Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's good to see that banks and even the CBI are apparently worried about the state of Europe's economy particular as it effects the euro.

Reading the Times this morning Vince Cable the Business Secretary puts some perspective on the lobbying by banks who he suggests are using the euro crisis as a reason not to introduce safeguards between the normal customers of banks and the freewheeling investment bankers who in reality are little more than reckless gamblers, who not long ago robbed us all blind with a little help of Gordon Brown and his Labour colleagues.

Anyhow it's seems that Liberal Vince Cable was right a few months ago about the Murdock's suitability to run Sky TV and I've every faith that he is right about regulation of banking to protect us from the banks worst.

According to the Times Angela Knight boss of the British Bankers, allowing lenders to finance the recovery should be a priority, a fair comment were it not for all the stories we've read recently in which banks refuse working capital to profitable business.

For what it's worth I personally would always take, with a pinch of salt anything from the banking industry, at street level there is still some honesty however at fat cat level ?

The head of the CBI according to the Times claims regulation in the current climate was "barking mad" in my opinion so would be trusting an industry which has bought much suffering on ordinary people, while senior bank staff have continued their immoral life styles.


  1. Exactly what was the "help" that the previous Labour Government gave to the bankers in their "robbing us blind", Tony? And I'm looking for your detailed economic arguments and perspective, not a generalist political comment.

    Given that the banking crisis affected most of the developed economies, did the Labour Party lead the international movement, or was it a grand conspiracy between governments of all political colours? Explain how Labour caused the international crisis, please.

  2. I doubt you'll agree Tony, but in my opinion, Vince Cable is a globalist stooge. My feeling, whenever I have seen him in interviews, is that he is only playing the part of 'populist hero', without being entirely convincing.

    I believe it was George Soros and Jay Rockefeller who did the damage on Murdoch, they even announced it in advance, last year.

    Of course, restoring the separation of investment banks from high street banks is a positive thing, but I am afraid the horse has already bolted. The scumbags have already stolen everything and irreparably screwed the economy, as was the plan all along.

    If Cable were a serious threat to the City of London, they would just squash him like an irritating gnat. Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned he is merely playing to the crowd.