Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marvellous - Even building sites are now Iconic

iconic Site
I've been meaning to comment on this, since last week, when on my way home from a long shift, this site/sight hove into view, as I drove up Fort Hill, heading for Flaig Mansions, it made me smile.

At the time  although much impressed by the huge neon sign with the legend "Iconic Site"*, on the old Fort Road Hotel, I didn't have the energy to stop, to add yet another image to my growing collection of Iphone classic photo's, last night I had spare 30 seconds, click job done.

I don't know whether this is art as in arts council walloping a pile of wonger to some artist or art as in someone having a laugh and maybe taking the p.ss out the much esteemed Tracy Emin's neon work ( I never forgot Margate blah blah blah).
neither did I
Perhaps it's just a factual statement, the Arcadian and Fort Road Hotels, have been an eyesore for many years, and are a true icon of seaside decay and now renaissance with the coming of Turner Contemporary.

* Unfortunately part of the sign appears to have fused, anyhoo thanks to whoever is responsible.


  1. Maybe the fact that the sign isn't working properly is another artistic statement?

  2. If Tracy can do an unmade bed then maybe TDC can do an unrestored property. Cuching!!

  3. I had heard about it but have not seen it , thanks Tony