Monday, July 04, 2011

KCC–Local Board meeting what is the point?

Just a heads up, tomorrow your local county councillor, may well be in attendance at Thanet Local Board Meeting, a chance for you to see what if anything your Kent councillor does for the money.

For those who are unfamiliar, these meetings are pretty much in line with other KCC public relations events, generally a lot of puff and nothing too controversial, one item on the agenda is Cllr Graham Gibbons explaining changes to Adult Services, for changes you can probably insert swingeing cuts.

Assuming you can last through Cllr Gibbons presentation,  Chris Wells, will explain what's happening with children's services, what I'm fairly sure you wont hear is the explanation, as to the cause of Kent Council allowing children to put at risk.

I suspect that should anyone dare ask, as to how things got so bad, they might well hear a lot of robust bluster, which was certainly the case not to far back at another meeting.

Asking who was responsible for the failings has been characterised as "blame" and I believe  that favourite of politicians challenged by an awkward question, has also been used, that is to accuse the enquirer of being "political".

How Kent Council managed to place the lives of children, at risk, is a legitimate question for no other reason than making sure it doesn't happen again. Imagine if air accidents were treated similarly.

What are KCC hiding ?

As I say Kent Council are masters of public relations, a little while back the Isle of Thanet Gazette reported how despite making cuts, Kent council have money for the things that matter to them, like £74,000 for image advice to managers, given the amount of managers on hundred grand salaries, you'd like to think they could at least dress themselves and speak clearly that's to much to expect.
Image counts people don't.


  1. Councillors are superfluous, rarely are there any meetings for them to attend.

    To make them seem important each councillor is given pocket money by officers to spend as they wish on local projects.

    Kent council bleeds East Kent dry, and local tories are happy to take fat allowances for doing nothing.

  2. Time and time again KCC justify the high salaries they pay top level staff by saying they have to pay high to attract the best. Maybe the councillors can tell you all about KCC's head of energy procurement being charged with fraud last week. (Kentonline news). And are they still paying the Finance director who still seems to be on gardening leave, 7 months on.

  3. What is KCC hiding ?

    Well some could say we could start with child trafficking child kidnap and forced adoption for starters all huge money spinners for all on the gravy train or isnt this what you meant Tony ?

    Lets not forget the child care temp on £1250.00 per day lets hope the state sanctioned carers dont catch up soon they are already on around £400 upwards per week per child obviously we are all in the wrong jobs

  4. anon 1.17am

    Someone has a sense of humour more like 3 decades of CHILD SNATCHERS UNITED no wonder KCC chose him to do a "review" all in bed together this lot !

    Daily Snail today

    "The call from Martin Narey, the Coalition's new adoption tsar, will pile fresh pressure on social workers to end three decades of hostility to adoption as a way of finding homes for children with troubled mothers."

  5. Yup, it's all in hands of the mafia

  6. this is sick they have some seriously disturbed people

    International child trafficking paid for from the council tax
    2 x American

    Payment for air fares for prospective adoptive parents.
    Airlines :mad: