads in 95 to close the 6th Thanet Gun Range.

    The action may be restricted to incidents last March although the solicitor has now been provided evidence, by the family including that related to 6th Thanet Gun Range. So that action is not expected to damage Mr Fuller but I wait to see.

    6th Thanet related questions have been put to Mr Fuller in the David O'LEARY murder case and Dc ELEY sudden death case the correspondence has been copied for information of Thanet HM Coroner.

    A County Court case is waiting Judge directions in Thanet County Court (Daniel O'LEARY versus Chief constable relating to the disposal of property taken by police at the David O'Leary murder scene)

    An IPCC appeal date is awaited to judge a complaint of negligence by Kent Police in the David O'Leary murder inquiry. In that process a question is recorded, that Fuller is not answering. Fuller told a press conference that the David O'Leary murder case had been subject to regular review by senior officers.

    Five days later his Force HQ reported to IPCC that only one case review had taken place (that in May 2008 before will was sworn for probate) Were there case reviews after probate was sworn ? If so Chief constable may have to answer why the IPCC was lied to.

    Objections to his employment at CPS have been sent directly to Baroness Scotland.

  2. Copy extracts from letter I sent to Mr Fuller. I have edited out a section in which witness names are listed (who Kent POlice are refusing to visit to take evidence from)

    "16th January 2010

    Michael FULLER
    Chief constable


    Given the weight of new information/evidence I have put to your Legal Services Dept to collate, will you now accept and record my crime complaint of Sabotage, consistent with Stage 3 IRA Garland Plan, of emergency generators ?

    Will you accept and record crime complaint and undertake to provide the FBI the findings re their 9.11 inquiries especially as they relate to the New York Fire Brigade report into the causes of the collapse of Tower Seven.

    Given the weight of information, especially that he had no Crown Authority (Unlawful Drilling Act 1819) I have sent concerning James SHORTT will you accept and record Crime Complaint (False Instrument, Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, firearms, explosives, treason, misprision of treason)

    Will you now comply with the request of 1997, of Sir John GRUGEON Chair of Kent Police Authority, investigate and account for matters like Jean BULTOT at Deal Barracks, League of St George involvement with BULTOT/SHORTT/OTT/FINAN ?

    Will you now report on the cross case compromises upon Kent Police at the time they conducted the Lawrence Inquiry ?

    ..... (names kept confidential)

    Will you now re-examine the Phillip SEED, Ken SPEAKMAN and Pc ELEY sudden death cases to determine their relationship with 6th Thanet Gun range ?

    Will you now investigate what response was made to Brigadier HARVEY's complaints re James SHORTT and dangerous right wingers (Jean BULTOT ? Lucien OTT ? VMO ? IRA supportive League of St George) in 1981/82 et seq (including whether cross ref was made with security warnings we gave on the barracks 88/89)

    Will you now liaise with Suffolk Chief constable re attempts to recruit paramilitaries in East Anglian Home Service Force TA at the time in 80s Andre TONG successfully recruited paramilitaries in TA in Kent ?

    Will you now investigate whether the Anti Spetznaz agenda of James SHORTT was one and the same as the anti Spetznaz agenda under which TA paramilitaries were recruited ?

    Or can we look forward to you graciously accepting Baroness Scotland's sinecure in the same way your predecessor accepted Jack Straw's ?

    There will always come a time when a Constable must look to his oath. In my short career it happened early and I chose oath and honour. You have chosen unmerited advancement and ill informed plaudits. Now is your moment Mr FULLER. Mine was when a DI tried to order me to destroy forensic evidence in a sudden death case.

    This is your time but with the advantage of time to consider. Will it be to honour your oath of office to your God and your Queen ? Or will it be that you, a descendant of slaves, will elect slavery to secret public interest and take Baroness SCOTLAND's hand ? Mr and Mrs Uncle Tom who got to choose their master and chose the master who would reward them most though wrong be done ?

    Yours sincerely

  3. Tony I will email you in confidence the name of the Lib Dem MP following these matters.

  4. How interesting Michael Fuller is a common purpose graduate .


    Adrian Allen Kent-West Kent Police, Maidstone - Police Headquarters Mid West Kent – 2000 Mid
    West Kent Focus

    Nora Chandler Kent-North Kent Police, Maidstone – Police Headquarters North Kent – 2000
    North Kent Focus

    Mark Janaway Kent-East Kent Police, Margate East Kent - 1999/00 East Kent Focus

    Neil Jerome Kent-East Kent Police, Gravesend Mid/West Kent – 2003 Mid West Kent Focus

    Andrew Judd Kent-East Kent Police, Canterbury Police Station East Kent - 2004/05 East Kent

    Daniel Murphy Kent-East Kent Police, Ashford Mid/West Kent – 2004 Mid West Kent Focus

    David Pascoe Kent-West Kent Police, Maidstone - Palace Avenue Mid/West Kent - 2005 Mid
    West Kent Focus

    Paul Brandon Kent-East Kent Police, Folkestone East Kent - 2000/01 East Kent Focus

    Anne Brittain Kent-East Kent Police, Ashford East Kent - 2002/03 East Kent Focus

    Jonathan Bumpus Kent-North Kent Police College, Maidstone North Kent - 2005 North Kent

    Kent Police : Central Operations FOI
    Policy No. D18
    Form No.3540_11 rev Feb 2005 [erev 02/5] v1.5

    John Frayne Kent-West Kent Police, Maidstone - Police Headquarters Mid West Kent - 2001 Mid
    West Kent Focus

    Lisette Harvey Kent-East Kent Police, Ashford East Kent - 2002/03 East Kent Focus

    Nigel Thomas Kent-East Kent Police, Maidstone - Police Headquarters Mid/West Kent - 2002 Mid
    West Kent Focus

    Keith Potter Kent-East Kent Police, Maidstone - Police Headquarters East Kent - 2001/02 East
    Kent Focus

    Michael Fuller Kent-West Kent Police, Maidstone - Police Headquarters South London - 1998/99
    South London Matrix

    I can confirm that the individuals you have listed in your request are all employed, or have
    been employed, by Kent Police at some time and are all Common Purpose Graduates.

    You have asked for information concerning ‘board and committee positions’. These terms do
    not entirely correspond with the police environment. I have interpreted this to refer to the
    individual’s current operational role and these have been provided.

    We do not hold information regarding previous positions held by the individual officers listed
    above, as we do not hold records dating back to 1998. However I can confirm their current
    ranks and positions within Kent Police, these are listed below.

    Adrian Allen – Inspector – West Kent Management Team
    Nora Chandler – Detective Superintendent – Head of Investigations, Professional Standards
    Mark Janaway – Superintendent – Tactical Operations
    Neil Jerome – Superintendent – Head of Department, Partnership and Crime Reduction
    Andrew Judd – Inspector – South Kent Management Team
    Daniel Murphy – Detective Superintendent – Force Communication Centre, Senior Management
    David Pascoe – Chief Inspector, Borough Commander, Mid Kent Senior Management Team
    Paul Brandon – Chief Superintendent – Area Commander, North Kent
    Anne Brittain – Detective Superintendent – Head of Forensic Investigation
    Jonathan Bumpus – Detective Chief Inspector – Crime Manager, Special Crime, West Kent
    John Frayne – Chief Inspector – District Commander, South Kent
    Lisette Harvey – Former Chief Inspector - Retired
    Kent Police : Central Operations FOI
    Form No.3540_11 rev Jan 2005 [erev 1/05] v1.1
    Policy No. D18

    Nigel Thomas – Superintendent - Currently seconded to Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Keith Potter – Former Detective Superintendent - Retired
    Michael Fuller – Chief Constable, Kent Police