Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reminder -Weekend stuff - Spectacular tonight in Margate and Summer Squall in Ramsgate

Blink and you ll miss itMy apologies to readers who think I have my finger on the pulse, also to the organisers of Blink in Margate and Summer Squall in Ramsgate for not mentioning these events earlier.summer squall

Both Ramsgate and Margate people are trying hard to enhance and enrich our lives, a bit like the mission of Bignews Margate, anyhow Mrs Me has just reminded me, of the Blink Event, which if I can arrange a late night pass,will see me in Margate tonight soaking up a once in lifetime visual delight.

Anyhow click for details of Blink here and Summer Squall here and visit Thanet here for other goings on here, have a nice weekend!

blinking marvellous


  1. Blimey, that's a polite, positive & friendly post from you Tony, have you got out of the right side of bed for a change? ; )

    Have a great weekend too!

  2. Sorry normal service has been restored with my latest post.