Monday, July 25, 2011

No News is Bad News from Kent Messenger Group

Watching tonight's South East Today, news comes that the KM group, publishers of the flimsy Thanet Extra,  are in the process of acquiring seven papers from Northcliffe Media, the seven papers of the Kent Regional News and Media group include The Isle of Thanet Gazette, Thanet Times, Herne Bay & Whitstable Times.
I imagine that this, is about as much a done deal, as is possible, for this reason KM Group have apparently informed the Office of Fair Trading, who will be going through the motions, of considering the deal, whether this effects competition, is it in the interest of the consumer and all that malarkey, surprisingly neither companies web sites seem to report the issue.
Still the Press Gazette naturally have a full report click here.
Whatever you think of the Gazette (Isle of Thanet) it has usually given us a professional product over the years, and is certainly the local paper with the most original content, at this point in time.
This will have been a bad news day for East Kent, if KM Group were to absorb the area's papers into their Extra format. The thing is, you and I wont be consulted, the OFT will do their stuff, read the KM Groups submission and ink up the rubber stamp, and Kerching ! the end of an era.
Still maybe KM Group will consult us the public with their plans.
I know KM Group produce a professional product and no doubt are doing what they have to, in a tough market, as I assume is the case with Northcliffe Media, I hope that this doesn't mean less news and less scrutiny of local issues or fewer journalists.
I suppose on the plus side Thanet Council will be able to stumble from cock-up to crisis and nobody will ever need know in the future.
Still at present Bignews Margate blog will maintain editorial integrity and independence for a while longer unless Thanet Life wants to make a big money offer for Margate's favourite blog!



  1. The big issue here Tony is whether you can have the TDC press release email from the one that get scrapped. TDC press office will have even less outlets for its news and may be glad of a wide read blogger or two.

  2. You're a player on the winning team Tony, you won't sell out for their worthless pound notes, that's a loser's game.

  3. 8 10 lets not be too hasty

    What sort of figure are we thinking?

  4. Lets hope we don't just end up with the Thanet Extra and TDC's twits

  5. Since when have we ever really read about anything that is news worthy in newspapers anything of importance is normally smudged over, the real news is found on blogs and forums.
    Far too much money is being paid by councils for anything of real substance to rear its head.

    Thank heavens for bloggers !

  6. I Thinkk All the local papers need a kick up the rear end.
    Not so much are they newspapers but directories full of adds and little else.

  7. "8 10 lets not be too hasty

    What sort of figure are we thinking?"

    Well Tony, you could start by putting Margate, EU in your heading, that might be worth a few quid. Probably cost you a lot more readers though.

    There are all sorts of little tricks you can use, have a word with 'Iconic Si', he knows the score.