Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Software companies do they ever consider the human cost?

It's me I think, half way through my fifties and I feel it's time to acknowledge, that I've reached a point where I  no longer have an appetite for technology, and I blame the constant nagging of software companies, who insist on updating software on an almost daily basis "Java"from Oracle and Adobe Reader seem particularly irritating in constantly demanding my attention.
Its a crude calculation made by cruder in my case since I spend a lot of my time in manual labour, any how with that out of the way, I have worked out that responding to each demand from Oracle to update Java asuming 3 Billion devices run on Java if everyone was to spend 10 seconds to deal with the regular popup window on their device a total of 951 years of attention will have be used, this equates to somewhere near 13 human life times.

Anyhow I had planned to give you a definitive view on Britain's moral decline, this will have to wait, I think microsoft are waiting to update windows, and my smartphone wont go a day without syncing and charging.

I'll be back when I've upgraded my will to live an no I don't know what the er.... heck java is I generally drink Kenco.


  1. Wait, no, come back when you've upgraded your sentence structure and grammatical skills.

    Also, 10 seconds is nothing, not all of these 3 billion devices are attached to the internet.. The majority of these won't get or need the update. Only 56% will actually update such a minor update. Network Administrators, have deployment updates which requires the "10 seconds" for all their machines, rather than one-by-one.

    I reckon, you should just grow up, rather than complaining about the fact that Oracle and Adobe like to FIX their security problems and OFFER (not DEMAND) users the OPPORTUNITY to update.

  2. Can back scream when you know the difference between a blog and some flipping great work of literature

    You sound a big of a geek?

  3. Get yourself an Apple Mac Tony, their elegant simplicity suits grumpy ol' gits like us.

  4. I blame technology for Britain's moral decline.

  5. LOL. Well I appreciated your post Tony and Peter's additional injection of humour. My Java auto updater is flashing me as I type...

    On a serious note, what does it actually do (apart from update I mean)? And how do I switch it off or get it to pop up less frequently? By my reckoning, with all these updates it should have been elevated to the status of perfection by now...

  6. I must admit my mac very rarely gets updates but my Pc which I use most of the time gets updates virtually daily. I smiled at Scream and Peter for opposite reasons Peter's comment was amusing whereas Scream's was annoyinly amusing. GOTTA GO FIREFOX NEEDS AN UPDATE