Friday, July 15, 2011

Conservative Thanet Council Bonkers Press Policy

As many observers are well aware, Tory councils in Kent are quite happy to misuse taxpayers money to present an "official" view of local Government,  Kent Council went as far as to produce it's own TV station and wasted many thousands of pounds.

Thanet council is no exception, with some Conservative's showing signs of near hysteria at the thought local people daring to comment, I myself have felt the wrath of KCC for daring to object to public money being spent on vanity projects, which amongst other things promoted Freemasonry using taxpayer funds.

Anyhow Michael Child, has made several FOI requests since the Conservative lead Thanet Council have introduced a repressive system of censorship, instead of taking a balanced approach to press enquires, using normal judgement, Thanet Council have drawn up an arbitrary system which discriminates against Bloggers like me and Michael Child.

I suggest you take a gander at Michael's enquires assuming you haven't already, anyway here's this list of those allowed to contact the press office (see below) , it doesn't mention that rather irritating multifaceted/talented councillors blog whom I'm sure wouldn't take advantage. God knows why the Local Government Association has access to TDC press office, when myself, Michael and others with thousands of local readers are censored, I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that TDC don't list Murdoch's rags.

Academy FM
BBC South East Today
BBC Radio Kent
Heart FM
ITV Meridian
KM Thanet Extra
Thanet Gazette and Thanet Times
Your Thanet/Kent on Sunday
Local Government Association


  1. What no Private Eye?
    if ECR was around he would have got them added.

  2. I won't worry about press realeses,just sign up to facebook pages I have a kent fire and police and they are realy quick at updating. try and see if the council has one and under freedom of information if they arn't playing ball, report them simples, christ my PM's are saved at work due to FOI I hope anyone reading, "tea please" "are the boys in" "god what is she wearing?" and "seriously what age does he think he is with that hair!" will realise I am a just an airhead when looking out my window but very good at my job otherwise, well I hope so :) only they won't I will just be an airhead, no matter back to the real work, and remember if your conversations at work got recorded how would you come across?

  3. we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect US


    the resistance is here !

  4. Looks like many have been attacked just like Tony for trying to expose freemasonry hidden within councils and public services and the money supply connected to it.About time these 'enlightened' ones pardon the pun saw the light and realise that their game is up.


  5. Retired

    "In particular did tory
    Cllrs DALY (Currently facing charges for downloading child porn in
    most serious category I think) and Cllr WATT-RUFFELL (Now convicted
    by RSPCA of kitten cruelty) vote to try to sustain funding for the
    cadet group ? Please disclose."

    Have you contacted Brian Gerrish being an ex military (navy) man I am sure he would be most interested, as he is well aware of what has been occurring within Kent, as many whistleblowers attended his recent brilliant Kent talk that covered childrens issues, as well as other subjects?

    He is a honest man unlike the corrupt criminal cabal running Kent at the moment and his paper has over 100,000 following and is rapidly rising.There is protection in numbers, good luck with your FOI request.

  6. Wonder how many of us are on the councils or county councils list?

    Thousands on secret council blacklists: Personal details kept of residents who dare to complain

    Nearly 9,000 people are on database

    Data held includes phone numbers, car registrations and even nicknames

  7. Bet all the (Freemasons)40 foot owl robe wearing worshipers are gutted they wont be able to attend this summer break.

    Never mind they will just have to carry on running the councils and governments but not for much longer now everything is becoming Transparent.

    If the rumours are true , even the main stream are becoming too frightened of Not printing for fear of reprisals , makes a refreshing Change.

    So much for the tories big society. The people should not fear the government its the government who should fear the people.

    Hackivists next target, the top secret society where 'rulers of the world' meet every summer

  8. Goes along with bonkers chief executive i suppose. A foot soldier in the polling station ends up with £80 while the ex chief exec gets £30,000 all signed off by the chief financial officer who is now yes you have guessed the new chief executive. one big gravy train

  9. This strand - like many others - resembles a cross between the X Files and the Twilight Zone.


  11. Anonymous 10:25 said...

    "This strand - like many others - resembles a cross between the X Files and the Twilight Zone."

    And the reason you see it that way is because you watch too much telly, you're brainwashed. Please get in the real world before it is too late.

  12. Good comeback Anon 10.15; made me smile. I don't watch too much television, I can assure you, and I can distinguish between real life and fiction. Maybe that is what differentiates us from one another.

  13. V for Vendetta or J for Justice?