Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A marvellous start for Turner and Margate

How pleasing to see the hard work of all those concerned with Turner Contemporary, is proving a big success and the knowledge that Margate has started to reverse the decline of recent years.

Turner Contemporary announced yesterday, that it had now had its 156,000th visitor (the target figure for the 1st year), Edoardo Pacchett, from Monza, Italy was welcomed by the Director Victoria Pomery with a bottle of local Kent sparkling wine, Victoria commented “It is fantastic to have hit our visitor target so early" , hopefully even the cynical would agree the Director and that this is a remarkable achievement attracting so many in the first three months.vistor 156,000
The benefits of Turner of course aren't all going to be overnight but here are some of the early positives highlighted by Turner Contemporary, 85% visited specifically to see the gallery, 25 new businesses have opened in the old town and lower High Street and SouthEastern railway report 30% more people using Margate Station.

Well done! particularly those who pushed for the gallery and those who've delivered a world class galley in the heart of Margate.

Lets hope, that this development is soon complimented with Dreamland, and that Tesco don't create chaos with their new store.

Finally a couple of points, many millions are collected in taxes from you and I, and much goes to KCC, Turner Contemporary has been that rare instance in which we've seen significant public investment, I feel we need more, particularly from Kent council who syphon your money into affluent West Kent, so ask your local KCC councillor what if anything they are doing to attract other investment? Second point, what a marvellous sight driving into Margate @ five seeing the sun rise over the new gallery, after a night grafting on the railway in a dark dingy tunnel somewhere in London see picture.


  1. Good point about west Kent Tony, those in power have always treated this end with contempt. And yes more investment please, and while your at it please can we get rid of all those nasty gangsters, both local and national who hold back the area in oh so many ways.

  2. Thanet has had multi millions in grants from central government and the EU in the past and there does not appear to be much to show for it, run down town centres, few new jobs, poor health record, an airport that looses money and few airlines are interesed in.
    So its now up to TDC to make the most of this opportunity given to it by SEEDA, KCC and the Arts council. Apart from a bit more lottery cash for Dreamland thats it for a good few years for Thanet.
    SEEDA is no more, the Arts council funding has been decimated and KCC has to concentrate on front line services. East Kent has more than its share of the front line services budgets so you cant complain that KCC is West Kent centric.
    You could always demand that Kent is spilt into unitary councils and see how much cash the East Kent council would have to spare.

  3. Never mind the Turner's success, what was Edoardo's verdict on the local plonk?

  4. Unfortunately there is probably more than a grain of truth in what 0830 says. West Kent, being more affluent, probably pays more proportionately into the KCC coffers than we here in the east. The news about the TDC debt write off supports this view. I suspect that if I lived in West Kent my gripe would be that too much of my money was going eastwards.
    We have to battle on, making best use of whatever money comes our way. I think we have to accept that neither KCC nor TDC have the spare cash for major capital projects so will have to look elsewhere for the funding. TC is a good start and maybe its real worth is not the people through the door but the inward investment it could attract.

  5. Wait until two years time when they will have to charge for the tc.

  6. Here's a really good joke.... There was this art gallery called the Turner Center and after all the Hype and accolades about it being the saviour of Thanet, it closed after two years due to no-one wanting to use it.....
    In the two yrs it was open it never made any money,cost the taxpayer a fortune and is now closed with no prospects of further use.
    Sad eh.... time will tell.

  7. 7.54 - ignorance must be bliss.

  8. Anonymous 7:54