Friday, May 07, 2010

Cameron stakes his claim-and change in Thanet South

Cameron this afternoon, staked his claim as a leader of a minority government, claiming the authority of a larger share of the vote, offering not a lot, to Lib Dems but mentioning tackling things together fixing a broken political system not sure whether that comes after sorting broken Britain.

Its clearly that not surprisingly that David Cameron expects to be Prime Minister some time soon, despite Gordon Brown’s selflessly running Britain in the mean time.

ready to compromise In Thanet Tom Betts of Yourthanet has posted up his interviews (from earlier this morning) with Thanet South winner Laura Sandys

and Stephen Ladyman former MP


  1. Ladyman .......lets alll siing together NOW AINT THAT A SHAME

  2. I think Steve suffered from the £25,000 Manston donation to party funds questions.

    He suffered a bit due to his failure to tackle aquifer contamination and health hazards.

    He suffered a bit due to having been a Minister in a failing and unpopular govt.

    He suffered a bit from dodging WMD questions about the illegal invasion of Iraq (Related to Thor Chemicals a Thanet company. People whose sons and daughters are fighting this country's wars for it have an expectation that their constituency MP would answer if a local firm's activity had contaminated the aquifer and been tied up in the bogus WMD case made to invade Iraq.

    It seems that Laura's best election agent was Steve.

  3. Spotted hiding away in the sunny south side last night a certain Mr Flaig and his good lady enjoying a meal at Bon Appetite presumably mulling over which of the two pretenders to the Prime Ministership of this country he will have to support as his Leader sells all Lib Dem principals in pursuit of some kind of power sharing arrangement.

  4. If Nick Clegg is true to the principles that he promoted during the election, he will not agree to a pact with the Tories. Many in his party - including Simon Hughes - have already fired the warning shots. A few cabinet seats is not the prize, but a firm commitment to electoral reform could be - but even then, many Lib Dems would be appalled at a right-wing alliance. Cameron, equally, would not be able to sell electoral reform within his own ranks.

    As David Steel said on Thursday, there are some very difficult decisions for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems to make. Let's hope they don't fall for all the crap from the "bum-faced old etonian" about his acting in the "national interest". He is simply pursuing his own interest - most politicians do - and trying to pressure the Lib Dems to sign up on that basis. I think/hope they are made of sterner stuff.

  5. A genuine question, Tony, not a prelude to some sort of dig...are you comfortable with the prospect of a coalition between your Party and the Conservatives? What should be the price?

  6. Well, Tony, you said on Mark Nottingham's site:

    "I cannot wait for Ladymans P45 hooray remember a vote for Ladyman is a vote for Cameron switch your vote to the Liberal democrat."

    Would you like tomato or brown sauce on your hat? And will you be sending back your Lib Dem membership card?

  7. Clegg has secured the best he can, labour sold working people out if you don't believe me try asking a few of us.

    Labour won a lot fewer seats than the conservatives, labour has got the best deal they could an almost dignified exit from governent.

    Nick Clegg at least will have more influence and has
    negotiated the best he can which Is more than Gordon Brown can say.

  8. Harsh and out of order, Anon 843! Mr Flaig must be suffering enough as a result of his Party's decisions alongside the rather ill-advised posts he has placed over the past couple of weeks. He must already be feeling rather sick. We should not add to his malaise.