Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Coalition should we be so cynical?

Probably if you come from that majority whom connect or feel they belong to either Labour or Conservative clans.

Still for that not inconsiderable minority of Liberal Democratic sympathisers a quick scan through the Government's plans, gives some hope that Cameron and Clegg might be the real deal and have come up with a new kind of politics.

Anyhow if you feel the need to scrutinise the Governments Plans do click here, I’d waffle on a bit more, however rather than have Murdoch, and all those media muppets interpret the programme for government I might wade through the document myself and form my own opinion.

At least I have sorted my bed time reading for a day or two, however one striking impression I have gained is how journalists seem completely p*ssed off with consensus type politics and appear to be trying to worry up more descent than actually exists.


  1. As a Lib Dem member, are you personally comfortable that some key elements of your party's election platform - the amnesty for immigrants, the cancellation of Trident, and Proportional Representation for example - have been lost/shelved as a consequence of your entry into the coalition government?

  2. Anon 1:
    As a Lib Dem voter (not a member) I'm happy to see many of the policies that caused me to vote Lib Dem in the coalition programme. I would rather see some of the policies I voted for being implemented than none.

    Yes, there have been compromises - but compromise is part of life. Hand on heart have you never ever had to compromise on anything?

  3. I'm sure Tony is very glad to see the amnesty for immigrants lost...

  4. Anon of 752, mine was a question, not a challenge. I was/am interested in Tony's views, given how vocal he was about them before the election. One could presume a lot from your defensiveness!

  5. Does it say this is going to happen:

    The new Government has put the Building Schools for the Future project under review, freezing plans for hundreds of new secondary schools in England.

    Well Tony more jobs on the line including Kent based construction firms.

    Long gone are those days of education,education education

    But I guess the parents in Margate will all have the drive,time, cash and contacts to set up free schools.

  6. It now looks like SEEDA is for the chop.
    According to the Libdem minister the south east is too properous and does not need SEEDA. Without the £8 millions that SEEDA put in, Margate would never have got the Turner gallery.

    Maybe Thanet's MPs could protest.