Friday, July 08, 2011

Thanet Blogs how are we doing

You cannot help but be a little competitive, blogging, on occasion its worth standing back and accessing things so using an independent source here's how things stack up according to Wikio as of todays date with a cross reference to Google PageRank.

Bignews Margate 902 4
ThanetOnline 1209 3
Thanet Star 1462 4
Thanet Press Releases 1484 2
Thanet Life 1523 3
Thanet Coast 2140 3
Promote Thanet 4115 3

I have to fess up at this point, last month when I looked at my ranking it didn't look too good, so I didn't bother to tally the standings, as you might appreciate I do this for fun not to highlight my short comings of which there are many.

Still that said, on my previous posting local blogger, and purveyor of tasteful exotic photography, Peter Checksfield, has taken to berating me for not commenting on Tesco's development on Margate front, well the answers simple, do one Peter (by that I mean do your own blog on the subject).I work long hours, and can only do so much, so Peter stop playing with your camera and get creative.TescoValueMargate
Us bloggers do this stuff for various reasons, me to infuriate those who rule us, from politicians to jobsworths and all those Muppets in-between.

Still perhaps the best for me is knowing, that while I have limited talents, my original catalyst for doing Bignews (please note one word, wot I made up) Margate, was hearing Simon Moores wittering on about his blog at some public meeting.

In fact it's some joy to realise that Moores, such a talent!, who I find quite er..... ,  qualified that's the word, Doctor! Marines! Pilot! Security! Ex Teacher, Ex SDP?, Ex Labour adviser?,reborn Tory Councillor,  Airborne advertising hoarding even journalist, is not rated as highly as myself in the ranks of Thanet's bloggerati.

I appreciate some of you will feel I'm being harsh, re Moores but one other thought and this is why I mention Cllr Moores, he has access to council information, he and his Tory colleagues in Thanet council have blocked access to council information and even wanted to create a council blogging policy.

Blogging is also about the freedom to express, and enquire about stuff, without and this is the most important, being edited, controlled or censored.

None of us have to read blogs and that's all you really need to know, if it's crap we just move along.


  1. Tony. I have often wondered how Moores has managed to squeeze so much in. Teacher - ask the kids at charles dickens what they thought of him there - to**er would be a polite way of putting it. Useless was another more universal conclusion

  2. Tony, it's YOUR blog, you post what you like. My point is that this used to be THE blog for anything & everything relating to Margate, but now it's rare that you even mention the place: I just looked back through your recent posts, & had to go through 8 of them before I found something on Margate (a nice write up on The Big Event). It just seems strange that you seemingly have no opinion on something that will potentially change Margate so dramatically.

    Now that Thanet Strife has gone we badly need a Margate version of Michael Child's Ramsgate blog, don't you agree?

    My blog is called Naked in Thanet, so that is what I write & post photos of on there (check out today's photoshoot!), just as I write about music on my Margate Music Man blog. However, I may well take up your suggestion on writing about local issues (albeit on a new blog), something I feel free to do now that I no longer have a TDC-related job.

  3. I take your point, Peter it's down to having the time to fish thing out. It makes people I know yawn but I do work flipping long hours, still I strongly recommend Margate architecture as one blog that covers similar ground, to that which michael does.

    I sometimes read the stuff from Way back five years ago and it was often crap so at least I've always been consistent.

    Any night night all, I have a railway to build and thanks to all your contributions.

  4. With the Wikio ranking of 14815, I have little to brag about and yet Im still pretty proud of my little blog.

    The more people talk up and about the Thanet towns the better.

  5. Yes, I like the Margate Architecture blog alot (even though I often disagree strongly with the opinions on there).

  6. You open an intriguing window into Dr Moores past. If you google "Simon Moores+biography" or similar you are directed to his Zentelligence website. From his blog in the past we learn that his father escaped the Spanish Civil War and more recently that he has some sort of connection with Eton. Somewhere else we learn that he was in the RM Reserves so presumably has some sort of Service background. Now you prise open the lid a touch more. Very interresting

  7. Interesting stats, however I just cannot see what you hope to achieve by attacking another blogger.

  8. TB you need to go back a few months when cllr Moores insulted Tony and to try and get out of it blamed it on a posting error when doing more than one thing at a time. But readers of Thanet's blogs will know that insulting people is the councillors way of point scoring.
    So I think Tony and any other blogger he insults is entitled to have a pop whenever they like.

  9. TB given all that's gone on this week I think it not unreasonable for the electorate to know their councillors' backgrounds. Your Party would do very well to look extremely carefully at your new Northwood representative and ask yourself what his real motives are and who in your Party supports him.

  10. 09:02 - 09:45 11: 13 etc You are obsessed with Moores. What so called kids did you ask from the past I wonder.

    I don't see him insulting anyone anywhere.I agree with the others here. Tony is big enough to look after himself although name calling other bloggers to try and score cheap points does him no credit at all.

    Mr T.

  11. Attacking who for god sake, As far as I see it I'm praising Moores, what a talented person who unfortunately cannot translate his near genius status in the blogging arena

    Simon Moores who has never attempted to insult me, accidentally linking me with a beached whale, incorrectly accusing me of being a chair boy at school claiming himself to have been a librarian ( an attempt i think for him to suggest superiority) in a council meeting suggesting I was trying to hide to access a closed session of the council and recently suggesting bloggers might pester press office staff.

    Peter's complaint that I didn't raise the Tesco issue was not itself an attack

  12. You need to grow up Tony and put your schoolboy resentment behind you. Does anyone care if he was a librarian or your were a chair boy at school - whatever that was. Keep your ancient classroom differences between the two of you because it makes you look a bit sad and does you no favors

    Mr T

  13. How do I go about registering my blog on Wikio? I've tried countless times but it never seems to work.

  14. Nobody grows up 1 51, we are all children at heart and if not are humourless robots.

  15. You stick your blog details in the Wikio box but the results dont mean much as anyone with a half a clue about SEO rankings will point out

  16. all councillors backgrounds should be looked into very carefully
    it does seem that the best way to become rich is to get elected

    some such as KCC Carter dont seem to be doing to bad out of it if the expenses and perks are anything to go by

    does seem to have a bit of a problem handing them in before the 28 day dead line though and a fair few dinners with lords etc including lunches with kent messenger, may be thats why we need blogs to get truly independent news, wonder how many blogs he's had lunch with ?

  17. Mr T. I suppose the T stands for Toadie. Or Tory. Or Twit

  18. Or Tee.

    I suppose Anonymous stands for Coward.

  19. I think anyone who persistently boasts and parades their (claimed) accomplishments before us all is opening themselves up to query and challenge. That is what Moores does and that is what Moores gets. He is a self-promoter and a showman, and as with any showman, there will always be questions about some of the claims.

    There is, therefore, no "obsession" with him, other than the obsession he clearly experiences with himself.

  20. Moores does what he does and writes about it on his blog which says at the top it's his diary. If you google him he's very well known and he's been blogging for ten years

    But this is Thanet and like Rick banging on about the IRA bomb plots 7:44 keeps reminding us that he hates anyone who is a Tory who does well for himself


  21. 734 u said it
    744 spot on. I see he's now a world famous diver. Is there no end to his skills?

  22. I really think much of the criticism of Simon is pure jealousy over the fact that he's actually achieved something with his life. I often get similar criticism.

    Peter Checksfield (acclaimed art photographer, charity fund raising cyclist, published author, & recorded guitarist / bassist). ; )

  23. Peter you didn't mention tit

  24. I didn't mention appearing in a Hollywood blockbuster with Winona Ryder & Dennis Quaid or hanging around backstage with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Brian May & Jerry Lee Lewis either, but then again I'm not one to blow my own trumpet.

  25. And that, Peter, is the distinction between you and Simon Moores.

    Anon of 08.39, I do not hate Conservatives - there is nothing in my 07.44 post that even remotely hints at that. I was commenting on another blogger's personal behaviour, nothing more (no pun intended). I do find personal trumpet-blowing as boring as you find any criticism of Simon Moores, and we are both free to express the respective views.

    More generally, I can recall a teacher of mine years ago saying that "intellectual snobbery" is fine as long as you have something to be snobbish about. I don't especially share that view, and certainly not when the basis for the snobbery is in question.

  26. Diving? Where will end, do you remember Joe 90?

  27. The cage has been rattled enough for him to devote a whole entry to explaining why he's such a d*ckhead

  28. Looks as this is the blog where Thanet's unhappy low achievers hang out.

    Don't think I'll be back.

  29. Anon 10.24, there are many different forms of achievement in life, and there are many high achievers who quietly get on with what they do. They do not parade their claims before the world at large; they do not need to do so to satisfy some curious "inner urge".

    Some may offer considered and measured criticism of those who do blow their trumpets until they are blue in the face (and brain). That may offend you, but it does not make them "low achievers".

  30. the day of reckoning is nigh...Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at 09:30:00 BST

    If 'high achievement' comes at a cost of stepping on and selling out one's fellow man, then it is not very lofty achievement at all and it will eventually come back to haunt.

    Unfortunately, with the unbridled corruption in today's society, many folk have been tempted to do just that.

    But don't worry, they will all pay for their sins in one form or another, take Murdoch, for example... lol.