Monday, August 08, 2011

KM Group's Takeover bid - Update on Politicians Views

Firstly an apology, to Roger Gale MP, last week I stated that the MP for Thanet North had not responded to my communication concerning the likely takeover by the Kent Messenger Group of Northcliffe Media's Kent newspaper which include Thanet's Gazette and Times.
Looking through my bills and junk mail this morning, I came across a letter addressed to me on House of Commons stationary dated 2/08/11 I'm not sure when this arrived but it's likely that it came before my last posting on this subject.
The expectation that Roger Gale MP would offer some crumbs of comfort, perhaps an impassioned plea to maintain local media diversity has resulted in me feeling a bit disappointed and I don't share his glib view but anyhow.Galeonkm
I hope the Office of Fair Trade will not just allow a monopoly to be created, Kent Messenger Group may well have served the county well but certainly not this part of East Kent and certainly not with the meagre offerings from the Thanet Extra of late.
Still we shouldn't necessarily take a glib view on these things, just now Thanet Council and Tesco have had the plans for an incongruous superstore derailed by Arlington residents and good thing too, in just what crazy world, would you want Tesco's as the back drop to an afternoon at the sea side.
Hopefully ordinary peoples view will be taken into account a little more often, given the hostility by residents, it was extraordinary that Cllr Jack Cohen recently used his casting vote to progress Tesco's plans but then as  I understand he lives in Birchington.
We are all part of the "Big Society" (its not some creation for Tory busy bodies) if you want to influence things make your voice known, down just let your politicos take the easy route, get involved.


  1. Have you actually BEEN to Margate seafront recently? Ok, Tesco are a big bully-boy company who think they can take over every empty building in sight, and I refuse to shop there on principle.
    But I don't see anyone else lining up to take over the Arlington arcade. The current "backdrop" is an absolute eyesore and a total embarrassment, the first thing visitors see on their way into Margate. Can you suggest an alternative?

  2. Tony, what makes you so convinced that "ordinary people" don't want Tesco? I seem to recall similar protests about Westwood Cross, but people couldn't wait to shop there...

    Of course, if you & others are right in that most people do not want it then you won't have to worry about any potential traffic problems.

  3. Trouble is, 8:35, the banks won't willingly lend to the little guy who wants to set up shop.

    Big society really means Big Brother society, with megacorps like Tesco hogging all the customers. But I agree Tony, it is time for us all to get involved in pushing back against these bullies.

    It is very encouraging to see the challenge to Tesco's planning approval, even if it is only from an aesthetic standpoint.

  4. Get involved look at the facts Arlington Arcade has been empty for years if small shopkeepers could make a living there it would have happened before now. The whole site looks like a train crash and has done for years and if Tesco dont go there you can look forward to it looking the same for years to come.

  5. If the owners of the site can only come up with the Tesco's plan and the maority dont want it, cant TDC make a compulsory purchase order as they are now doing with the Dreamland site?

  6. Don, it's not just the future of the Arcade that is at stake here.

    You may want to live in a corporate fascist police state, but I suspect the rest of us would rather have a bit of choice in how we live our lives.

    The banks won't lend to small business, the markets are skewed in such a way that the small guy cannot compete. The government, bought and paid for by the banks and corporations, wants to stamp out independence.

    These are the issues that need addressing, these are the reasons for all the dereliction. It has been planned that way, for a very long time.

  7. I had a business on marine drive for 20 years,when customers would queue up to buy our home made sweets and Dreamland had thursday fireworks.Arlington arcade then was great but it has looked a total dump now for years.You choose eh!total shamful DUMP or Tesco (with jobs durrr)its a no brainer. frances silvester,retired shop keeper

  8. But we don't want no brain 'durrr' jobs, stacking shelves or talking down a phone like a customer service robot, Frances, we want decent, fulfilling occupations and a buoyant, buzzing community.

    BTW, you'd be horrified to know what they are putting into sweets and soft drinks these days. Google aspartame or high fructose corn syrup.

  9. That's the trouble with the unemployed these days, you're all too fussy! I'd love a p/t job stacking shelves.

  10. Seeing as you've got so much free time on your hands Peter, why not do a bit of research to find out who is behind this unholy mess?

    I'll guarantee you, it will improve your chance of employment if you do.

    Personally I am not a jobseeker, so your personal dig was misplaced, lol.

    I meant for the future well being and prosperity of the community we need proper, well paid and fulfilling employment, not part time, minimum wage, dead-end jobs.