Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kent Newspaper Monopoly - Roger Gale, Laura Sandys, (Thanet's MP's) what do they think?

the cat gets itWell damn all it seems, I've not heard any pronouncements or views of any Kent politicians, maybe their oblivious or like the idea of Kent Messenger Group acquiring a virtual monopoly on local newspapers reporting in Kent.

*I contacted Roger Gale's office earlier in the week, to see if he could assist in revealing more information, I also hoped that my enquiry might provoke a reaction, unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. I did however get an email of Gales View on Thanet Labours anti jobs and anti business policy which while I agreed, did not hit the spot

I cannot help thinking threats to the future of the Mr Puss (the Flaig family cat) would probably be more likely to get a reaction, than the end of competitive reporting of local issues.

It seems staggering that local politicians don't have a view. In the case of Roger Gale, I know that some years ago, a rather shabby "story" was published in the Gazette, not surprisingly resulting in Roger Gale, transferring his "View" column  to the alternative KM Thanet Extra as there was the choice, which shortly may not exist.

I doubt either the Kent Messenger Group or even Northcliffe Media (who paid some millions for Kent Regional News and Media) are about to go belly up if this deal does not go through. 

It's perhaps an indication of the quality of our local politicians, it might be that either they don't care or even know what's going on.

For all postings on this subject click here, it seems despite living in a "democracy" this issue is not being reported elsewhere including the state broadcaster BBC South East or Radio Kent. WHY NOT?

Finally it seems strange that MP Laura Sandy's adept as she appears at having a view on most subjects is remarkable quiet on this matter.

*Since writing this I have received a letter typed on the day of my enquiry to Roger Gale, therefore this need be read in that context, and my apologies to Roger Gale MP.


  1. 7 25 bland world conspiracy comments are boring.

    Which is why I deleted you, address the topic not your prejudice.

  2. This is your third post on this subject and you've yet to be inundated with comments. Tell you something?

  3. We are entering a monopoly phase, not just concerning the media, but everything else too.

    The politicians know damn well what is happening, but they are following a script, not defending our interests.

    Competition and the free market are disappearing fast and this issue is part of that agenda, while hollow talk of stimulating employment and the economy is no more than that, hollow talk.

    The only way to create proper jobs and a buoyant economy is with low taxation, a free market and competition. Our politicians and money men are doing the polar opposite, what does that tell you?

  4. 7 47 it tells me you cannot count this being the fourth such posting it also tells me that if you want any morsels of information on this deal, bignews Margate is the only source which explains why I understand media types are referring to this site

  5. I suspect that what this really heralds is the beginning of the end of printed journalism. The revelations regarding NotW circulation and profitability should have set alarms ringing.
    In many ways the IoTG had ceased to be fit for purpose. It failed to hold local politicians to account, its letters page was merely a forum for them to slag each other off. A recent example would be the ousting of Mark Nottingham and his replacement by an ultra left wing Militant Ian Driver. A decent journalist would been digging around to find out what was going on but IoTG treated the whole thing like a small playground spat.

    I think these developments are an opportunity for a local news blog. Both you and Michael are widely read by the local bloggerati - maybe you or your readers have some thoughts on the subject.