Monday, August 01, 2011

Picture this–Margate Photo Fest

hi viMargate is to celebrate the art of Photography once again with the M P F : Organic event to be held on August 13th & 14th in the town.

Various locations will  display this years selected work, which if I digress for a moment is something neglected by Turner critics, the various locations being, galleries and "spaces" which wouldn't exist without the Contemporary or eateries and pubs for that matter.

Anyhow for more details, click here or make yourself available to enjoy the delights of this festival by wandering around Margate town during the weekend of 13th & 14th maybe with your camera.

I understand acceptance for submissions has closed, which is a bit of a disappointment as I have just stumbled  upon the above image, which on one level might look like an out of focus shot of my hi-viz work gear however it was inspired by my struggle to make just one flippin phone call with my smart phone (why can't they make these easier to use).

Hopefully I will have time to take a gander myself, usually I have work at the weekends so miss some of the great events, like this weekends "Middle age blokes with War Memorabilia" in Ramsgate, still there are more great events like the one above and of course the biggy for Broadstairs the "Folk Week" a festival of middle aged beardy guys in odd rustic clothing who've dragged and cajoled the partners and kids to immerse themselves in music and spend a week under canvass in a school field at the back of the town.

Although I might be facetious, events particularly of the grass roots type, do much to enhance the area, one omission this year has been the popular Thanet Pride event which I understand will take place next year after talks with the council secure the event for three years from 2012.

Thanks to those who work hard to arrange events in these parts, particularly those of the organic variety, that being from enthusiasts, myself I'm thinking of the Thanet Blogging and Alternative Media Fest however this would be a multi venue event connected in cyberspace.


  1. According to the website, MPF are taking submissions for previously unpublished work until 5 August. Though having now published your hi-vis masterpiece, it may now be ineligible.

  2. I understand that the open category Is for a book so I presume even a man of my clear talents would be hard pressed to make a contribution at this late hour

  3. What makes you think there would be no galleries without the TC? There's art galleries in pretty much every other town (I did a nice cycle ride to Whitstable & back earlier, & noticed several galleries both there & in Herne Bay).

  4. Maybe you haven't notice galleries opening up in the last year or two, with much more activity all round the old town.

    Peter I suggest you point you bicycle toward Margate.

    Yes most towns have a gallery or two as did Margate.

    However cynics or critics such as yourself will take a swipe at every chance. Some people are built like that.

    What makes you think galleries such as those that have opened in the last year would have opened without the TC?

  5. I go to the old town several times a week (unlike you Tony with your three times the minimum wage job, I'm on the dole!).

  6. Incidentally, pop down to The Winter Gardens if you get a chance Tony, there's a fascinating exhibition to celebrate their 100th anniversary (some of those old posters really are art!). There's not another building in Thanet that has given as many people as much joy for so long.

  7. Peter, Margate Railway Station must come a close second, the joy on all those faces when they leave Margate for good.
    As for all those new galleries in town I doubt whether they employ 50 people between them, considering the TC will cost tax payers £26 millions over 5 years its still got a long way to go to justify its existence.

  8. Your figures are all wrong, like your attitude.

  9. Are you sure anyone is still allowed to take photo's better watch out for this lot wouldnt 'trust' them as far as I could throw em but he does takes a good photograph.

    Kent’s chief constable defends his force

    “I would ask that the people of Kent do one thing - judge us on our results, their interactions with us day in and day out, and trust me and my officers to keep them safe, lock up criminals, and act with the highest standards of integrity.”

  10. A book would be great Tony, but bear in mind, to garner the interest of a major publisher you will need to sell your soul. Depopulation, debauchery and satanic worship are popular themes right now.

    12:29, I think he means criminals from among the peasant class, anything else would be too much to hope for at this stage.

  11. Whatever it is its worth every penny! Great that so many ambitious people are returning to Margate to start business, transform the area etc, A senior world bank / Whitehall financial adviser and x Thanet lad recently took a look around Margate, he could not believe the positive changes in the last two years, a new mini Brighton is how he described it, while we all know there is a long way to go its worth noting there are rumblings in Whitstable that Margate is starting to steal its thunder, well done all those being positive.

  12. Build costs £17.5 millions.
    Annual running cost £2.2 millions, 85% paid for by KCC and the Arts council, KCC annual maintenance budget £100,000, KCC annual educational grant £200,000.
    And dont forget all the road works at Fort Hill that KCC paid for and the loss on the aborted mark 1 project. I make that little lot a lot more than te 26 millions over 5years as mentioned above. KCC alone are in for £17 millions and there were those that balked at KCC spendong £400,000 p.a on another vanity arts project that was meant to lift and give oppotunities to media employment - Kent TV.

  13. Anon 9:26

    So what is your point? That it's a waste of taxpayers money I suppose?

    Gosh! We hard pressed taxpayers having to pay for a derelict shed that no-one uses! It's scandalous!

    It should be left to the private sector to fund the arts. We commoners will never, ever go there and we certainly don't won't Arty Farty London types here, do we?

    Anyway, us plebs would rather have a fairground ride and an ice rink - that will create thousands of jobs and regenerate Margate with dozens of new fish & chip shops and boozers. It's worked for, er, Blackpool so how about Margate.

    Ban ART!

  14. kent tv project made some a pretty penny. bob geldolf was given the title freeman of kent. lots of money and titles if you know the right people even ann widdecombe has been given the title freeman of kent. dont they use the new art gallery for masonic nights once the public who have really paid for all this, have left ?

  15. Its got nothing to whether you like art or not, if you do with HS1just go to London. I think this £26 millions plus is a step too far on one single part of Thanet.
    Visit Whitstable to see what can be done without a gallery.
    Over the years Thanet has received millions in grants to help turn it round. From central government (SEEDA etc), the European Regional Development Fund including cash meant to boost tourism and given to hotelliers, cash from KCC such as the hundreds of thousands into a failing Manston operator and millions for EKO.
    I dont see that Thanet has benefited from any of this and I dont see that the TC will make any long term difference to Thanet. The public have an ever decreaing amount of disposable income and there's a limit to how much tourism and retail an area can support otherwise we would have a flourishing Margate High Steet and Westwood Cross. Any gain at Margate will be Ramsgate's loss.