Monday, April 21, 2008

KCC and "communist"!?

I've been busy working this weekend, so have little time to post anything of consequence, still it seems that Kent's business community are waking up, to what I view as the increasingly ludicrous activities of Kent County Council.

Click here for this story from Kent On Sunday website, which will elucidate some of the excesses of KCC and explain the communist reference, and don't panic our Kent Tories might be er witless but I don't think their reds! just .........

When I've have a chance I will give this my full attention, anyway the issue is should KCC be involving itself in the commercial world rather than public services.

The evidence that Paul Carter is leading or running an excellent organisation or whatever the superlative used is wearing very thin.


  1. How interesting Tony, and what a contrast to your previous story about price fixing. If KCC can save the council tax payer money by providing some services directly, and others in an arms length manner, is that wrong?

    The basic premise, that somehow the council tax payer cross subsidises matters to beat up Kent businesses is just not provable.

    Could it be that these businesses are themselves miffed at competition to end what seemed a safe public purse gravy train? Mmmmm perish the thought! Couldn't be anything to do with elections in the air, could it? Mmmm perish the thought! Couldn't be to do with people trying to make the case for an east kent unitary could it? Mmmm perish the thought.

    Tony, sometimes even you should credit us KCC Councillors with some brains, and some ability, however uncomfortable that might be to admit!

  2. CHRIS as i suggested i need to give this some thought

    the price fixing thing was meant in a uk perspective

    On a personal note it looks like you type faster than i think!

  3. Communist?? Ha! If only.

  4. I think there are few points here.
    1. on what basis does KCC decide to run a business. If it can run building services why does it dismiss running post offices out of hand?
    2. just because the cabinet may think there are good councullors I am not convinced they are all good business people. One is a director of a company that has not published accounts since july 2005 and it looks like companies house is about to strike the company off.
    3. according to the local press declarations of interest seems to be a weak point with KCC members