Friday, August 05, 2011

Hard Choices - Broadstairs Folk Festival or Margate's Soul Weekend and Carnival

margate soul weekendNot something that normally bothers me, what to do for the weekend, the choice is usually stark, my destination a railway worksite, which recently has been, a dank murky dust filled tunnel, in which men heroically toil for hours on end, to build a better railway, my only choice, the contents of my "pack up", rolls or doorstop sarnies, cheese or ham, mini pork pies or mini eggs, the later I compromise and take both, eleven hours in a tunnel is a long time.

broadstairs folk week 2011Hopefully like me, this weekend you are free of work worries, so my biggest choice is whether to soak up the entertainment offered by Broadstairs Folk Festival or Margate's Soul Weekend and excellent Carnival.

Well I suppose like my packed lunch you could have a bit of both, Broadstairs Folk Fest goes on all week starts today 5th August through to next Friday, Margate Soul Weekend starts tomorrow @ 2PM in the Piazza with live music from 4pm and continues on Sunday which is also the day  Margate Carnival

I'm not sure that I have any preference for specific genres of music, like a lot people I can enjoy most music, even country and western, as a kid the albums I played to death would have been Rod Stewarts "Every Picture tells a story", Lindisfarne's "Fog on the Tyne"  and compilations of the Four Tops, the Supremes & Diana Ross.

The music links are to "spotify" which allows you to access to millions of tracks and create playlists like this,  one from my era back in the day, when nightclubs like Hades, Crackers, Starlight, Nero's, Ace of Clubs existed and others any how to listen to those items you will have to register which will cost from nothing to a tenner a month.

Well to whet you appetite for the Soul Weekend


or Folk Week

Broadstairs Festival 2010 (Short Version) from spiralearth films on Vimeo

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  1. I loved the giant robot and chicken!! Fantastic. Thought the carnival pretty good this year but why are the floats soooo far apart??