Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kent Police take part in Westminster Demo

67 Police officers from Kent are off on a day out, to take part in a "Day of Action" in Westminster which will involve over 2,000 off duty police officers demonstrating their concern over proposed cuts to police service budgets, a particular worry seems to be over pay.

Life is tough for everybody just now, in the business and private sector people have been suffering for some time, the money has run out. The public sector and the police are part of the same economy so why should they be different, maybe they ought to show some flexibility on pay and conditions, which might allow fewer job losses.

Anyway lets hope there's none of the normal unpleasantness which accompanies demonstrations in London, I don't suppose we will see any of that Kettling nonsense or illegal arrests, assaults and searches some of which Kent Police have indulged in themselves.

Police officers on the front line, do a tough job, and of course they should get paid accordingly which is currently the case, most people are unfortunately going to get poorer over the next few years, we all need to adjust, including the police.

Click Here to view a Guardian filmed report on a rather disturbing and heavy handed Kent Police operation.


  1. None of us should have to put up with a lower standard of living because this economic depression was deliberately caused by the elite.

    The national debt is not ours, it was private debt run up by the banks. The credit squeeze was engineered by the criminal central banks. Our industries were outsourced by the same crooks.

    We need to unite as a nation and bring the criminals to book before we are no longer in a position to do so.

    Hopefully this latest development will act as a wake up call to OUR police brothers before this once free nation is turned into a neo-feudal nightmare.

  2. No point in offering that view to Tony. He has a slavish hatred of the public sector, an ignorance of the history and issues behind pay and pensions for public sector workers, and a wilful inability to make himself less ignorant.

    It is a shame that he was unsuccessful in May. I would have loved to see him build a relationship with the Council staff who are among those he persistently vilifies.

  3. 1 03 What tripe in no way do I vilify public sector workers, I just question why public sector workers, who its acknowledged earn considerable more, working considerably less, than the business and private sector workers, should expect those on low and poverty pay to subsidise.

    Admittedly in the higher echelons of the public sector there are quite a few robbing us all blind.

    As for ignorance, you yourself are so craven and dishonest as to not be able to use your own name.

    At the end of the day if those in the public sector are so put upon, why don't they just get another job where unfortunately they will get paid what their worth.

    Finally you show your own ignorance prejudice etc by missing the reference to the poor conduct of senior Kent police officers who at climate change protest showed scant regard for civil liberties or indeed respect for ordinary members of the public.

  4. The best form of protest would be for our police brethren to forget revenue targets.

    Ignore all the mickey mouse statutory legislation and simply maintain the peace... that'll hit the greedy ones where it hurts.

    And do it indefinitely, until we bring this stinking, corrupt system down.

  5. I believe you are correct Tony, many of the regular public service workers are just trying to get along, they are either blissfully unaware, or else feel powerless, it's the top nobs that are the problem, plus selected lower-level individuals, usually common purpose trained and easy to spot.

    The rotten stuff needs need routing out, and quickly, because things are about to get very rough indeed.

    One of the elite's favourite tricks is to turn us against each other, but we must not let that happen. We need to stand together or we'll hang separately.

  6. Tony you seem to hound us public sector workers and I have no Idea why? as you actually do know how hard we work, putting in hours we don't get paid for, I have only just finished for today did my paid 7 1/2 hours plus the hours before and after, you don't kick off your boots at the end of the day, it is still there, 24/7, I am taking an a/l day tomorrow because it is my childrens first sports day, I can't wait, but I have 24 hour responsibility in my role, so I have to sort out a huge mess during it, on a contractor (all hail the private sector they will save us...) and why I am still up at this time trying to keep my end of the deal up. and so tomorrow if your doctor is not avaliable or you phone an ambulance or a fire engine or your bins arn't collected, remember that the back room staff have been let down by the lovey cuddly private sector.

  7. Back to your old game of deleting comments you don't like, I see.

  8. Constables are not public sector workers. They are sworn independent ministers of the Crown. Instead of meekly accepting unlawful Home Officer command of policing it has always been their duty, and within their power, to stop it. But instead they have taken the exorbitantly high pay and over-generous pension provision whilst expecting public opinion to fight their battles for them.

    The Office of Constable goes back to the Anglo Saxon Tything Man.

    Winston Churchill warned of Labour turning the police into a Gestapo. As it tunred out it was Maggie Thacher with the unlawful (Treasonous) central control of police during the miners strike.

    For the good of the country the miners should have notified HM the Queen that Crown Officers were offending against the people. And if she did not deliver immediate remedy then moved to lawful rebellion and militarily defeated the police.

    But the signs were there as early as 1971 when Sir Robert Mark warned "We no longer recruit the most able but the most malleable to be police officers to make of them what we will"

    And the psychometric testing to recruit police has since then served that end.

  9. I wonder if any of the coppers who flogged confidential info to Murdoch will be there bleating today.

    Or the Kent ploddies who undermined Met and their own force in investigation of Kenny Noye ?

    Or any of the Thanet force of whom Pc Kim Burgess said on oath in Court "I thought if I told the truth I would have all Thanet Police against me"

    Ha ha ha.

  10. 9 04 Explain I only delete comments that are personally abusive or cannot be verified, such as yours, please resubmit your comment and afterwards an apology would not be out of order!

  11. Tony, there was absolutely nothing in my comment that was personally abusive. I accused you of being abusive (in your 2.25 post) and challenged your accusations - no more. I went on to set out facts about public sector pay and pensions that did not need to be verified for you to publish them. They related to my personal situation not to any third party and therefore even if they were wrong - which they were not - there would have been no harm done.

    It is a shame that you can only prop up your bigoted and ill-informed opinions by resorting to this sort of tactic. As others have observed, your blog does not warrant any further serious attention.

  12. H I suggest you take a holiday, how you consider I'm hounding public sector employees is beyond me.

    Standing up for the millions on poverty pay who are expected to guarantee better pay and conditions than themselves is just insane.

    If hoping to see equality, and decency is hounding you then do consider yourself hounded.

    If it makes you feel better I work six days a week, have had three weekends of since December, in fact I'm sure many of us work far to much, still you at least have employment protection, paid holidays and a pension which you want me to pay for

    I also take phone calls out of work hours.

    Clearly your a flippin hero, as a railway worker I just go to work, generally I have responsibility for worksite safety, which once I've set up, done a briefing means, assuming its "safe to do so", I work.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy your day off, and good luck at the sportsday.

  13. 11 08 Maybe I was not clear enough.
    I have not at this point deleted any comments on this thread!

    I have not at this point engaged comment moderation, SO TO MAKE IT CLEAR IF YOUR COMMENT, HAS NOT APPEARED RESUBMIT.



  14. kent police are an absolute disgrace in many cases people are too frightened of them to dare consider making a complaint against the authorities not that it would make a difference. Bully boys in uniforms who really must get a grip and realise that their families will be next.

  15. No apology to rude people, whether or not you deleted a comment. You and Retired deserve each other; you are two of a kind. Enjoy your day too. I don't do sports.

  16. 1 10 People like you never do, reading, I guess is a tough one, although clearly your strong on believeing the world revolves around you, hence assume my comment to H was to yourself.

    Man up a bit! and quit the cowardly anonoymous comments

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