Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Suggested reading for the coalition confused

It seems to me that many out in the real world are a tad er unsettled and confused by the Lib-Conservative government to me its simple, two party leaders have found mutual advantage in doing a deal and we the people are the beneficiaries.

Anyway I recommend that you take a gander at this article by Charlie Brooker in Guardian, it may not help but will articulate what many probably feel. Anyway enjoy!thats it


  1. The first of the coalition job cuts have come today with the abolition of HIPS. So if you are one of the self employed that paid out your own cash to train as a HIPS inspector - tough.

  2. Tut, tut, Tony; you're not on message. Cameron and his deputy, Clegg claim they have acted in the NATIONAL interest, not for "mutual advantage". You're at risk of giving the game away, there!

  3. Thanks for the link to that great article.
    I felt every word of it.
    I can still remember 1997 to bring back those great feelings of at least the Tories aren't in and enjoying the portilo moment.
    Yes labour made some mistakes and Blair was extremely annoying, and there was the war... etc.
    But Britain is so different, so much better now compared to 1996.
    I think people have forgotton just how bad the Tories were and I can't believe they are going to be better now.