Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Riots–No excuses

riotsThere are no excuses for the riots in London and other towns and cities, clear and simple, commentators who suggest otherwise are brainwashed idiots, the fact is the country has witnessed a moment of madness, as lazy young immoral thieving scum organised themselves into cowardly ruthless groups of violent thieves.

It was clear to me last night, as I drove to work, that kids were out on the streets in London, not to demonstrate about being victims of some great social injustice but to cause violent mayhem.

Lets face it on mass and on the streets, these kids are little more than pack animals, I think it would not be unreasonable if normal considerations of "rights" were suspended in respect of individual liberty, however "we" society are better than that, so it's unlikely that we will see any curfews or dispensation of normal legal process in dealing with this scum.

Excuses don't hold water, the vision of some lazy uneducated workshy teenage kid, on the television news, mumbling about respect, typifies the senselessness and worthlessness of this criminal minority.

This country certainly has structural problems and even self-destructive polices and without a doubt, many of these kids will be the product of deprived families, some of whom, will genuinely be the casualties of economic woes, however I suspect most are the product of generations of workshy parasites.

Ordinary people have been terrorised and inconvenienced, on the way to work last night in central London, the roads were populated with kids, their faces covered, I just wondered why these yobs are out and about rather than sleeping in preparation for a days work.

As much as you can judge these things, driving down the Old Kent Road, enroute to work I have to say, the police were showing commendable restraint in handling groups of these feral kids, in a way that makes you proud to be British, unlike the conduct of these yobs.photo (4)

These kids are wallowing in the delusion that the world owes them, and probably think that they're somehow victims, unlike those in my world who just get on with life, who like one co-worker, take whatever work is on offer, change their travel plans because Croydon, Clapham, and Lewisham are under siege or another having to return home because these bastards are threating their home and family.

After this is over, lets tackle the real social problem, which is the "it's my rights" attitude of feckless scum, who've never if ever held down a job or earned "rights" because "it's not worth it" unless it's being a state funded mum or dad.

Ordinary people like me will of course be at work today, tomorrow and the next day despite these self obsessed criminals and those who like some of my colleagues couldn't get in last night, will just get on with things and despite having lost a days pay, wont be breaking in to shops or destroying peoples homes to make up for it.

There are no excuses!


  1. Yes agreed, well said Tony. I hope that it is not true that Primart in Margate is now ablaze.

  2. We don't have to worry about the young unemployed burning Margate. Middle-aged businessmen take care of that.

  3. There is one excuse Tony, or perhaps more of an explanation, namely this:

    This country has been screwed beyond repair, and the criminals responsible will assuredly be safely distant from the violence while the ignorant rabble vent their anger on their fellow man.

    Mark my words, this is just the beginning of the unpleasantries, and no, that doesn't mean I am enjoying it, but it is precisely what our controllers want.

  4. 4 41 If you want to make comments like that do so using your name and offering proof

  5. theres nothing to smash up in margate its a dump already

  6. Peter, Maybe one of those "businessmen" have shares in primark? :D

  7. In my opinion nothing will happen in margate, the riot is all pathetic anyway. According to the news it started with that young lad apparently being shit by the police, no one really knows what happens! Now its moved on to the fact that most people have no jobs so they take what they want etc...

  8. Primark looks fine...Margate looks fine...

  9. I totally agree with all of that apart from the bit about state funded parents because sadly, I am one of them. Not through choice but because my ex walked out when our daughter was just a few months old and it's simply not financially viable for me to return to wrok at this moment. However I do have plans to return to college as I aim to study and train to become a midwife. I'm not workshy and want my children to grow up knowing it pays to work hard and that only idiots and mindless morons riot. The rest of us have no time for such people. Please don't put all of us state funded parents in the same pigeon hole....some of us do have ambition!

  10. My comments were generalisation s not specific E

  11. "These people have no morality. They sponge off the taxpayer, they are thieves, have little respect for the law or society, they steal, loot, run riot through the city, have no concern for other people. And now they're coming home from holiday to sort the riots out.. "

    I found this comment ...very tongue in cheek but unfortunately very true

  12. The only enemy is the federal reserve. Wake up sheeple!

  13. Very good 11:57!

    Sort out the riots? That lot couldn't sort out a booze up in a brewery. I think it will be more of a case of going through the motions of debating whether or not to clamp down on what is left of our civil liberties and privacy, until the correct inducement has been agreed.

    What say you?

  14. One curious by-product of these events has been to drag Simon Moores out of the political closet and reveal his true colours. His latest post endorses a couple of books written by Peter Hitchens; classic examples of the Mail on Sunday school of political thought. And what's even funnier is that the first book recommended is crammed full of conspiracy theories - this from the man who accuses Retired, myself and others of seeing conspiracies around every corner. Priceless!

  15. The best analysis I have seen of these events has been on AlJazeera.
    This morning a man whose name I'm afraid I have forgotten summed it up for me:
    "If we are going to have US style deprivation then we are going to need US style policing and US style incarceration."

    The underclass created by the over class turns round to bite us all in the arse.

  16. Sikhs standing guard over a mosque in Southall whilst the Muslims were inside praying - another positive from all the negatives.

  17. anon 6.36

    The powers that be, hidden behind the government wont like that, the only power they have is to divide and conquer and pit race or any other divide against each other and keep people in fear and too busy to see what they really get up to.

  18. Mr Clegg said everyone had 'blemishes' in their past
    Lib Dem home affairs spokesman owned up to a criminal past.


    Your government are the biggest perpetrators when it comes to robbing resources you have no right to claim, and burning down homes... forget stealing trainers when you can steal oil, forget burning homes to the ground when you can use bombs and missiles..... The same fools who get behind their government when they commit these same crimes in other parts of the world are now taking the moral high ground while supporting larger atrocities... watch the hypocritical bigots emerge on mass

  19. Well said 10:52, the great brainwashed are being turned against each other, right on cue.

    While those who criticise the government are going to be demonised for this rabble's amok making.

    People had better wake up and identify the real criminals or they will soon find themselves living in a totalitarian nightmare.

  20. Thank you for the mention Ogmios. Yes I was accused of seeing conspiracies around every corner. I was recently grateful to receive a phone call from retired Det Supt Nick BIDDISS. He was case officer for two murders in 96. The M25 murder of Stephen Cameron and the Ramsgate murder of retired elderly ex MI5 officer Ken Speakman.

    This represents the first time in some 24 years (since the arrest of George Richard MAISON, later tory cllr and Vice Chair North Thanet tories, for paramilitary activity) that any Kent Police officer or retired officer has engaged in the detail.

    (1) It is now clear that Det Supt BIDDISS and his murder inquiry did not carry out a warrant raid in Ramsgate which was allegedly seeking Ken Speakman's stolen guin collection.

    (2) Hence the murder inquiry was never aware whether or not the officers who conducted that warrant raid already had a suspect name "TOMBS"

    (3) The first the name "TOMBS" came to the notice of the murder inquiry was when it was proffered by arrested Anthony SWINDELLS as the name of an accomplice who he claimed had carried out the killing.

    (4) The murder inquiry checked every TOMBS in UK and told the murder trial they thought the defendant had invented a fictitious accomplice to fabricate a defence.

    (5) The murder inquiry case officer Mr BIDDIS was never told about the paramilitary assault on Mrs MORTLOCK (former tory cllr) in 1996 by an intruder in her house.

    (6) The murder inquiry case officer Mr BIDDISS was never told that Mrs Mortlock had been told that Swindells arrested for the Speakman murder had proffered a confession to the Mrs Mortlock assault.

    (7) Hence the murder case officer Mr BIDDISS was unaware of the description of Mrs Mortlock's assailant. A description which exactly matches a man called TOMBS.

    (8) The officer who refused to use the confession to the Mrs Mortlock assault also never reported to the case officer Mr BIDDISS that HM Coroner had requested a re-examination of the sudden death case of Georgina MAISON 1978 and that he had refused the HM Coroner request.

  21. (9) Whilst making NO accusations against Malcolm John TOMBS Head of the Professional Bodyguards Assn it is clear that when he was checked and ruled out of the murder inquiry that the inquiry was unaware he had useful evidence. About gun ranges in Kent of which Ken SPEAKMAN the murder victim was a member. About who used these ranges for unlawful paramilitary live fire training.

    (10) I have sent Mr BIDDIS as courtesy information and also I have reported to HM Coroner copies of correspondence between professional Bodyguards Assn and International Bodyguards Assn of the murder and paramilitary assault year 1996. In it is mention of activity by a then employee of the IBA. This is the man named later after 9.11 by Scotland Yard as wanted in their post 9.11 inquiries for allagedly training Al Quedda suspects at English gun ranges.

    (11) Mr BIDDISS has courteously replied informing me he has copied my material to the Kent Police Professional Standards Dept.

    (12) I thank Mr BIDDISS for a full and frank exchange. I think we need more police officers like him.

    (13) But the failure to report facts to the Head of the murder inquiry also occurred from above. Mr BIDDISS was never told that in 97 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry into George Richard MAISON's arrest for paramilitary activity, into the security warnings and bombing inquiries re the 1989 IRA bombing of Deal Barracks, re firearms certificate and range policing. The Chief constable refused to comply with his own Police Authority request and the murder inquiry case officer was kept uninformed.

    (14) This now provides more context to the allegation that Thanet tory Cllr William HAYTON perjured for ex tory Cllr MAISON in Aldwych High Court 1998 when he allegedly told the court on oath there was no procedure of inquiry in place against MAISON ...

    (15) Whilst we rightly cry for the full force of law to apply to rioters we should not forget it also applies to police officers and councillors.

    Now I suppose the criticism will not be accusations of being a conspiracy theorist but of revealing too much evidence to the people ?

  22. We should also recall (thanks to my FOI request 2008) that SERICOL, who employed George Richard MAISON as Chief Site Safety Engineer, had been carrying out a secret remediation project for some five years by 1998. Five years since the 1993 discovery that there had been massive contamination by them for 30 years of the Thanet aquifer.

    In 1998 there was allegedly internal inquiry at SERICOL into obtaining employ by deceptive use of forged engineering qualifications.

    Leon KING the MD, took a decision about 3 months before MAISON faced libel High Court in 98, to give MAISON severance pay in order for SERICOL to "Stand back from matters"

    These matters included whether forged qualifications extended to Army Service Records used to clear civilian security vetting to work as guards at Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

    My view is that such a report to police or justices is obligatory at law and a failure to report was and is a Treason Offence carrying life imprisonment (the one offence in which a person can go to prison for life for doing nothing when the law forbids doing nothing)

    So why were Labour cllrs told that the Sericol leak had been discovered before it reached aquifer ? Why were elkected cllrs lied to ? Which tories knew the truth and kept quiet. And what Quids Pro Quo were at play.

    SERICOL never got exposed in High Court evidence. Thanet would not know about the long term contamination of their water supply for another ten years till I did an FOI application for you.

    How's the conspiracyt theory looking now Thanet tories ?

    But when TDC Standards Cttee considered my complaint on such matters they sat whilst the acting chair withheld the evidence file from them.

    So please when condemning the stench rioting on the streets don't ignore what went on in police and industry and council chambers and court rooms in Kent.

    Because the very tories most vociferous about the yobs ripping the fabric of society have behind closed doors done far more damage to the happy constitution of the Realm.

  23. Just be thankful you don't live in Scotland! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW0356brnrE&

  24. I'm getting tired of links to sites like PrisonPlanet, if you have a comment to make, make it but don't litter these pages with links to fellow nut jobs.

    I might even agree with your comment but get real on the conspiracy theories

    As for Retired I give up!

  25. Agree entirely with you on the Agenda 21/PrisonPlanet nutcases. They must some sort of blog watcher to enable them to jump in whenever to find a posting that is anywhere near relevant.
    To be fair you did encourage Rick! That said, I know Nick Biddiss and Number One (him) has always been high on his agenda - look at how many times he's on Meridian Tonight. If he's now siding with Rick then maybe there is fire behind all the smoke.

  26. Thank god for the so-called conspiracy theorist bringing us the truth, its clearly not theory but FACT for those that have eyes to see it. Well done to Retired and others keep up the good work in exposing these hypocrites and liars running Kent and the country.

    Clegg 'not proud' of conviction
    Nick Clegg

    Mr Clegg said everyone had 'blemishes' in their past
    Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg has owned up to a criminal past.

    As a 16-year-old exchange student in Munich, he was given community service after setting fire to a rare collection of cacti in a "drunken prank".

    Mr Clegg - whose leadership ambitions have been the talk of the party's conference in Brighton - made his admission at a fringe meeting.

    He later told the BBC he was "not proud" of the incident, which saw him digging gardens as a punishment.

    When he returned to England, he was ordered to spend the holidays - and a lot of money - finding the cacti he had destroyed and sending them on to the German professor whose collection he had ruined.

    Speaking to BBC2's Daily Politics Conference Special, Mr Clegg said: I did some damage to some plants. I am not proud of it. I think we all have blemishes in our past."


  27. so mr cameron is gonna get tough with the looters and the rioters, what about also getting tough with the child abusers /child stealers / peados / murders of our children and loved ones, he promised to hunt every one down who took part in the affray , does that include the police who failed in their duty, why doesnt he do that to all the child abusers who are walking around free leaving families with out justice or would that cut to close to home in his own tory run councils ?

  28. OK Tony, I'll cut it out, but with a global Alexa ranking of #2000 for their top site infowars, they're hardly a fringe, nut job outfit.

    Ogmios, you weren't breast fed as a baby, I'll bet.

  29. All the Alexa thing proves is that there are a lot of deluded nutters out there. World conspiracies - politicians aint that clever. And as is usual with you nutters if anyone dares to disagree you always resort to personal insult.

  30. UK riots: how do Boris Johnson's Bullingdon antics compare?

    London's mayor had a relaxed attitude to a bit of property-trashing in his Oxford days

    'An excessive sense of entitlement" was what the mayor of London ascribed to those looting their way across our sceptred isle – but he could have been referring to himself. In the mid-to-late 80s, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson – not to mention David Cameron and his now chancellor George Osborne – were members of the notorious Bullingdon Club, the Oxford university "dining" clique that smashed their way through restaurant crockery, car windscreens and antique violins all over the city of knowledge.
    Not unlike a certain section of today's youth, the "Bullers" have little regard for property. Prospective members often have their rooms trashed by their new-found friends, while the club has a reputation for ritualistic plate-smashing at unsuspecting country pubs. It has been banned from several establishments, while contemporary Bullers are said to chant, at all hours: "Buller, Buller, Buller! Buller, Buller, Buller! We are the famous Bullingdon Club, and we don't give a fuck!"

    "This behaviour was criminal behaviour," said Johnson of the recent riots – but in the past his attitude to vandalism has been more nuanced. In his and Cameron's day, the Bullingdon was most notorious for heaving a weighty flowerpot through the window of a distinguished Oxford eaterie. Cameron, it is said, had already left the scene, but Johnson was so proud that for a time he claimed he was arrested for his part in these exploits. In fact, he simply hid in the shrubbery at the city's botanical gardens. Lucky there were no 24-hour magistrates' courts in those days.


  31. @2mystified, you are correct about politicians, but they are not doing the conspiring. They're just raking in the cash and selling us out.

    I hope you lot remember what we conspiracy nutcases tried to tell you when you are teetering on the edge of that mass grave.

    I've had it wasting my time on fuckwits like you, you are on your own. Over and out.

  32. Peter
    He'll probably feel a lot better when his medication kicks in this morning. One thing all these World Conspiracists don't see is that if there is a mass grave beckoning they will be at the bottom of it. Messengers are invariably shot in these circumstances.

  33. An excellent letter in today's Independent which I'm sure the author won't mind my sharing. Ties in very well with the way LAPD responded to the Watts riots.

    "It probably wasn't in the holiday reading they left behind in their hotels or gites but our returning politicians would learn a lot from Gustave Le Bon's Psychologie des foules (The Psychology of Crowds), written in 1895. He wrote that when an individual forms part of a group he "acquires a sentiment of invincible power" and "inhibitions fall away and all the cruel, brutal and destructive instincts ... are stirred up to find free gratification".

    Most relevant of all, perhaps, the group is "extraordinarily credulous and open to influence: if a suspicion is expressed, it is instantly changed into an incontrovertible certainty [and] a trace of antipathy is turned into furious hatred". Because the crowd is so aware of its great strength, Le Bon maintained, it respects force, or even violence, seeing anything less as a form of weakness.

    Perhaps his prefiguring of the last few terrifying days offers one lesson. It is still OK to hug a hoodie but a rampaging mob of them expects and, Le Bon would say, demands to be countered by the full power of the state. But by the same token, once group members have reverted to being individuals, we should have the maturity to understand the power of the process they allowed themselves to be caught up in and to treat them with fairness and leniency."

  34. People in glass houses shouldnt throw bricks.....

    Nick Clegg gets asked about his arson conviction. 11/08/2011


    its becoming very obvious that the lunatics and real criminals are the ones pretending to run the country

  35. Firstly- I do not condone the violence, arson or looting during the recent unrest. Not sure about the state funded comment- first person charged was a teaching assistant! Sadly there are very few if any, jobs- and the ones vacant are part time/casual. We treat our young people appallingly- would not want to be young or old in this country. The future is bleak and if the eviction of families from council owned properties is realised it must be across the board and all criminals families treated the same (yes, even the famous, rich and political criminals)- of course that is if they live in council owned property. What plans for those owner occupiers I wonder! The announcement yesterday that the MP's are to be given £10,000 for the holiday disruption they have endured is Criminal! They treat us like idiots. I did not agree with the riots but have no objection to protest. Having read the comments regarding Bullingdon it has provoked even more thoughts. TV news repeatedly broadcasts protests in other countries of the oppressed uprising.

  36. Absolutley agree.
    Too busy rejecting excuses to look for reasons.

  37. Boris Johnson's and David
    [An Additional £10,000 what a joke they are are not worth 10p for the whole lot of them]

    Cameron's riotous past

    Cameron remembers 'Boris set fire to the toilets'

    In the wake of riots engulfing London this week both Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, rushed wearily home to voice their disdain for the looting and violence. Promising strict sentences for those involved, which include proposals to evict the families of those involved from their council homes, it may be surprising to hear of Dave and Boris's less than illustrious dealings with the law.
    In 2007 David Cameron admitted in the Telegraph "Like many young people, I did
    things when I was young that I should not have done and that I regret." Together with young Boris, Cameron was an Oxford University student, and both were members of the Bullingdon Club. According to neeurope the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, was also a member.
    Bullingdon was a dining club described by one its members in the Telegraph as "The Bullingdon modus operandi is to book a restaurant under a false name, smash it up, and throw large amounts of money at the upset owners."
    According to the Country Standard Cameron described a typical night, saying "Things got out of hand and we'd had a few drinks. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets."
    "Remembering the night he was arrested Boris said "The party ended up with a number of us crawling on all fours through the hedges of the botanical gardens, and trying to escape police dogs. And once we were in the cells we became pathetic namby-pambies." (nothings changed then )

    Naturally the antics of Cameron and Co. were just youthful hi-jinks which were solved by throwing some inherited wealth at the problem. Fortunately these now successful politicians have given up their hooligan ways and support full measures of policing the streets to prevent a recurrence.