Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TESCO - Corned Beef -Some mistake surely!

I may be missing something but when did Corned Beef become so flipping expensive.

Unless I'm suffering from old timers, I recall purchasing what I thought was a humble source of protein for about 70 pence a tin (about 2years ago).

Today my perception has changed, what I thought was the byproduct of old cows tails, bits and pieces and recycled shoe leather, must in reality be made from prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus.

What was once fit only for oiks has now become at £8.80 a kilo food fit for kings.


  1. you need to shop online with Tesco's and they have Princes Corned Beef 340G reduced from it normal price of 2.49 to 1.99 until 2/8.
    I think they play price games with the Red lion branded goods so that they can sell it at half price in a few weeks time. Its a bit like Currys jacking up the price of selected cookers etc so they can have a 30% off sale in a few weeks time. Let the buyer beware of all theses devious ploys.

  2. You think thats bad wait till they really start hiking the prices up. Only the rich mp/councillors will be able to afford the corn beef the rest of us will be on pet mince and thats if we are lucky. Its quite obvious they only intend the very wealthy to live healthy and most soon wont be able to afford to live at all. Survival of the richest thats what politicians really stand for and their rich banker friends and corporations.

  3. I've heard that before, about Tesco's half price offers... the rascals.

    That said, none but the obscenely overpaid can have failed to notice the rampant inflation out there. Ludicrously claimed to be around 4% by the 'authorities' at the BoE.

    Here's some austerity delicacies we can look forward to.

    'Dutch' pork -

    Japanese poo-burgers -

  4. And is it a joke or are the govt really planning to disband the Coldstream Guards ?

    To be fair to Simon Moores he has consistently tried to set out the economic truths this country has to face.

    When the Head of the British Army felt it necessary to spell out that the British Army has loyalty to the Queen (IE Not govt) more attention should have been paid.

    New Labour carried out a stealth attack on Magna Carta principles in law and British rights and on the safeguards inherent in the structure of our constitutional monarchy.

    Churchill warned that Labour one day would make the police into a Gestapo. A force of govt rather than their lawful position of servants of the Crown.

    When there was famine in England in 19th century Welsh troops were garrisoned ready for disorder by starving North East miners. Irish troops in the Midlans ready to face starving Midlands railway workers.

    What could govt do now ... give a contract to a Private Army to support the unlawfully acting civil power the police. How do you feel that it may be mercenaries of a company like Aegis who deploy to keep the hungry masses in control ?

    The last time, as far as I know, that mercenaries were deployed in England against the English peasants it was Henry 8th after his monetarist experiment and health care cut backs (Wool trade and dissolution of monasteries) went awry. Sounding familiar ? Result ? The English peasants defeated the professional Italian mercenaries.

    This country is bubbling below the surface. The public sector continues to want its sinecure and phoney employ. No one, least of all the public sector, yet wants to face the reality that may lay in our future or our childrens' futures. A whole country relying on finance transactions in City of London. Will we get away with it ? Just hope that we do.

  5. How do you get from corned beef to the Coldstream Guards? These strands are almost like the Mornington Crescent game on "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue".

  6. Unless, Retired, you have a fancy for all those beefy soldiers? Now that sounds cool to me.

  7. anon again!
    I went to thr Co-Op in Birchington, where I have been buying a certain variety of sweets for a couple of years priced £1.05.
    Yesterday they were marked £2.10 -
    a distressing double there money situation!
    Not impressed.

  8. Oh did anyone spot the good day to hide news aspect of the furore about News of the World. A little current affairs comment that now we know the case for closing the mines was economically and strategically wrong ? Rather like after the Lozells riots and Tony Blair being quietly told by the inquiry "The multicultural experiment has failed" and saying "Shhhh just morph it into a new intercultural experiment by the time that fails I will be retired from government and on the after dinner yap yap circuit"

    If we had kept the mines open would we now be using coalbased eco fuel ? And would miners be able to afford corned beef ?

    Maggie Thatcher's neo-liberalism. Your council house is yours at a give away prioe. You are FREE .... to starve.

  9. Press release from Red Lion foods 15 july:
    "Our favourite real-life action hero Andy McNab has become the “face” of Red Lion Foods, which donates all its profits to armed forces charities."

    At least you know Tony that part of your £2.99 goes to the British Legion etc.
    One wonders how much goes to Tescos.

  10. I have trouble with the touchpad zoom, fingers apart and then together. Its agood job we dont use Ipads!
    I also use AVG and find ccleaner very good for disabling start up programs and as it says cleaning up the hard disk.

  11. Sorry Ive posted the last comment to wrong blog.

  12. Its a pain and sometimes a pleasure to read the off topic comments, I don't know how retired jumps from corned beef to his conspiracy beef but that I suppose Simon part of the joy of blogging.

  13. I cant remember the last time we had a tin of corned beed my missus always buys it sliced now. I like it with tomato sauce. But if its got that expensive I doubt I will ever eat it again.

  14. Don if you win the lottery may I suggest you try a bit of mustard on you corned beef, particularly in a sandwich


    Its a pain and sometimes a pleasure to read the off topic comments, I don't know how retired jumps from corned beef to his conspiracy beef but that I suppose IS part of the joy of blogging.

  15. well spotted tony. take his name in vain and you get shouted at

  16. So Tenuous a connection a beef and corned beef well spotted Tony