Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Microsoft wasting my time and energy

The thought occurred as my PC slowed to a crawl tonight, that maybe I ought to do what I usually do, when experiencing such problems (after swearing) that is to turn it off.

This I did but as it turned off, it the computer decided to update or upgrade or whatever they do.

The process took roughly 15 minutes before the machine turned itself off, and this is my thought, I reckon that this occurs quite frequently perhaps taking up 1% or maybe more of my time on the computer.

Now of course I have nothing better to do with my time than wait for Microsoft to fiddle about with my operating system, but if you multiply the energy consumed by this process it must waste millions across the world if experienced by every other user.

Still what is priceless is the lost thread of a brilliant idea that I was sure would have been my best ever posting, that has now vacated my head as I got more frustrated. Microsoft you ******* ********!

Perhaps someone could do the calculations, tell us how much globally this costs and maybe put in terms of how many homeless polar bears as a result of global warming, I think we should be told.


  1. Tony I think that you can stop it doing this automatically, I certainly wouldn’t know how, but we had problems with the computer in the shop suddenly stopping us from looking up books and my expert who works here on Saturdays adjusted it, if you need to know how I can certainly find out for you.

  2. As you know Michael I worry endlessly about global warning, and whilst | am sure I could turn the updates off, I dont because Im sure that one Microsoft will deliver a fully working finished product.

  3. Tony I am hoping on day for an operating system and scanner that can work as fast as I can when putting local books together, at the moment 8 hours work on a new publication really means 2 hours work and 6 hours waiting for the equipment. By the way in view of Margate’s unhappy plight at the moment I am publishing up my collection of old Margate postcards on me blog at the moment, do feel free to use any you want to.