Monday, May 24, 2010

Is it just me? – what a squalid world of news

I’m probably one of the few who feels a little uneasy having glanced at the News of the Worlds big story “Fergie ‘sells’ Andy for £500K”

As I say, I glanced, not wishing to read the gory details, I work weekends, so have limited time to scan the papers but I assume if this story goes to News of the World’s usual format, journalist of the highest integrity, using fake identities, will have stuffed video cameras’ in some plush hotel room, whilst waving loads of wonger and encouraging the victim, sorry wrongdoer, to agree to some ludicrous proposal.

I’m no apologist for royals, ex or otherwise but Sarah Ferguson, has never struck me, as the most shrewd, or for that matter sharpest, just a sort of upper class gung ho lady trying to get by, like the rest of us. Perhaps a cheap shot, an easy target and no doubt a nice story for New of the World journalist Mazher Mahmood who in the past I understand has reported on proper bad scoundrels.

Still we can trust the News of the World’s integrity can’t we? still it’s extraordinary what outrageous porkies their rivals come up with. Honest press

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  1. Perhaps you prefer today's Daily Mail Tony? Although this is probably much closer to the truth, & perhaps they should've done some research first...