Wednesday, July 06, 2011

LinkedIn an error perhaps

I should have taken this advice from Groucho Marx "I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member."

I recently had an invite to connect with someone who'd joined LinkedIn, in a moment of madness I thought why not? to be honest, I've being doing some night shifts, which particularly at this time of year, have a tendency to result in a diminished clarity of thought.

To blog itself to many must be an indicator of crankiness, but by the same token reading such drivel, must also be a bit nutty.

Anyhow LinkedIn is sort of niche Facebook, which appeals in my mind to those who crave social acceptance, recognition and a wish to be loved, hence my rash action in signing up.

Possibly as a result of a lack of sleep, my biggest error was clicking the button "contact those you already know" which a few buttons/seconds later despatched emails begging those you know and those you once sent an impertinent email filled with demands for action on all sorts of things.

Not surprisingly one councillor who comes in the both categories has had the good sense to blackball me, which leaves me with the dilemma, should they ring me again do I tell them to F    Off or just forget about it, most likely the later.

One email I had forgotten was one sent to county councillors at a time that I believe Kent County Council, were trying to stop me criticising Kent TV, after I took exception to KCC apparently promoting at Taxpayers expense the shadowy world of  Freemasonry (Dec 2007) so these people are in unlikely to wish to be associated.

Just as a slight side step Kent County Council are still promoting at your expense Freemasonry, which some including me believe is outrageous, masons will defend themselves by going on about how they give to charity, what they keep quite quiet however is, loyalty to fellow members which clashes with norms of business and law.(More on this later).

So anyway an apology to anyone having received an email from me, my computer and LinkedIn who's still thinking who the hell is Tony Flaig. Despite making little effort with Facebook maybe I shall invest some energy with LinkedIn, and embark on a bit of social climbing.

Courtesy of you the taxpayer delivered by Kent County Council the one organisation I wont be joining.


  1. Ah Tony I did the same thing and it generated about fifty emails a day mostly relating to people I had never heard of, in the end I managed to unjoin myself, this wasn’t easy.

  2. Linked-in is Facebook for professional people and is now regarded as an invaluable tool by many businesses from the largest to the smallest. Basically it offers a credibility metric by defining people through their professional connections. Strangely enough, when it first started, the BBC came and interviewed me about it on the seafront at St Mildreds Bay. Rory Cellan Jones I think

  3. Of course they promote freemasonry many of them are in it, up to their necks I might add !

    Secret Societies in whatever form freemasons, common purpose etc should not be allowed to operate in public positions, although it is very evident that the mps,councils,nhs, police force, judiciary especially are over run with them.Good old fashioned rat catcher is needed.

  4. I had Linked-In for a while but never got any models out of it so I closed my account.

  5. Peter, I am sure DrM would have modelled for you to promote a local Margate artist.

  6. There is a bit more to the freemasons than unfair business practices, funny aprons and "doing a bit for charity, mate."

    Like, for example, sneakily causing the 100 years of terrorism during the Stewarts reign, culminating in revolution and the introduction of usury central banking and the Dutchman William of Orange to these shores... it has been downhill for us ever since.

    Stirring up revolutions, terrorism and regime change is a speciality of the masons and the Arabic branch, namely the Muslim Brotherhood, are at it right now down in N. Africa and the Middle East. Once the entire region comes under their control, it'll be time for the 'Clash of Civilisations' to begin.

    Although, to be honest, all this terrorism bollix is starting to wear a bit thin. I think, in their arrogance, they may have blown it.

  7. The problem with LinkedIn and other similar sites is that there is no validation of what people claim about themselves. If someone claims a particular education, employment or even social background, it could all be a tissue of lies, but might not be detected.

  8. The problem with LinkedIn and other similar sites is that there is no validation of what people claim about themselves. If someone claims a particular education, employment or even social background, it could all be a tissue of lies, but might not be detected.

  9. It's clearly something one has to be alert to but linked in is a powerful reputational metric at the higher end, which is why all the big companies, head-hunting agencies and more, use it extensively to research people. i.e it's presented as a trusted network unlike Facebook and people are judged there by the circles in which they move and the contacts that recommend them to others based on their established skill set and reputation.

  10. But it also serves to demonstrate that reputations - high end or otherwise - can be built on sand, and often are.

  11. Two Laws upholding the balance of powers of our constitutional monarchy

    Unlawful Societies Act 1799
    Unlawful Drilling Act 1819

    As far as I know Freemasonry was exempt under the first law there because its constitution is of loyalty to the Monarch and an obligation is to obey the laws of the Realm.

    As far as I know Justices of the Peace were required to maintain a public record of Freemasons so any person applying to a Justice could find out who the Masons in his parish were.

    I think it was Harold Wilson's Labour govt which repealed the Unlawful Societies Act.

    So what was Harold saying then ? That anyone can form a secret society without masonic style obligations of loyalty to the monarch and obedience of the laws of the Realm ?

    And more recently it was Labour's Jack STRAW, styled as "Justice Secretary", who repealed the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819.

    So what was Jack saying ? That anyone can form a militia without seeking the authority of the Crown ?

    The Crown is us. Monarchy and people wed forming the authority for the administration of justice independent of govt and ensuring prinacy and indepedence of judiciary by which we can hold even govt to account.

    The Crown is us. Monarchy and people wed forming the sole source of authority and loyalty for the bearing of arms.

    So I am foregoing my usual enjoyment of baiting Freemasons today. At least their organisation sets high standards for them to fail to achieve (sorry I lapsed into a wee jibe there)

    Be wary when Labour repeals certain laws

    Winston Churchill warned that Labour would make the police a Gestapo. IE Take Crown Authority unto its govt and make the police a branch of the Home Office.

    And maybe the tendency to disapprove of Freemasonry within police should also be viewed with suspicion as a tendency to curtail the influence of persons sworn separately to the Queen and Laws of the Realm ?

  12. Something very fishy is going on I think it is also known as the slave trade or international child trafficking . Do I beleive Freemasons and secret societies are involved absolutely and the elected members can no longer plead ignorance.

    Why are we paying for this, some one’s pal perhaps?

    Millions paid to HMCS by children services.

    2 x American

    Payment for air fares for prospective adoptive parents.

  13. Masonic play thing ...…definition of a person ....!

    this is well worth watching find out the lies we are all being told and why the children are being stolen by trickery & deception

  14. Very interesting information Retired

    does anybody know of any magistrate or indeed a 'judge' who isnt a freemason I imagine the list would be a long one ?

  15. Retired said:

    "Be wary when Labour repeals certain laws"

    Exactly! We should have been paying attention when Bliar undid the death sentence for treason.