Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clive Hart local Labour Boss points the finger?

Last weeks riots in most people's view were about nothing else than the manifest greed and lack of morals of a small minority of yoofs.

However it seems that Labour, are rapidly moving from the consensus of blatant criminality, I suggest you follow the link to this Guardian article no surprise reading this you will find it follows the new Labour theory, that cuts are to blame.

Most people including Labour were of the opinion that criminals were to blame less than a week ago.

Since jobs concerns are at the forefront of new theory I wonder how Clive Hart feels as his party have done much to kill both aspiration and jobs in Thanet particularly in relation to Manston.

A good old fashioned "I'm alright jack" attitude from Labour old boys.


  1. I think if you read the latest increasingly paranoid and bizarre rants from local Tory spinner Simon Moores, you will find that in his world, Labour are to blame for the riots.

    What his, and your, posts demonstrate is the folly of simplistic knee-jerk accusations or "explanations" around the scenes of the past week. The issues are complex. Criminality, sure, but in the context of a social structure and set of attitudes and behaviours we have all helped create over several decades - and that are far from unique to the United Kingdom.

    Let's pause for breath and have a serious look at the issues. I guess that debate will need to include even lame MPs such as the one who sadly represents North Thanet who are capable of little more than circulating their predictable hogwash as press releases simply to be seen to be on the larest bandwagon.

  2. Well the left and right would bat the ball back and forth, it's what they are there for. And of course the media would have us believe it was some form of spontaneous combustion of unknown origin.

    However, the less naive among us believe this rioting and looting was orchestrated.

    A squeeze on the supply of coke and smack would have fanned the flames more than somewhat.

    A generation of malnourished, ill educated and hype-driven teenagers, brought up during a decade of unbridled consumerism, and now having to face austerity would be another ingredient.

    Fringe marxists, funded by TPTB, assisting the drug lords with the organising? Why not, the commies were involved in the 70's riots.

    How easy it is to manipulate these events when you want, not just to stir up racial tension, but also roll out the new draconian police state powers that were created, but not yet utilised, during New Labour's watch.

  3. Two things spring to mind.
    Clive needs to remember, if he can, which party so mismanaged this country's finances for 13 years that our grand children will still be paying off the debt.
    Halfway through this article was the telling bit. This young man comes from a one-parent family and has 12 - yes 12 - half-brothers and sisters. Memo to Mr Hitchens - contraceptive pill might have helped here. Memo to Mr Hart - which party has done most to destroy the family?

  4. Tony, another video you could have linked to is the original one featuring this young man and produced days BEFORE the riots:

    I've given up listening to the opinions of those who have no idea of what life is like in inner-city Britain and whose reactionary rants do nothing to get to the heart of what is wrong and why people, of all races, all backgrounds and age groups, took part in the riots.

    All we seem to be getting is abstract notions of "family breakdown" - shorthand for one-parent families - when plenty of people from, supposedly, functional families took part in the disturbances. And isn't family breakdown linked to the breakdown of working class communities in the decades of de-indusrialisation and Neoliberalism, helped on by Thatcher and Reagan?

    Then there are the suggestions that it's multiculturalism to blame - shorthand for Blacks and Asians - when it was people of all races who were involved and doesn't factor in the Sikhs who defended their properties from looters, the Turkish men guarding their shops in Dalston, and young Asians chasing away looters in Whitechapel.

    One commentor above mentions left-wing agitators without any proof and another seems to think the young man featured in the video, who is from a large family, was involved in the riots - why else point to his family in the same breath as mentioning family breakdown as a reason behind the riots.

    Listen to what the young are saying and it's about frustrations and anomie as well as being slaves to consumerism. They are victims of a society that favours selfish consumption, as promoted by rabid corporate advertising and marketing, over just about anything else. This doesn't justify their actions over the past week but doesn't it go someway to explaining something?

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  6. First define multiculturalism ?

    The belief (unlawful to put into practice in UK) that all cultures within one land are of equal merit.

    Problems arise for multiculturalists with cultures like BNP and street gangs ? Whereas they had no problem with cultures that are homophobic and repressive of women .

    The country needs to wake up to the fact that the lies, told by multiculture theorists and human rights activists, are the new chains.

    How many of our black brothers and sisters know, for example, that mid 17th century there was 25,500 slaves in Barbados but 21,700 of them were white British transported in chains in ship holds ?

    How many of our black brothers and sisters know they are lied to in order to create a black lobby pressuring for collective white guilt ?

    How many of them know that the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was manipulated to bring a social research red herring theory (Institutionalized racism) into bogus reality via mass hysteria and further promotion of the con of collective white guilt.

    The multiculturalists brought divisions, and defined ethnicities for the divisions, in our land. But it is for all that unrepealably a Common Law land in which by law all are equal.

    The riots brought home the realization that there are only two types of people. Those of good will and a--eholes. And the people of good will can protect each others' rights to peace just as our Common Law system developed and bequeathed over centuries.

    The most difficult of organisations to persuade back to the lawful common law condition will be the disgraceful police forces. Every manjack lightly takes an oath in Common Law office as an independent minsiterial officer of the Crown then betrays that oath every day of their miserable police service. That is how the Home Office stole too much power from the Crown (which includes us). Because they selected police for malleability over many decades (guised as psychometric testing).

    But the reaction of the people ended the riots and with it there is hope.

  7. For those who may think it is encumbent upon them to "Support police" and equate this to "Supporting law and order" maybe stop to recall who warned us to beware one day the police could be made a Gestapo ?

    Winston Churchill and he knew a thing or two about putting down Gestapos.

  8. Unfortunately he made this claim as part of a bit of party political scaremongering during his dismal 1945 General Election campaign. He claimed that Attlee and the Labour Party would only be able to implement their policies with the assistance of a Gestapo-like secret police. Now in the ensuing 66 years our police have obtained significantly more powers than they had in 1945 but Gestapo-like; I'm not so sure.

  9. Important though the causes are, it seems that very few people are coming up with possible ways to deter & punish these scumbags...

  10. Peter. I doubt that we will be able to prevent further such disgraceful events until we fully understand - free of political dogma - the real causes of the problem. The mysterious Graeme Simpson, who has so effectively taken our multi-talented Councillor to task, seems to have an understanding of the problem. There was also a good article in today's Independent. The last paragraph contains the rather unnerving point that "After all, a Labour party that has moved to the right is closer to most voters' broadly centrist views than a Conservative party that has moved even further to the right." Simon, take note.

  11. I suspect Simon the Spinner is more concerned with correcting the mistake in his latest post/rant. If, in addition to constant self-promotion and trumpet-blowing, he is going to persist with name-dropping, he really should get the names dropped right.

    I hope when (he claims) he whispered in the ear of the European Commission President, Jose Manual Barroso, he didn't call him Barraso then - as he has on his blog. If you really do mix with the big boys, Si, you should get their names right!

  12. Looks like a typo. You can find his Barroso link too if you look

    6:48 is getting boring. Can't he find someone else to hate and give us all a rest?

  13. Hardly a thing to shout about, being on name dropping terms with the pot-bellied demons of the EU commission.

    Speak for yourself 7:10, some of us enjoy 6:48's posts.

  14. 7;10, the link doesn't work, please try harder, and Simon really needs to get to grips with that iPad

  15.'s humour and irony, not hatred. Maybe not to your taste, and maybe not overly funny, but little different from the barbs and swipes that are (also) dispatched from Thanet Life. Lighten up.

  16. Peter, maybe if they were allowed to wave their willies about in public they might be more amenable.

  17. Dire police state information from Brian Gerrish, please listen and disseminate to this interview: