Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well that is the impression you might get from the apparently increasing importance given to transport through and then out of Kent.

Kent Highways are currently in a spending frenzy, advertising what they do, and I'm just thinking why was the Thanet way closed this morning delaying me and fellow commuters on our journey to work.

This week you may have received a copy of Around Kent, which you as the Taxpayer, cough up around 6 million pounds a year, along with other ridiculous advertising schemes, now you might expect a publication paid for by local taxpayers to concentrate on matters that are focused on those who live in Kent, but no we are treated to almost two pages of suggestion of how to improve the traffic flow through Kent and then to make sure people don't linger there is a little bit about Kent councils new pet scheme a new multi million pound road crossing into Essex.

Here's my message to Paul Carter, sort out traffic in Kent first, such as Thanet, as far as Kent's role as a Gateway to Europe, that is surely something which should be dealt with by central government.

I cannot tell you what precisely my colleague had to say about the closure of the Thanet way @ 5:30 this morning but I think he did mention something to effect that they could do better and maybe also suggest that those in charge might be involved in what Catholics call self abuse.

Finally on page four of this tosh, the Headline Kent's roads getting better, well they haven't yet, not in these parts, also I refer again to my colleagues sentiments.

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